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  1. Nitpicking question here: If Translink has given the buses names this year, why do they all have red noses? There should be only one red nose and the rest need black noses, otherwise we have nine Rudolphs Good to see them spreading more cheer during a time when we all need it, but it still feels weird
  2. Not sure if this applies, but wouldn't widening the platforms require widening the entire existing fleet of trains? Either that or we'd have a "mind the gap" scenario, which would not be good for accessibility Also, not sure if widening the trains would cause loading gauge-related issues A better solution is making sure the platforms are long enough to accommodate five-car trains, which would easily fit more people than widened four-car trains
  3. I think Horgan, Stewart, and co. realise that functioning public transit could be a key factor in restarting the economy, especially if people (A) are ready/willing to be in close company of strangers again and (B) if financially-strained people can no longer afford cars to get to their jobs. That being said, though, I have a question that might not be immediately answerable or might be incredibly obvious, but I'll ask it anyway Is this reduced income going to lead to TL deferring or cancelling orders for future busses? The wiki says that we're supposed to be getting 25 more deckers
  4. 7438 is active on the 3 right now I don't think anyone would have ever thought of seeing a D40LF on a trolley route
  5. If I may ask a question out of pure curiosity, how would calcium build up on the tracks? I know nothing about molecular chemistry so I'd like to know
  6. Like with what 9924 mentioned above - common sense would prevent 99.9% of these things from happening If CMBC's vehicles have a feature like this already, then sure, implement it. If not, then don't waste money on a problem that is so incredibly unlikely to manifest itself
  7. I used to live in the UK and that staircase looks rather wide (maybe it's just how it looks in a photo, but the British deckers that I've been on had staircases only wide enough for one person at a time, and even then it was still rather narrow) I also remember many people (including me) going up and down the steps while the bus was in motion But that might just be a continent difference
  8. I'll go into more detail now I guess There were two blue CMBC double deckers on flatbeds as part of a freight train consist being pulled westwards towards Vancouver. This was along the CN tracks right next to Sperling Station when I saw them I tried to get a picture, but I was unable to get my phone out in time, nor could I spot the unit numbers from the distance I was also asking if this was a standard practice or if this is an exception for the deckers. I have never seen busses being pulled on a freight consist (to my memory, at least), so I was simply asking if this was norma
  9. I just saw two deckers on a freight train next to Sperling Station (couldn't get the unit numbers). The train was heading towards Vancouver Is this a standard form of procurement?
  10. I'm guessing it stands for Broadway City Hall I will acknowledge that it is a rather tricky initialism Sidenote - just out of curiosity, was there any fleet number on the train there? Edit - welp, it looks like I answered the question at literally the same time as the person above
  11. As far as I know the Mark IIIs have always done that
  12. It's possible they meant that the Canada Line and Millennium Line will not be connected in the same way that, say, Production and Lougheed are connected They probably mean that you'll have to disembark your Canada Line train and walk through a corridor or whatever to get to the Millennium Line train Either that or they actually royally messed up
  13. It's because PTC doesn't have enough artics to serve the 143, 145, and 701 simultaneously, so sometimes on weekdays you'll find non-artics As for why it's seemingly always XN40s, I have no answer there, unless maybe CMBC has done research and says they're better for hill climbing or something If I recall, correctly from some other thread (or possibly this one), someone mentioned PTC receiving some upgrade to increase its hybrid capacity - if that's actually happening then you'll likely see non-artics until that's complete
  14. Obviously check tcomm before doing, but: D60LF - go to SFU and take either the 143 or 145 (chances are you'll get a D60LFR but you never know) D40LF - I imagine you could just hang around at Surrey Central or someplace and take the first one you see
  15. I was stuck on an EB train sitting around 50m outside the platform of CB. In the end, a high-vis supervisor had to open the doors and we had to walk to the platform. This was after 30 minutes of waiting in the train Here's a picture of the grand walk we had to take. I hope it attaches correctly
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