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  1. 4124 at Long Branch on the last scheduled CLRV trip on the 501 Queen.
  2. Any idea if any of these buses in the 2019 batch are meant for express?
  3. Toronto Transit Commission 3701 on route 35 Jane pulling into Jane Station. Taken on July 22nd, 2019. Run box is set to TTC.
  4. Created, https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Toronto_Transit_Commission_6200-6275
  5. What's the range of this latest Promaster order?
  6. I know an operator that is supposed to get trained for it sometime this month, he believes they will do the Novabus HEV training the same day as well.
  7. I can confirm it is retired and is being used as a parts bus for the other artic van hools, I asked one of the employees on board the ride.
  8. Anyone know if 1738 and 1796 got retired at all?
  9. Guess you can wait until somebody else hosts one or TTC does some event.
  10. 30 of them are moving over according to a driver I know there, still let's wait till it's confirmed.
  11. Don't know which operators you talk to but all the ones I know say they hate the VISION system and that they prefer the TRUMP.
  12. 811 goes from Finch Terminal from what I've seen using an artic.
  13. 1312 has the new white line, move back and fare payment decals.
  14. Probably a charter shuttle for employees working at “AVIVA”. Their office on Birchmount Rd in Markham so they must just charter a bus to LE Stn for convince. On the up trip it displays “812 AVIVA CHARTER to AVIVA”.
  15. 1386 has the new line on the floor like 8213 does, No decal on the driver door though.
  16. TTC: 9110 broken down on Finch Avenue West at Clarkhill Street.
  17. The bus goes into diesel mode automatically. The EV mode sounds very quiet.
  18. They don't track if you don't log into the VISION system, also could be something they are doing as they are the first ones.
  19. The first Freedom for the crosstown is being delivered today! Credits in the post. https://twitter.com/benspurr/status/1082694495714586624?s=21
  20. I believe the unit without the high visibility window is 3400, don't take my word for it though.
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