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  1. 41-066 to 41-070 parked outside stinson (068 missing)
  2. 41-047, 48, 50 & 66 are parked outside Stinson
  3. Yeah!!! The 31-xxx are annoying. I hate them!!
  4. 41-050... fresh from Nova this morning.... park inside Stinson.
  5. A lot of New Flyers parked outiside Stinson and a few 41-xxx (up to 41-049)
  6. Seem like there is a lot of 26-xxx that come around & go for 24h or less in CT Stinson
  7. 41-041 & 41-042 parked outside CT Stinson
  8. 37-085 was at Stinson. I guess the remaining of the 37-xxx in Mont-Royal will go back to Stinson in a few days... (what else is new)
  9. Now, 41-014 is in the parking of Stinson with the 41-019. Wonder why they expose these new buses at a place where they will not be use.
  10. 41-019 is well hide in the parking of Stinson
  11. All the New Flyers have this kind of display too for the En transit. I think we will have to get use to it.
  12. I saw the 41-023 all dress in white on Bdv. Saint-Martin around the 19 highway.
  13. Legendre is probably the best candidate to receive them!!
  14. Well, 24-242 is done? Saw the bus in service in the begining of this month(oooppss, saw the post above, I got my answer). I guess Stinson will be the first CT to operate with only front ramp buses.
  15. 40-203 was on the 162 yesterday afternoon.
  16. 40-122 & 123 are at Stinson. I don't know if they are the first 40-062 & plus to go somewhere else than Lasalle & St-Laurent.
  17. I don't know if they are going to use the 40 or 60 foot buses for the shuttle of the Côte-Vertu closure. Don't forget, Stinson plan to operate 30 electric buses by the end of this summer. So, I would be surprise (but it's not impossible) if they send some 2nd gens to Stinson.
  18. Stinson has now only 4 buses with the rear ramp (24-231, 242, 301 et 303).
  19. A lot 28-1xx are standing outside SN. They will probably be all gone by monday to SL. They did the same thing when the 38-xxx left SN for FR a week ago
  20. 37-051 was on the 180 & 39-059 on the 128
  21. If 40-901 was in service, it means that they did put the farebox and the "plexis-glass" on it.
  22. They are filling up CT Lasalle & St-Laurent with the 40-xxx... Both of them had hundred or close to that (40-222 for the last one)
  23. Any of the SN routes and most of the time on the rush hour for what I saw with the new schedule. The 213 and the 485 will probably be the easiest routes to catch some of theses buses (but it could change very quickly with the STM)
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