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  1. It is possible that these 2 CT will receive some 40-xxx. I heard that Stinson will not receive any of them because of the 40-9xx (hope the source is wrong about that one). By the way, the count down for this livery has officialy start now because a notice says that these 30 new buses (New Flyers) are supposed to come between mid-august until the end of january 2021. 40-901 will be active with costumers with the beginning of the new schedule if everything is right.
  2. 40-086, 099, 115 are already at St-Laurent
  3. It will be interesting to see how they are going to manage all this. I have seen as far as 40-121. I know Legendre is supoose to receive 55 of them as soon as the new part the CT is open.
  4. The 40-xxx series (all after 40-062) are piling up in the CT Saint-Laurent. You can see them everywhere.
  5. I saw 40-173 on the boulevard St-Martin with no make up. No full rooftop and the AC box is maybe different (because of the no full rooftop???!!!). 40-173... I mean, 40-062 have not hit the road yet they are already at 40-173. I wonder witch CT will have the jackpot
  6. Wish I could tell you more. I was counting on today to see these 2 bus again, but they already have been dispatch. Where?? I don't know.
  7. 40-078 & 40-079 are at CT Saint-Laurent. No more full rooftop... but they have some mad stuff on the roof. I don't know what it is (Big AC???)
  8. I don't know if this is a sign that Montreal will receive a few 40-xxx soon. Here is Laval.
  9. I saw today 40-107 & 108 without the full rooftop. I guess in few days, we are going to see a lot of new 40-xxx with a short amount of time!!
  10. Several coaches are in the parking outside Stinson CT.
  11. I saw the 40-100 in "test routier" around the 440. There was no full rooftop on the bus. Is it because the bus is in test or they decide to remove the full rooftop?
  12. 40-001 is at Stinson… I would be surprise that the bus is for Stinson… will see.
  13. 40-901 is at Stinson. I didn't have my cell close, so I don't have pics.
  14. Yeah!!! I saw that. Sorry for that post about 22-215 & 23-222. For the 22-215, I knew it wasn't over but for the 23-222, I really thought it was for good because the bus was park outside with the 24-300.
  15. 22-215 & 23-222 are both out of service (stinson). I think its pretty much over for the 23-222.
  16. Stinson is invade by a lot of 22-23-& 24 series right now. I wonder if they have some problems with the hybrids or it is just that they want to finish them off.
  17. Yes!!! At first glance (from the outside), they look like the new one that Toronto just received.
  18. Picture of the 40-001 are already circulated. The bus was on road test today
  19. Next month, Legendre will receive their first hybrid. I heard they will get 50 new buses. Will see if it is true.
  20. There was an interview with Luc Tremblay this morning @ Paul Arcand & Luc says the STM will receive 150 hybrid this year ... I don't know if he made a mistake or the numbers have changed!!
  21. It would not be the same if this snowstorm was during a day of the week. The availability of the 40 footer during the week-end is greater, so they don't have the problem to use them. Its nice move by the STM. The challenge will be for the next snowstorm maybe wednesday if all things goes together for the weather.
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