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  1. Update on 4471, 4478 and 4486 from the Leslie Barns Employees.

    4471 and 4478 should be sent out sometime next week to the US to get fixed up after the flooding.

    4486 has duct tape covering the hole it got on it's roof, they are currently awaiting the new part to replace it.

    Information may not be 100% accurate so we will see.

  2. On 10/20/2018 at 2:05 AM, York Transit said:

    Surprising this hasn't been mentioned anywhere, but I assume its because its nowhere in the news.

    A passenger was stabbed on one of the last runs of 98/99 last night, with police saying it was random.

    It has on Twitter I noticed, here is one article from CityNews. 


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  3. 12 hours ago, 110B West Pickering said:

    Got confirmation from DRT about the vehicles that will be arriving in the coming months.

    Firstly, 6100’s and up are new Conventional vehicles

    7100’s are new BRT vehicles

    This year (2018 vehicles) 13 busses coming in (6100-6112) of which 4 are growth and the other 9 are replacements.

    next year, 16 growth and 11 replacement. 4 of the vehicles will be for PULSE

    So 6100-6112 are all at Westney? I have created the page for it.

  4. 1 hour ago, J. Bullock said:

    And why wouldn't the people using the 501 in Woodbridge just transfer at VMC?


    1 minute ago, Kit Kat said:

    Signal problems... that's why 

    Probably because people got used to taking Brampton Transit straight to York University and now that they want to change it, they much rather get there with 1 fare oppose to paying for both BT and TTC.

  5. 6 minutes ago, ttc rider said:

    Based on the pictures I have seen, I still suspect there was significant damage to the cab electronics and the below-the-floor electronics, including the traction motors. Does anyone know if the cars were operable after this incident or did they end up being towed to Leslie?

    Pretty sure they would have just towed both of them back to Leslie.

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