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  1. Can we just end this here... he posted a non special sighting here, 1 person already told him it’s not special, done.
  2. I think a safety feature for people that aren’t paying attention. Kinda like some of YRT’s 1100 series and MTA in New York that have speakers say “bus is turning”. That’s only my guess so don’t take my word for it.
  3. Anyone from NF seen the 2300’s out lately? I was there on Saturday and saw none out, was wondering if they retired.
  4. If anyone was wondering how the VIP Preview ride was on December 16th, 2017 here is some of the clips I took.
  5. York Region Transit: 300 Series: 312: 88 Bathurst 313: 85 Rutherford 318: 23 Thornhill Woods 319: 88 Bathurst 324: 85 Rutherford 325: 4 Major Mackenzie 330: 4 Major Mackenzie 331: 85 Rutherford 332: 88 Bathurst 333: 5 Clark 335: 107 Keele Other: 1714 on 96, 991 on 522, 992 on 522, 995 on 589, 996 on 590.
  6. There's been a lot of weird movements according to transsee and pocket track this morning, I personally feel that it's just an issue with the trackers. Most buses are in random spots over Toronto and last seen 2 hours ago. If the buses are actually there it would be cool!
  7. Just thought I would share my first ride on one of the new Miway Novabus LFSA's (1781) on route 1C Dundas.
  8. Miway Novabus LFSA 1781 on route 1 Dundas arriving at Islington station.
  9. Thought I would share my footage from the 175 Bluffer's Park opening day, no media event footage was included.
  10. Ok then, we’ll see what happens during the trial.
  11. Do you have proof of any staff saying it’s for showcase? Please read above also to what @leylandvictory2said about the low gears.
  12. 175 Bluffer’s Park Service started this morning, here are some photos from the media event. Me and @Transit_Central were named the first customers on the route by the mayor and chair. Also would like to confirm that TTC tested the Orion buses on the hill and concluded that he Novas will only be used for the 175, the Orion’s do not meet TTC’s standards. This information was confirmed by a birchmount supervisor and other head office staff.
  13. @smallspyI clearly stated that it's a rumor, I never once said that I believed that it would happen. Also "you give these things the slightest bit of sober second thought you would have found that no, it's a silly, silly rumour, and nothing more." I just wanted to post this to the forum to see what other people think, there is no need to start saying that I need to thinking about how silly the rumor is...
  14. Yesterday we had a cable fire at Sheppard-Yonge station before opening, was active till around 8:40 then trains resumed. Service was suspended between Finch and York mills with shuttle buses.
  15. Agreed, I dislike the small space in the rear door area. It sucks most on the VIVA LFSA and LFX's since everyone is pushing each other on exit. It's a real big pain in the ass for rush hour commutes.
  16. I'm aware, never supported the fact that they retired. Learnt my lesson from last time, thanks for the information though.
  17. It's been reported since October, I haven't seen any tracking for quite a while. (October)
  18. Thanks for tagging me @MiWay0310. Do you have any socials, just wondering lol. @Swadian i'd recommend using hashtags or "Tags" in your posts to grab more attention to your posts. Good luck
  19. Finally uploaded, here's my video of the first northbound train to VMC pulling into Sheppard West at 8am.
  20. Can't wait to see the Artics out
  21. Just love the sound of the rails at Downsview Park station going northbound
  22. Here's my ride video from the first day the LFS's went into service, on 1738. Route: 19A Hurontario going north.
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