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  1. RapidBus posts are now popping up along 41st Avenue. I don't have a picture of one, however, everything is covered up with stickers saying "RapidBus coming 2020." Some are at a slightly different location than their current stop, such as WB 41st at Fraser, where it is a little bit ahead of the current stop.
  2. Not sure where this goes, but I saw many buses running as Climate Specials along Broadway Earlier. There were XDE60s from STC, RTC, and BTC, as well as Novas from VTC, to name a few.
  3. 41 school trip is now operated with a Hamilton XDE60. Driver also put Express sign on earlier.
  4. I've seen the 68 and 70 routes display both the front and back destination signs a couple weeks ago. Maybe some buses have been programmed and others have not?
  5. Spotted 9235 (I believe) NIS on Cambie passing a 15 this afternoon. Any idea as to why it was in Vancouver?
  6. Why not add Windermere Street on the 95? Even as a seasonal stop it could work?
  7. Probably because some people might have been complaining that the "To Hastings" trips didn't actually go up to Hastings itself but rather turns left at Pender.
  8. Spotted 12008 depart Joyce Station Bay 5 as a 19 Metrotown Station with people on board. It didn't say anything about it on Tcomm and I'm so confused.
  9. If and when the Arbutus streetcar line is built, what will happen to the 16? Will it be serving local stops along W Blvd and Arbutus or be shortened to just serve Downtown-29th Ave?
  10. But why did the 49 move to VTC in the first place if they're moving it back a year later?
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