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  1. Whoever might be updating All-time Rosters for Saskatoon and Regina, please be sure to include full details of the Telebus fleets in both cities, as well as information about any Flxibles (which would appear to have been of Twin Coach old look design) that were noted in the fleet circa 1965, possibly numbered 313-319 (a gap noted in the fleet listing for GM Fishbowls)
  2. Old look 19 - tourist booth see my comment & photos!
  3. Little Chicago Info Booth Officially Returns - DiscoverMooseJaw.com.html Little Chicago Info Booth Officially Returns - DiscoverMooseJaw.com (1).html
  4. Correction it is 706M. Only one other is still known to exist in a US museum of hundreds that were made, a very popular bus in its day. Medicine Hat’s transit system had one in the fifties as did Rosedale Bus Line in Toronto.
  5. Still very much there as of this week - drove by got close took photos / collectors take note, unknown if any others of this type have actually survived, a 1938 White Bender ex-Greyhound! Another view! He displays it and the Fageol van right next to the fence, obviously looking for a buyer!
  6. This gives details of some of the Fleurys when they were being sold off by the City.
  7. Someone really ought to compile a proper fleet listing of the Regina Telebuses. Here is a start: At least eleven 1974 Fleury 14 passenger units are believed to have been in the fleet, unit numbers 125 to 135 At least one 1971 Dodge van, fleet # 15. Several Flxettes, one of them was known to be #12. At least one or more Mercedes-Benz (Sprinter?) is known #107 An NFB video exists showing some Telebuses, especially 116 of unknown make, but with fancy seventies-type grille and 4 headlights. Also full size GM Fishbowls such as 450 were used for Telebus, as shown in same film. FLEET LISTINGS are also needed for the similar services in CALGARY and SASKATOON. Here are some known photos of some Calgary units (Econobus and Flxette) and Regina's Mercedes-Benz 107!
  8. The Old Look #19 that used to be in a farmer's field was rescued and converted with very heavy modifications and turned into a tourist info booth, made to look like a streetcar! Still has its rubber tires so no idea if it is operable or not. When I find a photo I will post it. Terry Boorman of Regina still owns the Orion #21 which he turned into a party bus.
  9. I know now that 3 was definitely an Old Look GM as Martin Parsons was kind enough to provide a photo of that bus from the Junkyard ! It might have had a companion bus (#4 perhaps) as two such buses were recorded as being delivered by GM to Bus Universal Supply of Edmonton in October 1946 - this seems to coincide closely with when Cecil Bradshaw bought Black Diamond Bus Lines and started (or resumed?) bus service to JP in 1947! And Diamond 39 and 40 might indeed have been those garishly painted green and cream ex-Pacific Stages CCF Brills shown in the 1966 Diamond yard photo = but repainted in the more sedate white and navy blue for Sherwood park use? I do recall seeing the same scene back in 1966 personally, but I believe there was a third green Brill bearing the destination sign "MERRITT", and several more Twin Coaches at the tome. Note that my Chicago Italian connections tell me that Fageol Twin Coaches were called BEAN BUSES = as FAGIOLI means beans in Italian; also referencing the odor of the propane and the sounds these buses emitted!
  10. Exactly! This was the very same bus I observed in downtown Edmonton back in the day. I believe it was labelled as Western and grey Goose before it became Briggs Brothers
  11. I rode what was apparently a rare edition of 30 foot old look Flxible in Saskatoon in 1966 - likely made early sixties, Twin Coach body but labelled Flxible only, lacking Twin Coach metallic trim. Would like to know more about those buses. S'toon might have had up to seven of them, possibly bought used? Believed fleet numbers 313 to 319.
  12.  I rode what was apparently a rare edition of 30 foot old look Flxible in Saskatoon in 1966 - likely made early sixties, Twin Coach body but labelled Flxible only, lacking Twin Coach metallic trim. Would like to know more about those buses. S'toon might have had up to seven of them, possibly bought used? Believed fleet numbers 313 to 319
  13. I was not aware Regina had any articulated buses, have not seen any yet! QUESTION ABOUT HISTORY OF REGINA TRANSIT - especially the Dial-A-Bus experiment that used mini-buses,.I'm especially interested in the mini-buses of Regina and Calgary that also seem to be missing from the fleet records - the Flxettes, Econobuses, Fleurys , Mercedes Benz, etc. There seems to be very little info about those out there, and only a very few photos exist. Would anyone have any info on those? Also- WHAT happened to those 2 trolley buses that sat behind the garage for several years? I notice that bus 154 is in a neari-ghost town in BC called Sandon, together with a collection of ex-Vancouver and ex-Calgary trolley buses. And were you aware that the restored 1954 Old Look GM number "200" that was lovingly restored for the 2011 Centennial is gone - it's been sent to a Manitoba Transportation Museum to be repainted in Winnipeg colors!
