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  1. 38-040 was on the 162 this afternoon. I guess they already ship a 38-xxx at stinson.
  2. Saint-Laurent first and at the end of this year for Frontenac. I wouldn't be surprised if some 38-xxx go to Mont Royal or Stinson for a while later this year.
  3. 38-001 is now activate. I saw the bus in service around 5 pm on the 72.
  4. 28-112 to 28-123 are now at St-Laurent. A lot 36-xxx are at Stinson. 36-019 was on the 171 in the evening!!!
  5. With the 171 & 747 at Stinson for the rest of 2018, I think(only a feeeling) that the buses between 30-030 & 30-053 will get back to Lasalle. Everything will probably be all over the place for a week or so until things get stabilize. This year, they are going to retire some 22-xxx & will get 100 new hybrids (Saint-Laurent & Frontenac are on the list for the new 38-xxx). A lot of buses will maybe move from a CT to another this year!!!
  6. In Stinson facility, we can barely see buses under 29-072 for the 40 foot. They have a few 21-22 & 28-xxx (28-124 to 132). In general, they have 29-072 to 29-108, 30-030 to 30-053, some random 36 & all the 37 except a few of them (generally between 37-055 & 37-079) are at Mont-Royal.
  7. 37-102 is the last one that they received. The livery is almost complete.
  8. There is a lot of 36-xxx at Stinson now. The one that I saw this week are 36-009-14-18-19-21-25-27 & 41 all in service on Stinson's route.
  9. At Stinson, the 21-218 has been park in the "track" of the disable bus for few weeks now. I don't know if he will be back on the road. For the hybrids, we have receive 37-055 to 37-069 (except 059) & I assume they will be all in service by monday.
  10. 37-055 & 56 are now in service and 58-61-62 & 64 are at Stinson. Seats are configurate differently because there is a second place available for wheel chair. On the other way, I don't know if they transfert 30-155 to 30-165 to another CT. I didn't see one of them for a while at Stinson.
  11. I saw the 37-068 all in white at Laval on the highway 19. At first sight, it seem like the configuration of the seats are a little bit different then the current hybrids, but I was too far to clearly see. We will probably have some news soon.
  12. 25-228 & 25-240 was on the 170 & 64 yesterday at the rush hour (pm).
  13. Saw the 21-259 on towing around 8 pm on the highway 40 (close to Stinson)
  14. It was an all hybrid evening on the 485 including the 37-052-53 & 54!!!
  15. I think its getting clearer that the 31-xxx from Stinson (31-046 to 31-059) are now based at St-Laurent. I saw plenty of them at the terminus Fairview (31-048, 31-052,31-054 & 31-058). They were not on the 72 or the 216. For the hybrid, the highest number that they receive is now the 37-052 (still not in service).
  16. 21-266 was in service around midnight in the 171. I assume that the driver had a deal with "le gareur" to have a 21-xxx at this time of the day
  17. Saw the 37-051 En transit around Stinson and the highway 40.
  18. Its going to be interesting to see wich buses will be transfer to other CT. 30-176 to 30-182 have moved to St-Laurent and like you said, 30-021 to 30-029 have been transfer to Lasalle. Others will probably follow this summer.
  19. According to a source, Stinson has now receive the majority of hybrids between 37-001 to 37-039. 80% of them are already active. They are about to receive 10 to 15 more in the next few days. So the 21-xxx based at Stinson (most of them are between 21-216 to 21-235) are on a hot seat for the retirement or at least, to be active in another division before the retirement. Keep in mind that the summer schedule (equal less service) begin the 19 of june.
  20. 37-026 was in service on the 128 around 4pm at Cote-Vertu
  21. Stinson have now some 29-xxx of St-Denis. The one that I have notice is the 29-057-58-59-60-62-63-66-& 67. But I think its just temporary. Why??? I don't know!!
  22. 37-013 was on the 135 today around 3 pm... unfamiliar
  23. 37-020 is already on the road, so I imagine that some 37 on the 2x will come soon!!!
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