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  1. Does anyone know why the 6:00 KCM 246 did not run or show up at somerset this morning? I'm talking about the 246 to Clyde hill, I was 19 minutes Early and waited for 45 minutes, the bus showed it 2 minutes late, so I waited for that time, but after that time, it showed the bus had left, but the bus had not even stopped at my stop. As a result I was unable to attend to my classes, and I had to call for an Uber
  2. To retire the gilligs
  3. Asked a driver nearby, said he was armed and he attacked the driver on the bus
  4. Bad situation at East gate Park and ride it's shut down police cars everywhere, Bus was 3321 271 to issaquah https://goo.gl/photos/1mPBiz8MtTypLFyA8
  5. I know that the 6 am run from Eastbate to Clyde Hill uses an xcrlsior, and that the 7:00 run from Bellevue TC to Eastbate uses am xcrlsior, but I'm talking About the 6:00 am run from Bellevue TC to Eastgate, that usually uses an Gillig. guessing maybe the original coach broke down
  6. I'm guessing push, since it's powered axle is in the rear.
  7. I believe the 6 am run from bellevue tc to eastgate p and r Also I am starting to see less and less gilligs, sad to see them getting retired, they were awesome busses Casey are you at East or Bellevue? Edit: also rode a 221 run just now that usually runs gillig from redmond the eastgate
  8. Again today 246 ran an xcelsior on a normally gillig run what is happening to the gilligs?
  9. 1101 on the 246 just now also it was strange to see an xcrlsior on this morning 6:30 246 run to east gate p&r normally they run a gillig
  10. Lift?
  11. Also, it seems a lot of the blue newer sixty footers are being assigned to south and north base, while the green and teal buses are at east, and why does east have most of the 08' LFs and most of the LFRs?
  12. What happened to the proterra busses? I haven't seen them around lately
  13. Well, I would say for the 212, since the first bus went right past 5th and jackson yesterday I had to wait for another 212.
  14. Just passed by east base, and it appears there are several 60 footers just parked at base, not doing anything, couldnt those coaches be used on runs?
  15. Does east base not have enough 60 footers? It seems that many of the afternoon and morning trips on thr 212 and 217 use the gilligs instead of 60 footers, shouldn't they use 60 footers since these routes are so densely ridden?