  14. This company Carpe Diem went out of business about 2 years ago. No idea what became of their buses and limos. The man who owns Moose Jaw Orion #21 and runs it as a party bus is my neighbour Terry Boorman, he also recently acquired a white used MCI highway coach from Golden Arrow of Alberta. Arctic Ice Limos own an ex Brampton Ontario Orion I which they use as a limo/party bus. A few years ago I saw one of those green “fake streetcars” driving around REGINA but no idea what became of it, I have not seen it lately. I know Moose Jaw has one that is used for tours by a private company in the summer. Moose Jaw also has a heavily modified Old Look GM former #19 from circa 1965 which has been altered to look like a streetcar and is being used as a tourist info booth.
  15. Were you aware that there is no RTS bus 666? Methinks that number was intentionally omitted due to the commonplace belief that 666 is the Mark of the Beast! Any thoughts on that anyone? I tried to post that on Wikipedia but it was removed b/c I had no written proof! I know other systems like Edmonton and Calgary definitely had a 666. Edmonton never had a 445 and there is a reason for that, it was damaged during shipment, fixed and sold to Calgary. Back in the day some transit systems did omit fleet number 13; Edmonton did not and actually had three buses numbered 13 at different times! Calgary has reduced its transit service and shut down an entire garage. REGINA has not & is still operating full steam! Whatever happened to the two trolley buses Canadian Car that used to be parked behind the garage? I also note that RTS no longer has Old Look GM 200 from 1954, it has been sent to Manitoba Transit Museum and is being repainted as a Winnipeg bus!
  16. The number 3 Diamond Bus pictured might even have been a TG 3206. There does exist a record of two TG 3206 buses being sold new by GM to Bus Universal Supply of Edmonton delivered 10/46. What happened to the second bus? It might also have gone to Diamond 💎 but just did not last as long, or maybe to Beverly Bus Lines Ltd.? I know another third Old Look with the old style square edged windows ran for about a year or so on Western Bus Lines Ltd. service to Sherwood Park in c. 1969-70. It was white over black and the company name was in cursive script on the side. It’s believed to have come from a transit system in Eastern Canada. Eventually that bus bit the dust and was replaced by a conventional yellow school bus with the bottom half painted blue.
  17. As a matter of historical interest - does anyone know anything about WBL’s services to St. Albert and Sherwood Park AB in the Sixties and Seventies? I recall St. Albert being served by Bluebird “transit buses” and Sherwood Park being served by an ancient white & Black GM Old Look that was later replaced by a conventional yellow school bus with the bottom half painted blue?
  18. Here are some more details: The owner is BRUCE OLIVER: farmer, drag racer, and accumulator (collector?) of numerous old vehicles! Phone 306-387-6190. or 306-821-0452, Box 72, Marshall, SK S0M 1R0 Canada. bruce.oliver@sympatico.ca or bruce.oliver@mybell.ca I have been informed that only ONE other Bender-bodied White bus of this sort survives in a USA bus museum, of several thousand made, of which 620 were of this 706M model built from 1935 to 1941. This was one of three buses of 706M model sold to Arrow Coach (SK) in 1937-38; they went to Western Canada Greyhound in 1941 as fleet numbers 401, 402 and 403. It is unclear which of the three this bus is. Thanks to Brian Grams and Frank N Karen Burval of the FB Group "Mack, ACF, Aerocoach, Eagle, White, Brill and other fallen bus makers" for the info. The Burvals are experts on the Bender-bodied White buses; they have posted about a hundred or so photos in the said group during 2018-19, (check them out!) but apparently only 2 buses have survived including this one! (The "topless" Whites that served the National Parks fared much better, with some even getting a total restoration to stay in use...) Apparently the bus is still for sale - displayed, very visible from the highway with a 1955 IHC Fageol moving van!
