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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bVIbnG6HWr2VmsoSz_XT8fNykVw54eruqAY1dg2EEXw/edit?usp=sharing The MBTA tells you every little thing about their system. Google "MBTA Blue Book". It's nerdtastic. With the STM you get the top 5 bus routes listed in the annual report and that's it. If anyone knows of another source of STM «achalandage» data, please speak up! The numbers themselves are interesting. It almost appears that in 2008, the person in charge of the numbers un-checked the "round to the nearest hundred" button and then in 2012 found out that previous numbers were sketchy (in the 2012 report, the first year to show the previous year, the 2011 numbers are all off from the 2011 report's numbers). Not rounding to the nearest hundred makes it seem like they are actually counting but they could still be making things up. Who really knows? Sometimes they report (correctly, IMHO), ridership for corridors (i.e. Axe Pie-IX) where they combine similar routes (139 and 505 in this case) and then other times they don't. And sometimes they break out the routes that make up a corridor and sometimes they don't. As a result, it's hard to really see what's going on - the 67-St Michel is carrying +/- 40k/day but makes its last appearance in 2010? But then a year or two later, the 141-Jean Talon Est makes it into the top 5 with ~30k/day? Very strange! See for yourself. The routes along and near Pie-IX are always in the top 5 (well, not the 67, but I think there's something fishy with how they are counting). The other biggies are "crosstown" routes, 121 and 141. They are a grid of the area that SHOULD be served by a Line 5 extension and Line 7.Someone have better numbers?
  2. Never mind. The obvious trashcan icon was not so obvious before. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
  3. Just joined. Don't want to even try to keep up with all the fora. :-) Trying to set up an "activity stream" so I can just keep up with what I want. Accidentally created more than one but don't see a delete button. Any help?
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