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  1. They were built for NJT but not delivered. A&M bought them instead at a discounted rate.
  2. Texas A&M only has 25 Millennium RTS left (1 is retired and being used for parts). They are currently looking for grant money to replace them within the next 1-2 years, 3 years maximum. Attached is a photo I took on 1/10/2022 of bus 639 at the garage.
  3. VIA has awarded Gillig a contract to build eight 40-foot battery electric buses to replace the old propane trolleys used downtown. Delivery is expected in October of 2022. https://www.viainfo.net/2021/04/21/via-expanding-its-electric-fleet-and-a-cleaner-greener-transit-footprint/
  4. New Nova's are currently coming in, and this batch is all over the place. The 700-series continues, matching the rest of the fleet. So far 2 PRIMO branded buses have also been delivered, as well as 800-series that have the BRT-style roof fins. These buses feature plush seating like our express buses, however the seats do not recline. To early to tell if VIA is exercising the remaining 200-something option from the 500 bus contract with Nova. If this is the case, the remaining diesel New Flyer's as well as the hybrid express Flyer's may cease to exist soon.
  5. More Gillig's are coming in. Seems like they ordered 20 40 footers to match the 1800 and 1900 series and 4 35 foot LF-plus (beluga whale) for TRE-Link service. None have entered service yet. These buses will likely start replacing the 2008 NABI's and possibly the 2009 C40LFR's. They 6 remaining C30LF's will also be replaced with this order.
  6. All electric buses have been delivered and are undergoing testing and driver training. They should hit the streets in service on various routes sometime this fall. They have 4 Proterra 40' Catalyst, 4 New Flyer XE40, and 2 New Flyer XE60. As for the older New Flyer and Gilligs, they are all retired and disposed of. A few of the old express Gilligs and D35LF's were kept for driver training for some reason.
  7. WTS recently placed 2020 NFI XD35 buses into service. I have only noticed buses 2030-2032 so far, not sure if they ordered more then 3. The 700 Opus are being used less and less now and are probably on their way out.
  8. I was recently in Denton a few weeks ago to observe changes to the bus fleet. Seems like they are ordering more cutaways than heavy-duty buses as they took delivery of 12 more in 2018 vs 3 Gilligs in 2017. The 600 and 700 series Gilligs (you can catch a 700 in service every once in a while) are stored for now, probably being kept as spares until new vehicles are ordered. I read through some meeting minutes that they want to order 9 more cutaways (similar to the 2018 models) for summer 2021, with 15 more coming in either late 2021 or 2022.
  9. DART is currently receiving 41 new CNG buses from New Flyer, fleet range 46001-46041. https://www.dart.org/news/news.asp?ID=1392
  10. The new Gillig's are rolling in ahead of schedule. The era of the Detroit Diesel S50 engine in Austin is coming to an end soon. Photo credit goes to Fred Reutzel who gave me the heads up.
  11. VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, TX. September 2018 Nova LFS CNG #978. One of 15 new PRIMO buses currently in delivery. Seen on display on 11/17/18 at VIA's 2019 Bus Roadeo.
  12. VIA is receiving new PRIMO buses to be used on a new BRT route starting in January.
  13. A friend of mine who works for Cap Metro informed me of new buses on order for next year. They have ordered 24 Gillig 35' buses (fleet number 2801-2824), most likely in the BRT style like the previous orders. They will replace the remaining 18 2003 D35LF's still in service and 6 2001 Gillig Advantages (not sure which ones yet). Also on order are 28 MCI D4500 commuter coaches (fleet number 9401-9428) to replace the 2001 Gillig suburban buses. Both are expected to be delivered around May/June of 2019. Also of note, 2103 (2007 DE40LFR, the last remaining hybrid) is getting repainted into the electric blue local bus livery. They also just finished testing a Proterra Catalyst E2 bus for 2 weeks in August, and are expected to test 2 other electric buses in September, one from New Flyer and the other from BYD.
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