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  1. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Somehow I just spotted 9541K on the 255. How is that's possible if that rout is hybrid only?
  2. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    If there are still D60's running in service during several times of the weekdays, how come routes 9X and 11 don't or rarely ever use the D60's anymore like they used to not too long ago? I have also noticed the usage of less D60's on weekends.
  3. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I am really excited for the new Madison BRT. If I'm right, this will be replacing the 11 and 12, or just the 11? What I saw in the photo gallery is that the 2 and 12 bus stops on Union Street and 12th/13th avenues had red express lanes and stations for the BRT. Will 13 XT60's be enough for this line? I know that the H line is followed after the G, but I'm really fascinated that these will be the first ever trolley rapidride buses; currently, we know that all of the rapidride fleet is hybrid-electric. This might have been asked or maybe it hasn't been, but what possibly could be the fleet numbers of these 13 new XT60's?
  4. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    How come the next generation of Rapidride XDE60's are being numbered 8300-8321 instead of 6300-6321 when the Rapid Ride buses are easily known to be in the early 6000 series? I'm finally looking forward to having those 8100 series XDE60's at East instead of always having to only be able to ride those '08/'09 DE60LF's and DE60LFR's all the time. I am a frequent East Base rider who rides routes like the 252, 255, and 257, usually almost weekly, and I can't wait for those XDE60's to come in. What all the sudden caused East to get rid of most of their 40-foot buses? I remember back in the day when East had Orion VII's and more phantom 40's than they do now. When East is short on artics, I've seen East routes using Bellevue base phantom 40's occasionally. This must have led to some of the Sound Transit artics, phantom 40's and even 9126 one time (the last ST Gillig BRT diesel ) operate on routes like the 212, 219, 252, etc., which I've seen on Onebusaway. Also, will the new 8100 series XDE60's will be able to operate on the 255 in the transit tunnel with the BAE Hybridrive 300, or if they will only be used on the non-tunnel East routes? Also, going back to DE60LFR's, when will 6958 ever return to service? I know that ST D60LFR 9563C did even though that bus had a fire. Also for an update on the phantom 30's: 1108 and 1127 have been assigned as "inactive", but they are currently in service in the week daily. However, I have not seen 1101, 1174, or 1180 in service for at least two months. Are those now retired, or just being used as spares? I assume that they are either going under repairs or are being retired.
  5. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Questions about MEHVA: How come MEHVA never uses their old 1939 (231 I think is the fleet no.) and 1948 Twin Coach 192 for motor (Fall/Winter) tours? I've also noticed that the old Brill trolley coach 798 hasn't been out for a while on any trolley tour also. I hope that the 1963 Flxible comes back into service soon: I still have a lot of MEHVA buses to ride, as the only ones I've riden are 5034 and 1455. Also, I saw that on the fleet list for MEHVA that there apparently have 2 old Kenworth buses, but but I have no idea where those two are or what they look like. Also, where is the other twin Coach trolley 636? I've seen 643 many times but not the 636 one ever out.
  6. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I have been seeing at least one or two phantom 40's per weekday on route 236/238, which is a route that usually uses all phantom 30's and xde35's. Why are phantom 40's starting to show up more on that route? It seems like Bellevue does not have enough xde35's to eventually replace all of the remaining 1100's, since 3708, 3709, 3724, 3726, 3729 and 3731 have been moved to south base. Also, I've noticed that there are no green xde35's at Bellevue. What will eventually replace all of the 30 or so remaining Bellevue Base 1100's if there are only 14 xde35's currently at Bellevue? Also, why does East only have the '08/09 DE60LF's and DE60LFR's? I sure do miss, but remember having and riding the '04 DE60LF's and D60's back at East, back from 2011 or so. And I've also noticed that DE60LF's 6856, 6859-6864, and DE60LFR's 6900-6903, 6936 and 6959 have been moved from east to south within the last few months. East now only has a total of about 84 artics, which is why there might occasionally be Sound Transit artics on the Metro East Base routes. I was surprised to see Sound Transit BRT diesel 9126 on the 212 once last month.
  7. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I haven't seen any of the 4100's on the road since the beginning of last week. They must be probably either just about retired, or all retired now. Also, I saw three xde60's on the 70 this morning, and one of them happened to be 8024--I'm not sure why the 70 isn't using Atlantic base vehicles today. Also, according to onebusaway, d40lf 3646 is also on this route. Any reason why the 70 switched to ryerson today? Is this now officially a ryerson route, or is there construction for the overhead tracks?
  8. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I saw xt40 4391 on route 2 earlier this morning, so now more phantom etb's could he retiring. So far 4391 is the highest xt40 I've seen in service.
  9. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I'm glad that there's at least one originals preserved breda dual-mode coach 5034. Thankfully on MEHVA tours I can catch that one, and possibly get a video of it. That specific preserved one is a sign of what it was like to ride them back in the old days. I liked how they maintained the breda's so well; I'm surprised that they were able to maintain them from 1990-2016. The new xt60's don't seem to be anywhere as unique and interesting as the old breda's. No more stop request dinner bell, unfortunately. I loved those.
  10. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Speaking of trolley buses, the highest xt40 I've seen is 4389. I wonder when 4390-4409 will enter service. Right now the oldest trolleybuses in the fleet are the 4100 series Gillig phantom ETB's. More than half have been retired, but I wonder when those will all officially be retired? There's only one teal one (4132), 2 blue ones (4164 and 4165), and there maybe 10 or so green ones remaining. Also about new buses: I haven't seen any xde60 above 8074 yet in service. When do the last 9 enter service? It doesn't seem like there are any d60's on the 9X or 11 anymore; just Orion VII's, occasionally a d60lf, but mostly xde60's. Also, any news on those 5 ex-Everett transit ones? I've not heard about what's happened with those yet.
  11. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    It's really sad to see these Breda's go. They were my favorite trolley buses ever. I especially loved the way they sounded, and of course the charming stop request bells. At least 5034 will be remaining for tours.