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  1. YES! I also saw that 65 has new signs too Instead of 65 GRANT EXP it says 65 GRANT EXPRESS
  2. I don't know if someone posted this but #536 is not retired, I've seen it recently
  3. Was it not in service until now?
  4. 471 is missing its front number decals lol
  5. By the way, how many 500s we have left? And how much longer will they keep them?
  6. huh. i guess its because of the heat
  7. There's a 40ft bus (#148) on the 102 Dart
  8. Will these buses have white signs? because I was at Fort Rouge Station today when I saw what I thought was Bus #369, but then I saw ANOTHER bus with a white sign.
  9. can someone please send me a link to the GTFS data for the December change?
  10. Is there any GTFS data for the next change?
  11. These buses should retire already. I mean they have horrible suspension.
  12. Yeah 559 and 570 have no AC but I loved the way the sounded is all. To each their own, I guess... By the way, I know the sound thing is not important, but still it's a personal thing... Oh also unrelated, I was cycling next to the Transitway between Beaumont and Jubilee and I saw bus 9460 (originally 460) driving down the road with its engine door open. It was yesterday around 8:15 pm. What was that about?
  13. That's true although I never rode d40i when it was hot
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