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  1. Will these buses have white signs? because I was at Fort Rouge Station today when I saw what I thought was Bus #369, but then I saw ANOTHER bus with a white sign.
  2. can someone please send me a link to the GTFS data for the December change?
  3. Is there any GTFS data for the next change?
  4. These buses should retire already. I mean they have horrible suspension.
  5. Yeah 559 and 570 have no AC but I loved the way the sounded is all. To each their own, I guess... By the way, I know the sound thing is not important, but still it's a personal thing... Oh also unrelated, I was cycling next to the Transitway between Beaumont and Jubilee and I saw bus 9460 (originally 460) driving down the road with its engine door open. It was yesterday around 8:15 pm. What was that about?
  6. That's true although I never rode d40i when it was hot
  7. I don't know there were a lot of LFs during rush hour. I for instance rode #280 on the 65 yesterday
  8. The ex OC Transpo D60LFs are back! #978 is on the BLUE
  9. i would assume they would be used exclusively on the 35 54 and 59
  10. what happened to all the ex-OcTranspo D60LFs? are they retired or what?
  11. yeah but it's still orange so are #943 and #944
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