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  1. Sea Island Centre seems like an odd choice? Isn't there one right across the street from the south entrance?
  2. I saw 132-232 in service last night.
  3. Thank god. The inbound/outbound thing gets tourists confused a lot, I always see them scrambling to see which platform to go to.
  4. I think there's been a couple people booted for sharing photos from there.
  5. Or... they can attempt to use trolleys on a RapidBus route, like how Seattle tried. It would be interesting to see dual trolley wires on Victoria Drive.
  6. V7438, a Coast Mountain Bus Company 2001 D40LF, is shown newly resurrected from a month-long retirement, on the 33 UBC based out of Vancouver Transit Centre. The unit was brought back due to a shortage of buses caused by one of the heaviest snowfall the Vancouver area has seen in years. 15 Jan 2020 / 29th Avenue Station Please DM me for a photo with a less obstructive watermark
  7. Thoughts on this one? Less snow in the foreground blurring the pic (will put on a better watermark that's less obstructive if uploaded to wiki) Also... not sure where to put this.... I'll throw it here. A credible source has told me that 7290 will be running tomorrow out of VTC. Take this with a grain of salt, but the aforementioned source has told me other information that's turned out to be true in the past.
  8. aren't enough trolleys until the 9 is dieselized for millennium line construction
  9. Is the date wrong on my calendar?
  10. Sadly, from what I hear, that wouldn't work either. Solution: Chop off the back of an XD40, attach the back of the D60LF, and call it a XD60LF
  11. https://globalnews.ca/news/6189667/vancouver-transit-strike-escalation/ Something to watch out for.
  12. Is this regular or? (I've been out of action for a bit)
  13. WVMT has a fleet of heritage buses already. It'll likely join those buses.
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