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  1. Got a call for Training starts May 14 Mode : Bus Division : Eglinton Only 36 Km away from where i live. Queensway Dvision(5 Km Far from me) Documentation was on Apr 25th
  2. You can ask . They responded to me when i was unsuccessful at the interview.
  3. I think it has to be during rush hour as you need to show one’s ability To follow instructions
  4. Hi , This blog is really helpful .... Anyone who has attended the medical on March 23rd received a call for documentation yet ? There were bunch of future operators did the medical that day ... cheers
  5. Congrats ! You r in the game . Just matter of time . What timeline they gave you about the interview results ?
  6. Any updates for those who had interviews with in last month or so ..... getting a little curious now ..
  7. Congrats ! You almost made it . 2 references are more than enough , I think . Hopefully, you ll hear something by Friday I didn't even release my references . So I have to wait 3-4 weeks before I know anything ..
  8. Any news for those that had their interviews last week of sept- 1st week of oct ??
  9. Congrats! You almost in ! Keep us posted ..
  10. Had my interview on oct 3 and still waiting ...
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