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  1. 15015 on 403 today. Is it just me, or have artics been showing up a lot more than usual on the 403?
  2. Can confirm that 9563 has seats back, saw it on the 406 yesterday.
  3. I concur. The Northbound stop is not bad either, although the southbound stop is way better. At Bridgeport, the best place to stand is slightly south of the loop either on the west or east side, depending on lighting. There is a small grassy patch you can take photos on to avoid pedestrians and be aware of the traffic poles. The shot below was not great thanks to shadows from the poles above 16205 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr At Steveston and 99, just stand at the stop for SB, and across the street on the sidewalk beside the onramp for NB 9276 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr
  4. Stalled bus was B15018, and there were two MVAs, including a small pileup. Buses were originally routed down Hastings before being moved to Render.
  5. From what I know, this was supposed to happen again today (30 July) at ~22:30 with 19031, but was cancelled at the last minute. Not sure if it ended up happening on second trip. EDIT: This did happen for 19031 today on second trip, just not on first trip.
  6. B19031, a 2019 New Flyer XDE60 Series Hybrid, on a Fireworks Special following the Celebration of Light 2022 in Vancouver matches signs with B19034, on the R2.
  7. I think he's just using the term for extreme heat in general. Whilst there hasn't been one this year, the 35 degree weather is certainly unusual for Vancouver.
  8. Would presume that the CNG order slated to arrive in 2023-2025 would begin to replace the NovaBuses, unless there's a lifespan extension for service improvements like what happened with the D40LFs.
  9. Wrap is for Polestar 2 - a BEV car. If I saw correctly it says "100% electric - just like this train" but I could be wrong
  10. Adding to the above, yes, it is available in Shoppers. You can also get it in stations, and if you're a tourist you can even buy one online and get it shipped to your country.
  11. The only improvement I can think of other than the avoidance of a gray wall was that the blue paint was more sun-resistant or something, which I have heard rumours of.
  12. I for one, am fully supportive of reducing Broadway to three lanes. There won't be a need for all those 99s on the road anymore, and with so much SkyTrain expansion in the next few years space for cars should be reallocated. Cyclists shouldn't be the ones to detour; they are road users like the rest of us. Needing to go to 10th reduces the appeal and removes the ability to "window shop" on Broadway.
  13. Completely wild speculation, but it could be TransLink taking over the Massey shuttle?
  14. Lateish reply. With this year's Christmas trip cancelled once again, and the rise of Omicron, I would doubt any fantrips in the immediate future.
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