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  1. AC 25kV 60hZ (overhead) DC 750V (third rail) These can be further customized. The unit car number is adjustable, with 2 minimum. Yep! It charges via a mini pantograph, sort of like Kaohsiung LRT. We will apply this technology to our urban rail units Q2-2019.
  2. UTC Connecting Communities Today, we are introducing a whole new line of railway cars. These are preliminary specifications, subject to change. These new rail cars reduce fuel usage on diesel unit by up to 24%, and introduce a new diesel electric lineup, that can rapidly charge and use pure electricity, or use diesel. UTC R321-E - High speed EMU Runs on third rail or pantograph Speeds reaching up to 160 km/h (99.41mph) Built in Canada, with final assembly in the US or Canada. Buy America compliant. UTC R321-D - High speed DMU Runs on 550hp engines, in every second car. Speeds reaching up to 130 km/h (80mph) Built in Canada, with final assembly in the US or Canada. Buy America compliant. UTC R321-DE - High speed series DEMU Similar to a PHEV. Can be charged at stations and yards, with range of 40km in 10 minutes. Total range of up to 344km on electric. When on diesel, powered by 450hp engines, on every second car, which drive the same electric motors used in PHEV mode, to decrease fuel usage. Speeds reaching up to 160km/h (99.41mph) Built in Taiwan, with final assembly in the US or Canada.
  3. Saw it IRL... seems to be quite full. At least at around 8:30PM.
  4. 16136 is at the WVMT yard with its crown on, however no other West Van decals on.
  5. Same as the Otter II afaik Pretty sure TL owns the line, just contracts it out to ProTrans until 2040
  6. Not enough T-Drive for all the D40LFs
  7. Is a minor thing like this really relevant... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=translink+bus+stop+52251
  8. I'd like to see Scott Road B Line be done first, if that's the case. 430 isn't even FTN yet.
  9. I'm 5'10 something, and even that's hard.
  10. I've heard from several senior RTC drivers that the double deckers should be arriving beginning in May 2019.
  11. Surrey got a few for demonstration recently. Surrey is better suited for them, HTC deals with intense hills.
  12. Most likely Nova HEVs from Vancouver. At least, that's what I've heard. My calculations show that would line up, too. If that were the case, then Novas would be scrapped and we would be ordering all diesels with Voith transmissions.
  13. Well... BAEs might not do as well on the highway.
  14. These are such minor details, does it really matter?
  15. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:40176358903_1a2c26775a_o.jpg Whoops. Delete please.
  16. CUT AND COVER SUBWAY! On a side note, would the city even allow cut and cover?
  17. Doesn't meet CPTDB photography standards, as that would require you showing two brightly lit sides of the bus clearly.
  18. Final assembly would happen in the USA with our Bellingham, WA area final assembly line. Buses fully meet Buy America guidelines. Powertrain: SIEMENS ELFA2 Direct Drive Powertrain - 200kW Batteries: 200kWh BYD cells, range up to 457km on our final model. Demos are available only for the slightly smaller, 40ft model as the 45ft is a custom order for you
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