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  1. Thank you! There was 6 on Bloor Danforth and we all passed! That's good best of luck to you!
  2. 27 days of training later and I can officially say that I am Subway certified! It was an intense month of training but the instructors made it enjoyable and were very helpful throughout the entire process! To all those who helped with their advice along the way thank you so much and to those currently going through the process best of luck! Best advice I can give is always stay humble, work hard and be patient, Cheers!
  3. Yes there is a decent amount of homework moreso in the beginning weeks, but as long as you manage your time properly there shouldn't be any issues working a few hours here and there.
  4. Thank you @kp84 Don't sweat it, honestly as long as you practice and do your homework you shouldn't have any issues! plus whenever you have any questions never be afraid to ask your instructors or even your peers as you can all help each other out throughout the process! Best of luck and enjoy
  5. 23 out of 27 training days for Subway Initial completed! Passed all of the written and practical tests and now just the final operating test remains next week! It has been one hell of a ride but I have enjoyed it every step of the way! The instructors are great and do everything they can to help you succeed as long as you put in 110%! Best of luck to all of those still in the hiring process and always remember that one of the most important things is to follow procedures accordingly
  6. If you are with TD Bank get the First Class Visa Infinite Card, really good travel points and other perks as well
  7. Yes I'm sure they will be calling you soon too then! Thank you and good luck to you as well!
  8. Thank you! Hopefully you get the call sometime today or tomorrow!
  9. Finally starting training on June 6th! Mode: Subway Division: Bloor/Danforth Any helpful tips or advice anyone has to offer is much appreciated thank you!
  10. Finally got the call for training!!! Starting on June 6th Mode: Subway Division: Bloor/Danforth So excited to start it's been a long time coming and I cannot wait! Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice moving forward in the training process? Thanks to everyone on this forum who has helped me along the way in the hiring process and all the best to those still waiting for calls! Just be patient your time will come too
  11. I posted it a while back but I first applied back in September and I had documentation in the middle of February
  12. So I sent a little email to my HR placement specialist to inquire about a projected training start date the other day and just received a response. Apparently there are quite a few people in waiting pool A, so it IS estimated I will start training in Early June. Just have to keep busy in the meantime
  13. Yes 4 months since your documentation date seems so long ago I sure hope I wont have to wait as long or even longer seeing my documentation was just this week !
  14. Your training start date is fast approaching then
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