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  1. Seems like electric buses in Houston is a dead end. It didn't lead to anything here in San Antonio. As for the D40LF's, about when do you think the last of them will be phased out? I want to plan a trip soon to catch them before they're gone for good.
  2. CMTA now taking delivery of new rail vehicles from Switzerland.
  3. I would like to become a wiki editor. I keep up with information to my home transit system VIA and take photos of buses whenever and wherever I can. I usually stick to major Texas agencies, which some info needs to be updated.
  4. VIA Metropolitan Transit, San Antonio TX VIA Metropolitan Transit Nova Bus 421 CNG by Ben, on Flickr, a 2016 Nova Bus LFS CNG, currently on order to replace the diesel fleet with CNG. 409 11 (1) VIVA Culture-Botanical Garden by Ben, on Flickr, a 2016 New Flyer Xcelsior XN40.
  5. Does anyone know of a transit agency with the oldest running LFW's still in service? It would be cool to compare with VIA's 1999 models that turn 18 this year and are finally being phased out.
  6. EasyMile electric shuttle on display at UT Austin during SXSW. Self Driving Demo Capital Metro by Fred Reutzel, on Flickr
  7. So far I've only seen the pilot bus at the event this past Saturday when it was on display. It's not yet in service. Riders and drivers who saw the bus said they like the wider front door, the information displays, and the brightness. However they complained about the seating layout, how small the bus seems compared to others, how ugly the front looks, how small the wheelchair securement area is, and driver controls. Personally I don't like Nova's at all. I will admit that some of them do look stylish, like the ones Capital Metro has in Austin. But it's just something about the overall layout/design about the bus that throws me off. I honestly would've been happier if VIA bought more Xcelsiors, or even Gillig for that matter.
  8. This is the new livery for VIA to match the new logo introduced back in early 2014. So far only one 2010 DE40LFR, four 2010 NABI CNG's and three 2008 D40LF's have been repainted to this new livery.
  9. The pilot bus has finally arrived. So far, it's mixed reviews from drivers and passengers.
  10. Would this mean that Capital Metro retired these 3 buses and sold them to Fort Worth? Seems odd that The T would have diesel busses since they run a CNG fleet.
  11. Anyone have information as to why The T has/had 3 Gillig LF's from Capital Metro (8835, 8836, & 8837)?
  12. The new Nova buses haven't even arrived yet and VIA is starting to retire buses. To date there are 5 NABI's (739, 740, 760, 791, & 821) and 6 New Flyer's (200, 202, 215, 220, 234, & 317) sitting at the graveyard.
  13. Looking at the entire diesel fleet of NABI's and New Flyer's it's exactly 425, including the 2010 hybrids. So phase 5 definitely includes replacing the hybrids. At this point, the only room for expansion would be for CNG artics for 2 proposed PRIMO BRT routes along 2 different corridors. As far as I know New Flyer currently makes the only artic-CNG, unless Nova is working on it (which seems unlikely to me).
  14. VIA purchased 3 BE35 EcoRide's back in 2012. They were used on the downtown circulator routes every once in a while. But ever since the June 2016 service changes and the introduction of the 15 XN40's, all 3 have been sitting in the yard at garage collecting dust. Not sure why they're sitting there though.
  15. The modifications on this bus is truly a first that I've seen on the Xcelsoir platform, at least with the AC door only. I know several agencies in California have that weird panel vent for the engine. VIA didn't get any of those modifications when we got Xcelsoirs this year, and I'm assuming this order for DART is also 2016.