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  1. Uniforms are required. But they're just polo shirts with the company name on them, plus maybe a jacket with the logo and a hat.\ Just using a DSLR doesn't mean you'll get good quality photos. Using a smartphone doesn't mean the photos will be bad either.
  2. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:CMBC_18455_601.JPG This image by @Cathay 888 doesn't follow the image name guidelines, and should be renamed as such.
  3. CMBC Novas are on the move, and this 2007 NovaBus LFS, 9674, is one of several transferred to Richmond Transit Centre in the past weeks. Here it is seen exiting Bridgeport Station on a 430 run. 9674 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr
  4. PoCo routes are all hilly, better idea just to send them XDE60s, whether that be Allison or BAE. Don't believe HTC nor PCTC needs more buses at the current time, and there's only 1 D40LF between the two, situated at HTC. Meanwhile, Surrey has 40 D40LFs, that need to be replaced, with potential service changes eating up the other 17.
  5. Detours for SkyTrain to Arbutus. All routes on Broadway except #9 will detour, that route will be dieselized and continue down Broadway.
  6. I've been told by several operators it's a single, bezel-less display, instead of the two, this time around.
  7. #Save8013 On a side note, one of my driver friends thinks they'll probably fix it from all the spare parts from those D60LFs.
  8. T-Comm, as in the communications centre in Surrey? Yes. There is a site created by a transit fan on here somewhere which I cannot find the username for, who has created a site named Tcomm, which uses public transit data to track buses. It's not affiliated with TransLink.
  9. Yeah, too bad they're only getting 503 Express with articulated buses and SkyTrain eventually....
  10. Whoops, typo. What was the station intended for the already planned Coquitlam extension then? New West? Woodlands?
  11. Columbia just seems really sketchy. Also, who had the idea to put an island platform there?
  12. From what I've heard, Surrey was originally going to get C40LFRs.
  13. Meta font instead of the helvetica. For the RTC Novas, having a uniform number. The rest have Meta depot letter and Helvetica fleet number.
  14. It makes sense for TransLink. You don't want any operating there. Most people don't care. Surrey is quite flat, unlike Coquitlam. It makes sense.
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