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  1. transit addict 327 Blog

    Just added 9 photos of Capital Metro's 2001 Gillig Advantage taken back in October to Flickr.
  2. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    Here's an article on the maintenance troubles with the MetroRAPID fleet. https://www.austinmonitor.com/stories/2017/12/breakdowns-plague-metrorapid-fleet/
  3. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    VIA is about to test a Proterra Catalyst 40' all electric bus. It was delivered today and is currently sitting in the bus yard. I have no idea how long VIA will have it for and when/where it will be tested. Also of interest is VIA has finally listed some of their retired bus fleet for auction for a low price of $100. http://auction.robertsonauto.com/San-Antonio-Timed-Online-Bus-Auction_as50235?ps=100
  4. transit addict 327 Blog

    Added a short piece on the blog about the new BRT route under construction. https://transitaddict327.com/2017/11/25/new-primo-route-under-construction/
  5. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Found this on Flickr. Are these replacing the 45' NABI's? 20171013_095233 by Kristain Baty, on Flickr
  6. While I have been on Flickr for some years now, I have recently started a Blog and a YouTube page (which is SLOWLY being expanded). I post a lot of photos on Flickr often and will update my blog every week. Blog: https://transitaddict327.com/ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/transitaddict327/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRR0ueZht5B-lCHXteuiwXg
  7. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    As of yesterday all of the 1999 NABI's (730-809) have been retired. More and more of the 2000 NABI's (810-889) are currently being retired and will be gone soon.
  8. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    Cap Metro currently has an open contract with MCI for the next 3 years, so that will replace the 9100 series. As for the one 9100 with the amber destination sign, it got switched back to flip-dot.
  9. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    #2103 (2007 DE41LFR) is still in service and is now the only hybrid in the fleet. Here is a photo of it I took this past weekend. Only 3 1998 D35LF's remain in service, but will finally retire this December. Out of the 2003 D35LF's 9 were retired last year and 2 will retire this December. The remaining ones will retire in summer of 2018. As for the Gillig's, all of the 8700 (year 1999) and 8800 (year 2000) are retired. 14 of the 8900 (year 2001) are already retired, and 2 are retiring this month (not sure which ones). The rest will retire in summer of 2018. Their primary colors were green and blue, however they changed to electric blue when they received the 2012 D35LFR's. They designated red with anything to do with fast service (rapid, rail, and express).
  10. Feature Photo Submissions

    Capital Metro from Austin, TX, a 2017 Gillig BRT #2729 seen working shuttle service for the Austin City Limits music festival.
  11. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    As of yesterday (Sunday 10/15), all 2005 Optima Opus' have been retired from service. The two 2003 DE40LF hybrids were retired back on September 27. They were replaced with 2700-series Gillig BRT 40-ft. Between now and December Cap Metro will take delivery of the last of the 2700-series, 35 footers.
  12. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    With the exception of Nova Bus #667, which was seen at the APTA show in Atlanta, all new buses have been delivered. There are still about 80 NABI's on the road, and there's no telling when they will be finally retired. The graveyard is getting quite packed already.
  13. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    #679 is now the highest Nova bus seen, only 12 more buses to go to complete the order of 270. And while only 1 bus was damaged severely in an accident, only a few have been scratched in minor accidents. Also of note, about half of the 1st Generation NABI's are retired, but the other half are still in service and they're going strong!!!
  14. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    #618 is the highest bus I've seen in service so far. This was taken this past weekend.
  15. Big No No'es

    My top 3 no-noes: 1. Nova Bus (just don't like the way they look) 2. Full bus advertisement wraps 3. Paint defects (chipped, different colors, faded, etc.)