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  1. Can anyone do a first student saf t liner c2 10 windows not 12 one roof hatch
  2. Hey when you get a chance can you send me the CTA D40LF you did 

  3. Anyone wanna do the new livery for DDOT the connect ten one
  4. Otay so today I was traveling here in Michigan where I live on I-69 near port Huron can someone Please explain to me why I seen a MiWay express XD40 going east bound on 69 towards the blue water bridge cause I'm still in shock
  5. Can someone please explain to close minded people that a bus is not just a bus and that they aren't all the same cause my grandmother really pisses me off constantly gonna get mad cause I get excited when I see a bus or gets mad cause I'm filming everyone I see and judging me for it please tell me I'm not the only one if anyone else has similar experiences please tell me I'd love to know
  6. Ohh looked like a CNG tank tho tbh kinda confusing it didn't look like an ESS yanno
  7. @43 Kennedy you should try and do Lansing michingan's CATA XN40LF's
  8. You do a great job tbh and I like what you do maybe you can do a request for me i myself have made all of the buses for south east Michigan considering that's where I live lol but I've been meaning to work on cata (Lansing) and The Rapid (Grand Rapids) but I never got to it so tbh do you think maybe you can do a few models when you get time id love to see what you can do I know this may not be the right thread for this cause it's wood not paper lol but here's a SMART 2016 Gillig BRT I made
  9. Shouldn't the rims be black? And the windows tinted? And someone has the nerve to say I stole my models on my website lolol? Mine look better than this and so does my gillig advantage
  10. In the last thread I apologized for not giving credit to the person who made the base model but honestly I created the rear of the bus the windows on the sides and I did the graphics so if you claim their stolen im sorry but I felt like I should post my work because I'm sick of seeing people try to beat me to making Michigan buses especially if they don't live here the guy that made you the DDOT xd40 did a great job but they put the wrong rims on it I just feel like I can do a better job seeing as I actually live here and see these buses all the time versus someone creating a templet of a request someone wanted of a picture when they haven't seen the real bus so do you understand where I'm coming from I've been making these buses for years since I was 12 and I've never been able to put my work out there and a lot of people have beat me to some things that I've already done way before they have even had the thought so there you go
  11. Thanks for the heads up but for future reference to anyone who created the base model i apologize for not giving you credit I've created all these models years ago and I haven't been able to edit anything im uploading from my phone seeing as I don't have wifi and I wasn't saying I was the best I just believe from what I've seen I do a better job on making the buses here in Michigan where I live better than what I've seen so far don't get me wong all of you do a good job but there's a lot of minor flaws in a lot of people's work like less tint on windows and the wrong types of rims but graphic wise I think everyone here is equally as good tbh Idk how to unmerge replies lol so yeah this has nothing to do with the last reply.
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