  19. Beverly Bus Lines - in 1961 they were using two ex-Calgary small Brill gasoline buses, white over light blue, bearing fleet numbers 11 and 12. Prior to that BBL used old highway style buses, I observed one frequently used circa 1959-60 that looked somewhat like an early Flxible Clipper with slanted windows. ETS after the amalgamation of 1962 did use the two ex-Calgary Brills for a time with the 26 Route sign but eventually with route renumbering in 1963 they were replaced by GM New Look Fishbowls and Twin Coaches bearing B1 B2 and B3,rollsigns; both the ex-Winnipeg and the ETS original Twins were used. The ex-Calgary Brills gathered dust for a while in a corner of the old Cromdale garage, then were sent to Windsor Auto Parts at 76 Ave and 50 Street where they sat for many decades together with several of the exDiamond Bus Lines Twin Coaches. All of these buses are long gone. I saw those buses there long ago but never took any photos unfortunately. I did see another ex Calgary Brill similarly painted, it had been Red Deer 501 in disrepair on an Edmonton West End vacant lot.
  20. Actually many American experts identified the bus as a White 706-M; from 1937 or 1938, with a body by Bender; hundreds of this and similar White buses were made as they were very popular at the time in both American and Canadian bus lines. Very many photos of similar White buses are posted on the FB Group "Mack, ACF, Aerocoach, Eagle, White, Brill and other fallen bus makers", in fact more photos posted every week of this type of bus being used in USA settings. Lots and lots of photos exit, but hardly any surviving buses! In fact Brian Grams was able to identify this specific bus as one of three purchased by Arrow Coach and later sold to Western Canadian Greyhound.
  21. The owner of the bus was BRUCE OLIVER, the auctioneer was LORNE FELL AUCTIONS. Being tracked down! The below conversation is from the FB Group Mack, ACF, Aerocoach, Eagle, White, Brill and other fallen bus makers Brian Grams Are there any White delivery records available? I am looking for serial numbers of three 706-M sold to Arrow Coach in Saskatchewan (1-37, 2-38). One fleet number was 44. Buses went to Western Canadian Greyhound in 1941 as their fleet numbers 401/2/3. Frank N Karen Burval give me some time Brian and let me see what I can find! Hide or report this Brian Grams Thank you. One of these has been found in a farmer's field in Saskatchewan and appears to be quite complete. Frank N Karen Burval is it the yellow one I've seen pictures of on several bus groups? Frank N Karen Burval According to my notes, White built a total of 620 706Ms from 1935 to 1941. My guess is they were all Benders but I don't have any proof of that. I'm sorry but I don't have any info on who they were built for. If I come across that info I will surely share it.
  22. MORE NOVA LFS 2005-06 DEATH WATCH - I just saw 609 in service, less on a route northbound on Albert Street heading towards Northgate Mall, could not make out what route! Could try, but it may well have returned to garage already as peak hour is over now...
  23. In reply to M. Parsons: "Diamond seemed like an interesting operation. I hope to one day find more information on them. I didn't realize the history on the Fitzjohn's I don't think. Had no clue they were ex TTC units as I can't say I've ever checked the Wiki for any information on them. I've probably been in one of them as it still resides in the Edmonton area, along with a Diamond old look. It's been many years since I was in them... 2001 or 2002, and I literally had to crawl through other buses to access the old look. I did "relieve" the old look of it's builders plate and either the old look or Fitzjohn was "liberated" of it's run number box. I should dig out that plate and see what the history was on the old look." You did mention an "Old Look" - was this a GM or Yellow Coach Old Look? I don't specifically recall seeing such a bus in the Diamond fleet, unless perhaps it was that mysterious rear-engined fleet #3, for which no nameplate appeared to be attached? I didn't recognize this as an Old Look as it didn't look much like the 1955-58 longer diesel GM Old Looks that ETS ran at the time, perhaps you can enlighten me on this, if it was #3 or perhaps another bus? "3, 1940's unknown rear-engined bus seen frequently in use as a spare, up until sometime in sixties (but before end of service in 1964)" This bus was VERY noisy and tended to emit a lot of smoke; the rear engine and fan were clearly visible behind a square or rectangular metal mesh. It was obviously one of the first buses Diamond had when it started c. 1947, definitely before #6 which was made in late 1949 and delivered in early 1950. I know that Western Bus Lines, the successor to Diamond on the Sherwood Park route, did run a white and black forties GM Old Look (with standee windows and the older window configuration) for about a year circa perhaps 1966-67 (?) before it was replaced by a newer yellow school bus partly painted blue?
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