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  1. transit addict 327

    Transit grave yards, dead lines or whatever you want to call it.

    Here's a drone photo if VIA's graveyard in San Antonio, TX. Taken mid-October 2017 when the 1999-2001 NABI's and 2003 New Flyer's were being retired.
  2. transit addict 327

    Feature Photo Submissions

    VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, TX. September 2018 Nova LFS CNG #978. One of 15 new PRIMO buses currently in delivery. Seen on display on 11/17/18 at VIA's 2019 Bus Roadeo.
  3. transit addict 327

    VIA Metropolitan Transit

    VIA is receiving new PRIMO buses to be used on a new BRT route starting in January.
  4. transit addict 327

    CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    A friend of mine who works for Cap Metro informed me of new buses on order for next year. They have ordered 24 Gillig 35' buses (fleet number 2801-2824), most likely in the BRT style like the previous orders. They will replace the remaining 18 2003 D35LF's still in service and 6 2001 Gillig Advantages (not sure which ones yet). Also on order are 28 MCI D4500 commuter coaches (fleet number 9401-9428) to replace the 2001 Gillig suburban buses. Both are expected to be delivered around May/June of 2019. Also of note, 2103 (2007 DE40LFR, the last remaining hybrid) is getting repainted into the electric blue local bus livery. They also just finished testing a Proterra Catalyst E2 bus for 2 weeks in August, and are expected to test 2 other electric buses in September, one from New Flyer and the other from BYD.
  5. transit addict 327

    transit addict 327 Blog

    Just uploaded 19 photos of Capital Metro. https://www.flickr.com/photos/transitaddict327/ And here is a blog post I did on September 1 talking about the bus fleet changes. https://transitaddict327.com/2018/09/01/via-update/
  6. transit addict 327

    transit addict 327 Blog

    Added 26 photos on Flickr of my recent trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. https://www.flickr.com/photos/transitaddict327/ Also did a blog piece recapping the trip. https://transitaddict327.com/2018/08/16/dallas-fort-worth-trip-recap/
  7. transit addict 327

    Dallas DART

    Here is a pic I took yesterday downtown of the new Proterra Catalyst BE35 FC electric buses that recently went into service on the 722 D-Link Shuttle. These are 35 foot buses, which apparently sport a slightly different look from the 40 footers. While I think they look weird, they are fast and super quiet.
  8. transit addict 327

    VIA Metropolitan Transit

    The retirement of the NABI's has begun. 5 have been painted white and placed in the graveyard. It seems like they are doing a bus every day. The NABI's were removed from service last week. They won't run on any route again.
  9. transit addict 327

    transit addict 327 Blog

    Here's a short piece on the recent changes to the bus fleet. https://transitaddict327.com/2018/07/03/bus-fleet-update-7-2-18/
  10. transit addict 327

    VIA Metropolitan Transit

    Update on the bus fleet: 44 new Nova's will be delivered this year, only 16 have been delivered so far and are in service. The Nova contract was NOT cancelled, somebody apparently started that rumor to get everyone's hopes up. The 47 remaining 2001 NABI 40-LFW's were placed into storage last Friday, meaning they will never see service again. They are awaiting final preparations for retirement.
  11. transit addict 327

    VIA Metropolitan Transit

    Sad news..... the next batch of new buses (# in batch unknown at this point) are rolling in, and they are unfortunately Nova's. Buses 693 and 696 have been delivered so far. Now I'm trying to figure out why VIA is receiving more Nova's when they [supposedly] cancelled the order. This also means that the days are numbered for the remaining 2001 NABI's still in service.
  12. transit addict 327

    transit addict 327 Blog

    Just added 47 photos total to my Flickr page, 12 on the Nova's and 35 on the 2001 NABI's, some of which have been retired.
  13. transit addict 327

    transit addict 327 Blog

    Added a new blog entry about last week's bus observations. https://transitaddict327.com/2018/04/11/via-bus-observations-week-of-4-1-18/ Also added 14 photos to Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/transitaddict327/
  14. transit addict 327

    VIA Metropolitan Transit

    Rumor has it that the 3 Proterra electric buses will not enter revenue service again, and that they will sit in the bus yard until they reach the eligible retirement requirement of 12 years. Apparently they don't hold a charge very well and die mid-route. VIA is also looking to purchase 7 more electric buses to replace the trolley's in the next year or two. Also of note, the remaining 230 CNG bus contract is still up in the air. From what I've heard, Gillig and New Flyer are being considered.