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  1. I thought for sur they were to put the New Flyers in service today. Last friday, for the first since they've been out of the road, they were moving some of them inside and outside the garage. A lot of them was even on plug. Maybe they find another problem
  2. 42-028 is sittin' outside Stinson screaming like "what the hell I'm doing here".... The other 42-xxx have been transfered to Legendre.
  3. 39-020 & 39-023 are at Stinson... maybe the beginning of the transition of the 39-xxx for Stinson and Frontenac will gradually received their 42-xxx.
  4. 40-152 was on the street all day long. It's a miracle for Stinson to run something else then their crap the hole day.
  5. A lot of the hybrid from Stinson (37-xxx because that's all they have except for the airport) got that strange sound from the motor. I wonder if it is common only in the 37-xxx or other hybrid from different CT?
  6. 40-215 is sitting outside Stinson for a few days now!!! They could have use it to give us a break of these 31-xxx. Oh and now, there is the 41-047 too...
  7. Oh well, Stinson will stay with their trash...
  8. Sometimes, I wonder why a CT like Mont-Royal can have all kind of *foreign buses* for theirs operations and other CT like Stinson, are always stucked with their own crap. It is so boring
  9. New Flyers are out of the road indefinitly. I don't know what is the problem but I think it is relate to the maintenance.
  10. 37-004 will probably hit the road in few days. They are repairing the bus at Stinson.
  11. I was waiting for them to remove some of the irrelevant 31-xxx like 31-070-71, 31-094-95, 99, 168... It didn't happen
  12. Well, some CT have a good reputation at repairing their buses and some don't. Stinson have not a good reputation and this where all 37-xxx are located. Maybe, this is part of the answer... or this is just a coincidence.
  13. I feel your pain, these buses (31-187 to 31-197) are a real nightmare for Stinson. I hate them a lot too.
  14. 41-013 is still at Stinson & now, there's the 41-114, 115 & 116 parked outside Stinson
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