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  1. Thank god. The inbound/outbound thing gets tourists confused a lot, I always see them scrambling to see which platform to go to.
  2. I think there's been a couple people booted for sharing photos from there.
  3. Try the TransLink dreams thread. I post quite a bit in there too. It's welcome in this thread too though!
  4. Well... not that R7411 of CMBC is gone... it's R9696. that's an issue.
  5. #B-20001 - Acquisition of 40ft units 52 Hybrids, UTC T7-210/BAE HDS200 preferred (Replacement) 52 Electric Trolleybus with Integrated 25km APU (Expansion) Option 1: 106 Electric Trolleybus with integrated 25km APU (Replacement of diesel) First unit must arrive April 1st, 2020, all units by August 31st, 2020 Options, first units must arrive 4 months after selection, 10 months for all #B-20002 - Acquisition of Shuttles (30-35ft) 35 Electric Trolleybus with integrated 75km APU (Replacement) 35 Electric Trolleybus with integrated 75km APU (Expansion) First unit must arrive April 1st, 2020, all units by August 31st, 2020 Options, first units must arrive 4 months after selection, 10 months for all #B-20003 - Acquisition of subway style trainsets for use on the Holland Connector 10x Trainsets with length of approximately 140m Each trainset to carry approximately 1800 passengers First unit must arrive July 1st, 2020, all units by August 31st, 2020
  6. TransMetro Rapid Transit Map - January 2020 Central Line - Heavy rail bored subway, run with 2x4 car UTC C301 trainsets Metro Line - Heavy rail cut and cover/elevated subway, run with 8 car UTC C311 trainsets Westside Line - MCRS (Medium Capacity Railway System), run with 4 car UTC M301 trainsets Eastside Line - MCRS, run with 4 car UTC M301 trainsets Interurban Ring Line - Heavy rail, partially at-grade, with overhead wire, run with 6 car UTC R301 trainsets
  7. Or... they can attempt to use trolleys on a RapidBus route, like how Seattle tried. It would be interesting to see dual trolley wires on Victoria Drive.
  8. V7438, a Coast Mountain Bus Company 2001 D40LF, is shown newly resurrected from a month-long retirement, on the 33 UBC based out of Vancouver Transit Centre. The unit was brought back due to a shortage of buses caused by one of the heaviest snowfall the Vancouver area has seen in years. 15 Jan 2020 / 29th Avenue Station Please DM me for a photo with a less obstructive watermark
  9. Thoughts on this one? Less snow in the foreground blurring the pic (will put on a better watermark that's less obstructive if uploaded to wiki) Also... not sure where to put this.... I'll throw it here. A credible source has told me that 7290 will be running tomorrow out of VTC. Take this with a grain of salt, but the aforementioned source has told me other information that's turned out to be true in the past.
  10. aren't enough trolleys until the 9 is dieselized for millennium line construction
  11. Is the date wrong on my calendar?
  12. Sadly, from what I hear, that wouldn't work either. Solution: Chop off the back of an XD40, attach the back of the D60LF, and call it a XD60LF
  13. https://globalnews.ca/news/6189667/vancouver-transit-strike-escalation/ Something to watch out for.
  14. Is this regular or? (I've been out of action for a bit)
  15. WVMT has a fleet of heritage buses already. It'll likely join those buses.
  16. You can always check TComm (tcomm.bustrainferry.com).
  17. I mean, as mentioned before, the N19 exists. Although it is an extremely small chance.
  18. The 19s are a much smaller order. About half of the original.
  19. That's what I just wrote.
  20. Different voltage, different loading gauge, different propulsion system. Both are 1435mm standard gauge.
  21. Confirmed with photos by a fellow fanner, in the Western Canadian Transit Lounge.
  22. Go over to Victoria. When in use on urban routes, the top deck is often empty. 60 footers are better for urban use. Double decks are inconvenient for a lot of urban trips. If you're just taking the bus 10 stops (local), why would you go on the top deck? And so everyone crowds at the bottom. I'm guessing the BTC renovation, if it's for deckers at all, is for maintenance and fleet overhaul there. Even then, it's not like we have enough for the 257, anyway.
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