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  1. I've also seen 1922 and 1929 which were both express units. With 1929 now in service I guess that would mean 0729 is now retired?
  2. There was a few express buses but I'm not sure of the unit numbers on them
  3. I noticed today that some 2019 Novas have arrived at the garage
  4. 1821 has been put into service, saw it on the route 10 tonight..... Haven't seen any of the others yet!
  5. 1805, 1807, 1808, 1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1817, 1818 are all regular service and are all active 1825, 1827, 1831 and 1837 are express buses
  6. I believe I saw either 1803 or 1805 today on route 15.... I saw 18 in the unit number just couldn't clearly see the other 2 numbers
  7. I would think 2018 going by the unit numbers.
  8. Seen 1504 today with new destination signs on the rear and side.... The rear read 502 in a white print instead of yellow where the side sign was in a orange colour..... Didn't see what the front looked like..... Anyone heard about this?
  9. 0315 is still around, very limited service though, other than that all the other 03's have been retired.
  10. Looks to be minor damages but just shows what the road conditions were like and what the drivers had to deal with
  11. Reports were that 0623 had an exhaust issue causing smoke to enter the bus.... Not sure how major the problem was or how long the bus will be out
  12. 1373 has the new GPS system, was on it today
  13. I'm almost 100% sure 1474 has the new GPS system
  14. Have 0316 and 0317 been retired aswell? I haven't seen them recently.... I saw 0315 today on the #4
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