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  1. Several coaches are in the parking outside Stinson CT.
  2. I saw the 40-100 in "test routier" around the 440. There was no full rooftop on the bus. Is it because the bus is in test or they decide to remove the full rooftop?
  3. 40-001 is at Stinson… I would be surprise that the bus is for Stinson… will see.
  4. 40-901 is at Stinson. I didn't have my cell close, so I don't have pics.
  5. Yeah!!! I saw that. Sorry for that post about 22-215 & 23-222. For the 22-215, I knew it wasn't over but for the 23-222, I really thought it was for good because the bus was park outside with the 24-300.
  6. 22-215 & 23-222 are both out of service (stinson). I think its pretty much over for the 23-222.
  7. Stinson is invade by a lot of 22-23-& 24 series right now. I wonder if they have some problems with the hybrids or it is just that they want to finish them off.
  8. Yes!!! At first glance (from the outside), they look like the new one that Toronto just received.
  9. Picture of the 40-001 are already circulated. The bus was on road test today
  10. Next month, Legendre will receive their first hybrid. I heard they will get 50 new buses. Will see if it is true.
  11. There was an interview with Luc Tremblay this morning @ Paul Arcand & Luc says the STM will receive 150 hybrid this year ... I don't know if he made a mistake or the numbers have changed!!
  12. It would not be the same if this snowstorm was during a day of the week. The availability of the 40 footer during the week-end is greater, so they don't have the problem to use them. Its nice move by the STM. The challenge will be for the next snowstorm maybe wednesday if all things goes together for the weather.
  13. One thing is for sure, 39-001 have racks & I didn't see the bus in service yet. We might have some news later for the buses between 39-001 & 15.
  14. Yes!!! I wouldn't be surprise if there is 2 or 3 more friday during the day. They will probably be in service next week.
  15. 38-060 was on the 32 Lacordaire monday afternoon!!!
  16. This was the post. It's 184 buses actually. If St. Denis needs renovations to accommodate hybrids like Mont Royal and St. Laurent did, I doubt they'll get any. The garage is slated to be replaced by CT Bellechasse in 2022. Saint-Denis will close definitly in 2019. CT Stinson & Legendre will get the majority of the routes & buses of Saint-Denis until CT Bellechasse is activate. Anjou will receive the majority of the hybrids coming out next year and I heard that Lasalle & Stinson could be in the mix (rumours).
  17. I think 38-082 & 84 are sitting outside SL, but I couldn't see clear.
  18. 38-058 is outside the garage of SL today with the new window at the driver side. I thought Frontenac would be the first one to receive them.
  19. I saw the 38-071 on the Highway 520 (west direction) around Cavendish at 4h45 pm today. I don't know if the bus was heading back to the Nova Bus facility or was heading at St-Laurent. I could clearly see the new window on the driver side & its kind of weird. But I guess we will get use to it after a while. I wouldn't be surprise if this bus is in service by the end of this month.
  20. 38-040 was on the 162 this afternoon. I guess they already ship a 38-xxx at stinson.
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