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  1. If 40-901 was in service, it means that they did put the farebox and the "plexis-glass" on it.
  2. They are filling up CT Lasalle & St-Laurent with the 40-xxx... Both of them had hundred or close to that (40-222 for the last one)
  3. Any of the SN routes and most of the time on the rush hour for what I saw with the new schedule. The 213 and the 485 will probably be the easiest routes to catch some of theses buses (but it could change very quickly with the STM)
  4. 39-043 & 39-093 were both on the 100 around 5 pm. 39-059 was on the 128 & 40-131 was on the 90.
  5. Too bad for the customers, but for the drivers, I guess the 968 will be very popular.
  6. 40-147 was on the 164 (Métro Henri-Bourassa) last friday around 3:50 pm.
  7. They are testing new chargers during the day. So thats why they can have more than one bus in the street now.
  8. 39-093 & 39-138 are doing Stinson lines for a few days now.
  9. 40-139 & 40-143 are now active (Still Lasalle ). 40-903 is with the 40-901 at Stinson. 40-171 is sitttin' outside at Stinson 2 for a while.
  10. Some 40-1xx are parked inside Stinson 2. When the doors are open, you will see the back of the 40-150.
  11. 40-141,142,143 & 147 are parked at Stinson. I don't know if it is for Stinson or they are just there to free some spaces for the CT Saint-Laurent.
  12. 40-903 was on the highway 40 (west direction) around stinson at 12:00. Hope to have some news soon.
  13. Watch the New Flyers when they will be operationnal... It won't be different.
  14. It is possible that these 2 CT will receive some 40-xxx. I heard that Stinson will not receive any of them because of the 40-9xx (hope the source is wrong about that one). By the way, the count down for this livery has officialy start now because a notice says that these 30 new buses (New Flyers) are supposed to come between mid-august until the end of january 2021. 40-901 will be active with costumers with the beginning of the new schedule if everything is right.
  15. 40-086, 099, 115 are already at St-Laurent
  16. It will be interesting to see how they are going to manage all this. I have seen as far as 40-121. I know Legendre is supoose to receive 55 of them as soon as the new part the CT is open.
  17. The 40-xxx series (all after 40-062) are piling up in the CT Saint-Laurent. You can see them everywhere.
  18. I saw 40-173 on the boulevard St-Martin with no make up. No full rooftop and the AC box is maybe different (because of the no full rooftop???!!!). 40-173... I mean, 40-062 have not hit the road yet they are already at 40-173. I wonder witch CT will have the jackpot
  19. Wish I could tell you more. I was counting on today to see these 2 bus again, but they already have been dispatch. Where?? I don't know.
  20. 40-078 & 40-079 are at CT Saint-Laurent. No more full rooftop... but they have some mad stuff on the roof. I don't know what it is (Big AC???)
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