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  1. 39-020 & 39-023 are at Stinson... maybe the beginning of the transition of the 39-xxx for Stinson and Frontenac will gradually received their 42-xxx.
  2. 40-152 was on the street all day long. It's a miracle for Stinson to run something else then their crap the hole day.
  3. A lot of the hybrid from Stinson (37-xxx because that's all they have except for the airport) got that strange sound from the motor. I wonder if it is common only in the 37-xxx or other hybrid from different CT?
  4. 40-215 is sitting outside Stinson for a few days now!!! They could have use it to give us a break of these 31-xxx. Oh and now, there is the 41-047 too...
  5. Oh well, Stinson will stay with their trash...
  6. Sometimes, I wonder why a CT like Mont-Royal can have all kind of *foreign buses* for theirs operations and other CT like Stinson, are always stucked with their own crap. It is so boring
  7. New Flyers are out of the road indefinitly. I don't know what is the problem but I think it is relate to the maintenance.
  8. 37-004 will probably hit the road in few days. They are repairing the bus at Stinson.
  9. I was waiting for them to remove some of the irrelevant 31-xxx like 31-070-71, 31-094-95, 99, 168... It didn't happen
  10. Well, some CT have a good reputation at repairing their buses and some don't. Stinson have not a good reputation and this where all 37-xxx are located. Maybe, this is part of the answer... or this is just a coincidence.
  11. I feel your pain, these buses (31-187 to 31-197) are a real nightmare for Stinson. I hate them a lot too.
  12. 41-013 is still at Stinson & now, there's the 41-114, 115 & 116 parked outside Stinson
  13. If things goes well, some New Flyers (40-9xx) will hit the road with passengers for the first time this Tuesday. Be aware
  14. The new livery of 41-xxx is about to come for the CT Legendre this month.
  15. 41-026 standing outside the parking of Stinson (they prefer to use the loan of the 31-xxx & the 32-xxx instead of that)
  16. 23-218 parked outside with the New Flyers (CT Stinson)
  17. 41-066 to 41-070 parked outside stinson (068 missing)
  18. 41-047, 48, 50 & 66 are parked outside Stinson
  19. Yeah!!! The 31-xxx are annoying. I hate them!!
  20. 41-050... fresh from Nova this morning.... park inside Stinson.
  21. A lot of New Flyers parked outiside Stinson and a few 41-xxx (up to 41-049)
  22. Seem like there is a lot of 26-xxx that come around & go for 24h or less in CT Stinson
  23. 41-041 & 41-042 parked outside CT Stinson
  24. 37-085 was at Stinson. I guess the remaining of the 37-xxx in Mont-Royal will go back to Stinson in a few days... (what else is new)
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