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  1. Some 40-1xx are parked inside Stinson 2. When the doors are open, you will see the back of the 40-150.
  2. 40-141,142,143 & 147 are parked at Stinson. I don't know if it is for Stinson or they are just there to free some spaces for the CT Saint-Laurent.
  3. 40-903 was on the highway 40 (west direction) around stinson at 12:00. Hope to have some news soon.
  4. 😅 Watch the New Flyers when they will be operationnal... It won't be different.
  5. It is possible that these 2 CT will receive some 40-xxx. I heard that Stinson will not receive any of them because of the 40-9xx 😥 (hope the source is wrong about that one). By the way, the count down for this livery has officialy start now because a notice says that these 30 new buses (New Flyers) are supposed to come between mid-august until the end of january 2021. 40-901 will be active with costumers with the beginning of the new schedule if everything is right.
  6. 40-086, 099, 115 are already at St-Laurent
  7. It will be interesting to see how they are going to manage all this. I have seen as far as 40-121. I know Legendre is supoose to receive 55 of them as soon as the new part the CT is open.
  8. The 40-xxx series (all after 40-062) are piling up in the CT Saint-Laurent. You can see them everywhere.
  9. I saw 40-173 on the boulevard St-Martin with no make up. No full rooftop and the AC box is maybe different (because of the no full rooftop???!!!). 40-173... I mean, 40-062 have not hit the road yet they are already at 40-173. I wonder witch CT will have the jackpot🤔
  10. Wish I could tell you more. I was counting on today to see these 2 bus again, but they already have been dispatch. Where?? I don't know.
  11. 40-078 & 40-079 are at CT Saint-Laurent. No more full rooftop... but they have some mad stuff on the roof. I don't know what it is (Big AC???)
  12. I don't know if this is a sign that Montreal will receive a few 40-xxx soon. Here is Laval.
  13. I saw today 40-107 & 108 without the full rooftop. I guess in few days, we are going to see a lot of new 40-xxx with a short amount of time!!
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