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  1. Today's Sightings

    28-112 to 28-123 are now at St-Laurent. A lot 36-xxx are at Stinson. 36-019 was on the 171 in the evening!!!
  2. Today's Sightings

    With the 171 & 747 at Stinson for the rest of 2018, I think(only a feeeling) that the buses between 30-030 & 30-053 will get back to Lasalle. Everything will probably be all over the place for a week or so until things get stabilize. This year, they are going to retire some 22-xxx & will get 100 new hybrids (Saint-Laurent & Frontenac are on the list for the new 38-xxx). A lot of buses will maybe move from a CT to another this year!!!
  3. Today's Sightings

    In Stinson facility, we can barely see buses under 29-072 for the 40 foot. They have a few 21-22 & 28-xxx (28-124 to 132). In general, they have 29-072 to 29-108, 30-030 to 30-053, some random 36 & all the 37 except a few of them (generally between 37-055 & 37-079) are at Mont-Royal.
  4. Today's Sightings

    37-102 is the last one that they received. The livery is almost complete.
  5. Today's Sightings

    There is a lot of 36-xxx at Stinson now. The one that I saw this week are 36-009-14-18-19-21-25-27 & 41 all in service on Stinson's route.
  6. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    At Stinson, the 21-218 has been park in the "track" of the disable bus for few weeks now. I don't know if he will be back on the road. For the hybrids, we have receive 37-055 to 37-069 (except 059) & I assume they will be all in service by monday.
  7. Today's Sightings

    37-055 & 56 are now in service and 58-61-62 & 64 are at Stinson. Seats are configurate differently because there is a second place available for wheel chair. On the other way, I don't know if they transfert 30-155 to 30-165 to another CT. I didn't see one of them for a while at Stinson.
  8. Today's Sightings

    I saw the 37-068 all in white at Laval on the highway 19. At first sight, it seem like the configuration of the seats are a little bit different then the current hybrids, but I was too far to clearly see. We will probably have some news soon.
  9. Today's Sightings

    25-228 & 25-240 was on the 170 & 64 yesterday at the rush hour (pm).
  10. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    Saw the 21-259 on towing around 8 pm on the highway 40 (close to Stinson)
  11. Today's Sightings

    It was an all hybrid evening on the 485 including the 37-052-53 & 54!!!
  12. Today's Sightings

    And the 31-053 was on the 128!!!
  13. Today's Sightings

    I think its getting clearer that the 31-xxx from Stinson (31-046 to 31-059) are now based at St-Laurent. I saw plenty of them at the terminus Fairview (31-048, 31-052,31-054 & 31-058). They were not on the 72 or the 216. For the hybrid, the highest number that they receive is now the 37-052 (still not in service).
  14. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    21-266 was in service around midnight in the 171. I assume that the driver had a deal with "le gareur" to have a 21-xxx at this time of the day
  15. Today's Sightings

    Saw the 37-051 En transit around Stinson and the highway 40.