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  1. 1 hour ago, Frozen Yogurt said:

    Spotted 38-066 on the 171 this evening. Quite rare to see anything that's not a 31 or 37 on Stinson runs these days!

    I took 29-840 on the 121 this evening.

    Yeah!!!  The 31-xxx are annoying.  I hate them!!

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  2. 1 hour ago, Blue Hybrid Bus said:

    I seriously hope they don't go with that kind of display as well. It's just a waste of power lighting up most of the lights like that.


    38-069 was on the 164 with the headlights piece in white on the left.

    Saint-Laurent's 28-123 was on the 135.

    LaSalle's 29-133 was on the 196 Stinson extra.

    Frontenac's 38-002 was on the 213.

    All the New Flyers have this kind of display too for the En transit.  I think we will have to get use to it.

  3. 10 hours ago, @nthony2005 said:

    This page will be all about the series, sightings and discussion of all the 41-xxx! 

    Just a few weeks ago 41-002 was spotted in ST-Eustache and today someone from the Facebook group “Transit in Quebec” did spot 41-021 in Laval! It’s a great idea to start a discussion now. Feel free to post your sightings here :)

    Legendre is probably the best candidate to receive them!!

  4. 21 hours ago, Frozen Yogurt said:

    I wonder if the date is the correct one. I spotted 24-242 twice on the 171 on March 3rd, which means either the date of the list is not correct or they sent a bus that's off the roster to pick up passengers.

    24-231 was on the 171 yesterday midday. Hard to know if I'll see it ever again.

    Well, 24-242 is done? Saw the bus in service in the begining of this month(oooppss, saw the post above, I got my answer).  I guess Stinson will be the first CT to operate with only front ramp buses.

  5. 2 hours ago, Frozen Yogurt said:

    28-068 was on the 171E LE extra this afternoon, not tracking... another LS unit now at LE. 

    27-018 was on the 121 this evening (renfort). Rare to see Mont-Royal units up here.

    31-190 was on the 171 all day, (still) not tracking.

    Is the final plan to make Stinson all front-ramp (soon), or will they send more 2nd gens to Stinson, since I heard things about a shuttle for the planned Côte-Vertu station closure starting in a few months? If not, it's going to be very boring here...

    I don't know if they are going to use the 40 or 60 foot buses for the shuttle of the Côte-Vertu closure.  Don't forget, Stinson plan to operate 30 electric buses by the end of this summer.  So, I would be surprise (but it's not impossible) if they send some  2nd gens to Stinson.

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