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  1. Confirmed with photos by a fellow fanner, in the Western Canadian Transit Lounge.
  2. Go over to Victoria. When in use on urban routes, the top deck is often empty. 60 footers are better for urban use. Double decks are inconvenient for a lot of urban trips. If you're just taking the bus 10 stops (local), why would you go on the top deck? And so everyone crowds at the bottom. I'm guessing the BTC renovation, if it's for deckers at all, is for maintenance and fleet overhaul there. Even then, it's not like we have enough for the 257, anyway.
  3. I've been hearing HTC for the 555 everywhere. Don't quote me on that.
  4. Reretired, most likely, though. AC BO means that thing is likely to go out of service.
  5. AC just BOed.... might go back...
  6. They've been testing for the last week - first saw 121/221 on Thursday I believe.
  7. 20km can extend a 41 To Crown to UBC and back. I wouldn't call that a minor detour.
  8. It was a private charter. We went all around the Metro Vancouver region.
  9. There's already been much news of the new extension getting 5 car instead of 4 car trains.
  10. All TransMetro buses have air conditioning, excluding select MiniRide buses, have air conditioning. The reason for the exclusion of many MiniRide buses is that there is simply no room. Most of them are old, early-2000s NFI C40LFs, purchased used. On a side note, I'll probably come back to my transit system soon.
  11. It's a private group. You'll either have to track down the owner (which I will conveniently not provide here) or join Facebook.
  12. Looks like INNOVIA is still active for People Mover and Monorail. Looks like this is correct.
  13. RAPIDBUS/1 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr With the tape off RAPIDBUS/2 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr With the tape on
  14. Nope, it'll be turned into a generic condo in some rural village in China, as with all other scrapped buses.
  15. Same. Sometimes, I just go fanning with my Huawei P20. Hulling a camera all day, even a mirrorless, gets very tiring. You can tell the quality difference though, except with ultra high end phones. Plus, Huawei post-processing is really terrible. Just a FYI. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/CPTDB_Wiki:Photographs
  16. Well, this is the same guy who accused me of harrassing him after i asked him peacefully to take down my photo on his instagram lol
  17. It's temporarily common. Not really worth editing all the PCTC routes.
  18. Uniforms are required. But they're just polo shirts with the company name on them, plus maybe a jacket with the logo and a hat.\ Just using a DSLR doesn't mean you'll get good quality photos. Using a smartphone doesn't mean the photos will be bad either.
  19. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:CMBC_18455_601.JPG This image by @Cathay 888 doesn't follow the image name guidelines, and should be renamed as such.
  20. CMBC Novas are on the move, and this 2007 NovaBus LFS, 9674, is one of several transferred to Richmond Transit Centre in the past weeks. Here it is seen exiting Bridgeport Station on a 430 run. 9674 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr
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