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  1. Orion Vs!!! Interior shots Also rode 1910...Not a fan of hybrid. Orion all the way!
  2. ETIs are retiring rapidly. XT40s are coming in rapidly.
  3. I didn't forget. Yesterday's sightings...
  4. Ya it's all updated 8369 on the 38BX. Taken yesterday.
  5. 649 at the NorCal Bus Excursion. Photos taken on May 25, 2019.
  6. ya Here is 3210, 6292 and 8101 at the NorCal Bus Excursion.
  7. 8316 on the 3. Due to an operator shortage at Presidio, there are currently Woods buses on some trolley routes.
  8. You gotta point. But since Potrero still needs to run the ETIs, the 6 is really the only route now since the 30 needs all the XT40s ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's sightings...
  9. yup...unfortunately, the sensitive touch wasn't working. The door shut then dragged her... Six Potrero coaches were moved over Presidio due to shortage on space. RIP 5407, 5422, 5428, 5443, 5477 and 5495.
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