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  1. If it does every happen, likely a new bay on street
  2. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    At this point they might as well have a once a day daily charter service from VTC to PCTC and back.
  3. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Yeah, that's mostly accurate. While you will take many cars off the road, you won't take all of them off. There are the people who prefer to drive, buses, thru traffic, etc.
  4. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    If you didn't read some three posts ago, he had no idea what it was.
  5. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    It's a service term used by TransLink and they want to expand the network. They have a whole map of FTN routes and it's pretty large all the way out to Maple Ridge and Langley.
  6. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Can you get any pictures?
  7. I heard from a former member of this board that they will have vinyl seating.
  8. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Can anyone explain all the transfers? Wouldn't transfers have *some* expense?
  9. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Why not extend it to Marine Dr Stn right away? Run it as a streetcar down Kent, or upgrade the tracks. I think it would be more useful as a line.
  10. Anyone create their own transit system?

    ↑↓ TransMetro Moving Lonver and Merritt forward. As I haven't made a update in quite awhile, here's one. Fleet Roster 3001-3012: 2007 NFI D40LFR w/CUMMINS ISL, ALLISON B400R (Refurb 2018) 3013-3035: 2006 NFI D60LFR w/CUMMINS ISM w/ALLISON B400R (Refurb 2017) AAA0001-AAA0005: 2004 NFI C40LF w/CW ISL G, ZF 6AP1400B (Refurb 2017) AAA0006-AAA0025: 2004 NFI C40LF w/CW ISL G, ZF 6AP1400B (Refurb 2017) AAA0026-AAA0066: 2004 NFI C40LF w/UTC TC9-280, ALLISON B400R5 (Refurb 2018) AAA0101-AAA0330: 2005-2006 ORION VII w/CW ISL G, ALLISON B400R5 (Plan Refurb 2018-2019) 3036-3056: 2017 TRISTAR TS60C w/OTC T-ACNG, MT NBT01-8R 3101-3199, 3201-3236: 2017 TRISTAR ELEGANCE-HYBRID 3236-3299, 3301-3314: 2017 TRISTAR TS40DE SUBURBAN w/IBES-DE, REV-HE 3101-3145: 2017 UTC XTD40 w/CUMMINS ISL9, UTC T-1400 3146-3155: 2017 UTC XTD60 w/CUMMINS ISL9, ZF 6AP1700B 3201-3280: 2017 NFI XN40 w/CW ISL G, ZF 6AP1400B 3281-3299: 2017 NFI XD40 w/CUMMINS ISL9, ZF 6AP1400B 3301-3340: 2017 NFI XDE40 w/CUMMINS ISL9, BAE HDS200 3341-3350: 2018 NFI XHE40 3351-3399, 3401-3455: 2017-2018 NFI XN40 w/CW LN9, ZF 6AP1400B 3461-3499, 3501-3551: 2017-2018 NovaBus LFS w/ UTC T9-280, ZF 6AP1400B 3601-3674: 2017-2018 UTC DE40CXR w/CW L9, BAE HDS200 3675-3689: 2017-2018 UTC D40CXR w/CW L9, Allison B400R 3701-3799, 3801-3803: 2017-2018 NovaBus LFX w/Cummins L9, BAE HDS200 AAA0401-AAA0485: 2001 NFI D40LF w/CUMMINS ISL, ALLISON B400R AAA0501-AAA0541: 2004 NFI D40LF w/CUMMINS ISL, ALLISON B400R AAA0601-AAA0693: 2004 NFI D60LF w/CUMMINS ISM, ALLISON B500R AAA0701-AAA0740: 2006 NFI DE40LFR w/CUMMINS ISB, ALLISON EP 40 AAA0841-AAA0880: 2007 NFI DE60LFR w/CUMMINS ISL, ALLISON EP 60 Trolley: 2001-2040: 2018 TRISTAR TS40T 2041-2080: 2018 TRISTAR TS60T Community Shuttle: S001-S025: 2011 EN PASSPORT-HD w/NS MAXXFORCE 7, ALLISON 3000 PTS (Refurb 2018) S026-S030: 2016 EN AXESS 35 w/CUMMINS ISL9, ALLISON B400R S031-S035: 2004 BLUE BIRD ULTRA LMB w/ CUMMINS ISB6.7, ZF 6AP1100B (Refurb 2017) S036-S040: 2005 EN NATIONAL EZ-RIDER II w/CUMMINS ISB6.7, ZF 6AP1100B (Refurb 2018) S041-S055: 2017 TRISTAR TS30D w/CUMMINS ISB6.7, ALLISON B400R6 As you can tell, I've renumbered most of them. I haven't decided where they will go yet. Now, to the buses on order: 3811-3850: 2018-2019 TRISTAR RE40EHS Units on order. 3901-3980: 2019 TRISTAR TS60HE Units on order. S061-S087: 2018 TRISTAR TS30D w/CUMMINS ISB6.7, ALLISON B400R Units on order. S101-S127: 2018 TRISTAR TS35D w/CUMMINS ISB6.7, ALLISON B400R Units on order. S131-S140: 2018-2019 TRISTAR TS30C w/CW ISB6.7 G, ALLISON B400R Units on order. S141-S150: 2018-2019 TRISTAR TS35C w/CW ISB6.7 G, ALLISON B400R Units on order. Btw, I am working on a route list. On to... NEWS MARCH 24, 2018 (Lonver, LF) TransMetro has completed construction of the 998 BRT and the 9th busway. The 998 BRT has been planned for 5 years, as part of the new sustainable growth strategy adopted by the City of Lonver and the City of Yale in 2009. Included in this strategy yet to be constructed include the Eastside Line, the Prior Street busway and Burbee corridor rapid transit. The area is the fastest growing corridor in all of Western Canada, making it a prime candidate for future upgrade to MRT or LRT. The 9th busway was constructed as a cheap way to speed up bus service on the 9th St corridor. The original road was 3 lanes per direction, with a narrow, unsafe sidewalk for all the foot traffic along the corridor. One lane in each direction was converted to bus only, while another was converted to a wider sidewalk with bike lane. Overhead pedestrian flashers were installed every 200 metres, with pedestrian and bus priority at intersections.
  11. Vancouver Special Sightings

    The school trip?
  12. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    (shouldn't this go in double decker procurement post) Aren't the double deckers going on the 620 too, replacing artics?
  13. http://buizelbus.x10.mx/2018/03/17/new-photos-notification-03-16-2018/ New photos today. I'll put the "highlights" below.