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  1. 0835 and 0836 are both still active, I seen them last week!
  2. 2108 was the other one, I seen it in a video that showcased the inside of it!
  3. Found this on google!
  4. I've yet to see one, I'm sure there is some training on them before they can be on the road
  5. Seen 2 new Nova buses today, coach #2101 and #2103
  6. Any updates on the arrival of the electric buses?
  7. Good to know, thanks for confirming! Kinda figured they were still getting them just didn't know exactly when!
  8. Does anyone know if the Electric buses are still scheduled to come by the end of this year or has that been delayed due to Covid?
  9. I never see any of the D40LF's or D40LFR's on the road anymore these days, mostly just the new buses, anyone know the status of these?
  10. I've also seen 1922 and 1929 which were both express units. With 1929 now in service I guess that would mean 0729 is now retired?
  11. There was a few express buses but I'm not sure of the unit numbers on them
  12. I noticed today that some 2019 Novas have arrived at the garage
  13. 1821 has been put into service, saw it on the route 10 tonight..... Haven't seen any of the others yet!
  14. Coach #1825 is in service
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