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  1. Seem like there is a lot of 26-xxx that come around & go for 24h or less in CT Stinson
  2. 37-085 was at Stinson. I guess the remaining of the 37-xxx in Mont-Royal will go back to Stinson in a few days... (what else is new)
  3. Now, 41-014 is in the parking of Stinson with the 41-019. Wonder why they expose these new buses at a place where they will not be use.
  4. 41-019 is well hide in the parking of Stinson
  5. All the New Flyers have this kind of display too for the En transit. I think we will have to get use to it.
  6. I saw the 41-023 all dress in white on Bdv. Saint-Martin around the 19 highway.
  7. Legendre is probably the best candidate to receive them!!
  8. Well, 24-242 is done? Saw the bus in service in the begining of this month(oooppss, saw the post above, I got my answer). I guess Stinson will be the first CT to operate with only front ramp buses.
  9. 40-203 was on the 162 yesterday afternoon.
  10. 40-122 & 123 are at Stinson. I don't know if they are the first 40-062 & plus to go somewhere else than Lasalle & St-Laurent.
  11. I don't know if they are going to use the 40 or 60 foot buses for the shuttle of the Côte-Vertu closure. Don't forget, Stinson plan to operate 30 electric buses by the end of this summer. So, I would be surprise (but it's not impossible) if they send some 2nd gens to Stinson.
  12. Stinson has now only 4 buses with the rear ramp (24-231, 242, 301 et 303).
  13. A lot 28-1xx are standing outside SN. They will probably be all gone by monday to SL. They did the same thing when the 38-xxx left SN for FR a week ago
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