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  1. I guess we'll need to "Wrapidbus" every artic unit then to make sure this never happens
  2. Because it's Translink and Surrey - what would you expect? Is this an indefinite transfer? Apparently a bunch of trolley wires are down as I write this, so is anyone able to confirm that this isn't just an emergency transfer until the wires go back up?
  3. I get that these are just provisional names, but "South Granville" is the only one that I feel anyone can object to I understand that google maps lists the neighbourhood as "South Granville", but imo they should use a different name for that station The other names are pretty cool, though
  4. I would like to put forward 12025 as a candidate Just knock out the 0 in the middle and you have 12/25, aka everyone's favourite day of the year Then put it on the 25 exclusively 🤣
  5. If I may ask a question that is (mostly) related to special sightings, I saw a D40LFR (don't remember the number) near Burnaby Mountain a week or so back. I'm guessing it was just for training purposes, but why would a bus from STC need to go all the way out there? Is it to train new drivers how to handle inclines?
  6. For that bus I imagine CMBC looked at the damage and decided that it was worth fixing despite whatever factors (such as the ones mentioned) that may have been present I also imagine that they determine whether or not to repair a damaged bus on a case-by-case basis
  7. That was reported like two weeks ago in the tcomm thread
  8. Oh joy now we can start counting the days until said "art" is removed Or not because of possible delays of the launch of the new b-lines, but that's a discussion for another thread
  9. If PTC is willing to take 8022 of all busses, then it's clear that hill-climbing abilities are not being prioritised here. This sounds more like PTC is just desperate for artics of any type and RTC was conveniently able to give one away at this time If hill-climbing is actually a priority, it would be easier to transfer some of HTC's 2014 XN40s Considering how the 143/145 have reduced service during the summer, though, it more sounds like PTC wants any type of bus for routes like the 150
  10. If I may ask an actual question here, can a municipality legally ban certain types of busses? Obviously the 257 with artics isn't going anywhere, but would it be (theoretically) possible?
  11. I saw V9474 running an HTC route earlier today I'm guessing it's been transferred to HTC then
  12. If this is the case then good riddance The only memory I have of these busses is reporting more than one of them to maintenance because of fumes
  13. BTC still runs the 145 on weekends and holidays as well, so if you want to see how the RapidBus BAE hybrids handle Gaglardi, ride that route then
  14. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/seabus-burrard-chinook-translink-2019 Burrard Chinook will soon arrive in Vancouver and peak-hour frequency will be increased to every 10 minutes Does this mean that Burrard Beaver will be retired?
  15. Nah they'll just use the Nova Suburbans and the Orion Vs. Any bus with luggage racks of any kind is good for that route 🤣
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