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  1. Is it just me, or do I still prefer the graphics on that Samsung TV. They just felt more elegant than the new signs.
  2. Is there any information of the seating layout of these? I'm assuming it'll be the usual 1-2 rows like the Mark III, although I'd love side seats like the MK Is...
  3. From what I heard it's because Surrey will have a bit of a shortage at peak hours with the January service expansions, even with the transfer of the 640. I think TransLink has already witness the disaster that BYD built with the demo unit 1007. Constant breakdowns, from what I recall.... BYD = Build Your Disaster.....
  4. 531 conventional on weekends / 640 to HTC from what I hear It could be completely wrong, don't quote me on this, but I've heard it popping around
  5. I've ridden on quite a couple buses from RTC with interior christmas lights this year... 16102 yesterday comes to mind. Is this like a standard thing?
  6. I've heard trucks with clear Series 50s. It could've been one passing through Vancouver for whatever reason, however they're pretty rare.
  7. No, and I believe once during a SkyTrain delay but don't quote me on that.
  8. Guessing from the spodges of paint on the side and the fact that SkyTrain branding and fleet numbers are covered, I'm guessing it's not a wrap and is actual graffiti
  9. Also, quite temporary. They're supposed to be trolley only, except for limited construction due to repaving at Oakridge.
  10. That's still construction. Not intended for regular service.
  11. Sea Island Centre seems like an odd choice? Isn't there one right across the street from the south entrance?
  12. I saw 132-232 in service last night.
  13. Thank god. The inbound/outbound thing gets tourists confused a lot, I always see them scrambling to see which platform to go to.
  14. I think there's been a couple people booted for sharing photos from there.
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