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  1. Bro, chill you can't always expect instant gratification. Jesus christ.
  2. Weren't the 2004 9500s ordered with the the KCM 2800? Considering that metro retired almost all of theirs, is STP planning in retiring theirs soon?
  3. I'm pretty sure most of the 7200s have the plates on them, only a select few 7200s are fully wrapped, also I don't think it takes that long to put the plate back on
  4. As the 7300s are showing up at Bellevue, the 7200s are going to south, and the 1100s being retired soon, what will replace the 1100s at Bellevue Base?
  5. Anybody have an idea on when the 7300s will enter service? BB seems short on busses I've seen a couple 1100s on 271 in the last couple weeks
  6. Does anyone who works at metro know which 8100 broke down on the 520 this morning? It was on the shoulder
  7. I've noticed a significant difference in width between the new 8100 and the 6800s
  8. Is there a way to check the assignments for a Particular coach for the day? Say like an website or something?
  9. Someone else posted the photo I just wanted to post it here
  10. Someone in the Facebook group spotted 8153 in the tunnel last week Also how do you check coach assignments for a Particular coach?
  11. Yes, but it seems like there is a specific triangle pattern to these scratches, any reason why?
  12. Are the coaches scratched by the bus wash? It seems as if many of the xcelsiors are not very shiny anymore, rather they have scratch marks all over the paint
  13. When did the 2600s get booted out of the tunnel? I recall seeing them earlier this year.
  14. Sorry for asking so many annoying questions, but why about the exclusive 30' routes that previously operated the milk trucks, will they have a 40 footer covering? Ex: 246 has always been an baby phantom route for as long as I can remember
  15. What coaches will replace the retiring Baby Phantoms at Bellevue?
  16. Or it could be that, they could be testing in Seattle 😁
  17. It looks as if the charging station at Eastgate is offline there have been crews all week trying to fix it
  18. Would the coach continue along the route until the end of the day to be fixed by a mechanic at the base?
  19. Wouldn't it be dangerous for passengers to inhale those fumes for extended period of time? The 235 is a pretty long route.
  20. Remove if Unnecessary, This afternoon I took the 3:30 pm 235 from Kirkland to Bellevue, however when I was boarding the bus I noticed an extremely strong fume smell, gasoline or diesel, and an even stronger smell inside the bus. When we got to Bellevue Transit center another passenger notified the driver, however it seems as if he did nothing. I said this because I was waiting for the 226 in front of BTC bay for 235, I could still smell the strong odor coming from the bus. Bus is 7215. Any reasons for this and why the bus driver did not fix the issue?
  21. Is route 342 from Bellevue Base or north? I saw a BB xcelsior 40 7238 as well as a D40LF 3686.
  22. Beware coach 1108 broken arm for front slot of bike rack, when I got to my stop my bike was barely hanging on by the rims in the groove...
  23. Are there any 77w in New colors yet, the livery debuted this march?
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