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  1. Now I will have full routes list for 2025. If not finished then make sure to check back tomorrow. https://docs.zoho.com/file/063w3cfbd10700b1848f88894b49feacc899c link suggested by @Mountie
  2. Here is a bus fleet for 2020 and beyond. However I do have some explaining to do. Refurb buses are a great way to extend lifespan. You can also find used buses for really cheap too. I am not saying "buy purely old buses" but I am saying that our current buses can be refurbed for extended lifespan, more service for less cost and have its interiors changed to make a feel like a newer bus. Quote me for edit. Year so far: 2030 - will stop here until bus companies introduce new buses. instead, i will refine this list. EDIT 1: @Blue Bus Fan pointed on major error Edit 2: Forgot something EDIT 3: 2030, will stop here EDIT 4: forgot some refurbs EDIT 5: errors for existing orders EDIT 6: 1995 D40LF wont be refurbed because there is only 1 left, added more double deckers EDIT 7: Grande West Vicinity has replaced Commuity Shuttles. https://docs.zoho.com/file/0daq51c793c48fff048e2a1d62f3d558a86b4 NOW WITH BC TRANSIT MERGER: assuming merger in 2020: Note: this list will not be edited as I feel it is preventing me from having enough time to edit the main one. https://docs.zoho.com/file/0daq55f728582177146ada90e797791a33a50
  3. Is it too demanding for this forum? If so I will delete the post and move it to my blog
  4. NVM I dont see richmond though, we will probably stick with our hybrids and maybe a odd chance of Trolleybus EDIT: Actually just checked RTC being converted too.
  5. BRT BRT BRT BRT TROLLEY BRT Some BRTs hold as much as a subway so I see a lot more buses in the fleet, maybe up to 21001-21051 (actually I had my old list and Chrome glitched and it got deleted) I don't see CNG coming to STC or RTC anytime soon so maybe lets try XHE60s? For variety throw in some NovaBuses and get some more suburban config buses and add some Trolleys and some BRT lines and then I endorse this list.
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