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  1. transit addict 327 Blog

    Added two entries this week discussing my thoughts on different buses in the fleet. https://transitaddict327.com/2018/02/24/specialty-bus-training-day-1-hybrids/ https://transitaddict327.com/2018/02/25/specialty-bus-training-day-2-nabi-cng/
  2. transit addict 327 Blog

    Latest entry on the blog. https://transitaddict327.com/2018/02/14/are-xcelsiors-the-future-of-via/
  3. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    I would hope they go with Xcelsior. Hopefully VIA has learned to never put all your money into a bus company they have never dealt with before. To me this means they will not go Gillig, and that leaves New Flyer as the winner. The first half of the fleet that was here for last summer faired pretty well in the heat. For whatever reasons there are other problems with these buses. I have noticed LOTS of screws coming undone all over the bus (inside and out). Frequent breakdowns include low air, steering problems (wobbly steering wheel above speeds of 30 MPH), door issues, check engine lights, and LOTS of rattling inside the bus because hoses and air lines are coming loose from their securement. In fact, VIA had to send 2 buses out to a Cummins shop because the mechanical issues were hard for our maintenance team to figure out (and the maintenance team does a great job of solving any breakdown with buses). The final straw was during the "ice storm" a couple of weeks ago when NONE of the buses would start. I was told that the NABI and Xcelsior CNG buses started with no issues, but the Nova's were the issue. On top of that, a majority of the drivers hate the Nova's (myself included). Some of the features are ok, however overall I don't think it was designed well. Glares on the windshield are harsh and there are a few blind spots with the corners and driver's window. On top of that, in order to kneel the bus the parking brake has to be set and transmission placed into neutral. This is the worst feature that all drivers hate the most. This is not an issue with the NABI's and New Flyer's. Also of note, the Nova's frequently bottom out at certain driveways and dips. Again, not an issue with the NABI's and New Flyer's. In fact, there is only 1 bus route (515 Southcross) that the Nova's are not allowed on because of a steep grade by railroad tracks. Only New Flyer's are allowed.
  4. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    Found out today that VIA has cancelled the remaining 230 buses from Nova Bus. So now the remaining older NABI's and D40LF's will remain on the streets longer until VIA awards another company for more CNG buses (hopefully New Flyer).
  5. transit addict 327 Blog

    Just uploaded 24 photos on Flickr from Capital Metro in Austin. I had a driver friend give me a tour of his garage after his shift ended back in December.
  6. Houston METRO

    The newer ones (late 600's) ride and drive well. The older Nova's (early 400's and 500's) are meh already. Frequent breakdowns are common now. I personally don't like driving them as the steering wheel feels loose (wobbles side to side) when hitting bumps in the road at 30 MPH or higher.
  7. transit addict 327 Blog

    Here's a quick piece about the status of the NABI fleet. https://transitaddict327.com/2018/01/04/return-of-the-nabis/
  8. transit addict 327 Blog

    Added 14 photos to Flickr of Capital Metro buses from my most recent trip to Austin this past December. A mix of New Flyer's, Nova's, and Gillig's.
  9. 2018 Transit Fanning goals

    Try to ride Fort Worth's C30LF's as many times as I can before they are officially gone forever. Fan in Corpus Christi Fan in Waco Fan in Houston
  10. transit addict 327 Blog

    I posted some shots on Flickr of the new 35 foot Gillig's Austin is receiving. They should enter service the first week of the new year. https://www.flickr.com/photos/transitaddict327/ It's been a while, but I finally added another post to the blog: https://transitaddict327.com/2017/12/31/farewell-to-1998/ And I also published a video on some short clips of the 1998 Flyer's from Austin
  11. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    Here's a quick video I posted of some 1998 New Flyer action when they sere still in service.
  12. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    Yes they still have their original S50's and yes to all Gillig's having the Cummins ISL.
  13. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    It's now official... the last 3 remaining 1998 D35LF's are now retired, having been replaced by new 35' 2017 Gillig's. Thank you for 20 years of service. I will dearly miss these buses as they were fun to ride. Despite its old age, those engines still had power.
  14. transit addict 327 Blog

    Just added 9 photos of Capital Metro's 2001 Gillig Advantage taken back in October to Flickr.
  15. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    Here's an article on the maintenance troubles with the MetroRAPID fleet. https://www.austinmonitor.com/stories/2017/12/breakdowns-plague-metrorapid-fleet/