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  1. It’s not being decommissioned from what I know, probably was out for training like @7749 mentioned. These buses are often taken to Malvern for repairs and transferred around. If a Obico bus is at Malvern it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being decommissioned.
  2. Nice, though you shouldn’t be reposting other people’s photos without proper credit or permission to be fair. If you don’t know at least properly state that credit goes to whoever took it when you make the post, not as an edit afterwards after someone told you to do so. It’s actually Ontario_Transit’s video.
  3. According to a source at Birchmount, 7906 is ES-1 and 7908 is ES-4. 7908 is there now. EDIT: Confirmed now.
  4. I’ve seen a photo as well of the plate, I’ll add it to the wiki when I have time.
  5. I added 164 to the fleet list and also made it's own page. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Sault_Ste._Marie_Transit_164
  6. The decals with references to the TTC and fleet numbers have to be removed, just what the TTC wants. The rear fleet number is always left so the tow truck driver can identify the bus. The chalk on the front windshield is mainly an optional thing, it’s not needed.
  7. Yeah razor blade scraper and a heat gun. 1759 is getting its traction motor out now and 1804 is now starting the stripping process.
  8. Can confirm that 1759 is being decommissioned right now and 1804 is next for decommissioning. Here’s a photo I took before it got the logo on it.
  9. I was at Mount Dennis over the weekend, there was a board that said 189 stockyards along with the rest of the Mount Dennis routes. Nothing confirmed but just putting it out there.
  10. Yep, took them off myself.1609 is now parked up at 1810 so it should be getting towed to scrap very soon. 1782 is off property now I’m pretty sure, I last spotted it fully decommissioned at 1810 on Friday, it was probably towed away by now. Photos can be found on my Instagram page. 1337 isn’t retired, has a front logo now and has been going into service for the past couple of days.
  11. We did some decommissioning work on 1609 today and also 1782 should be gone now.
  12. Looks like NRT is getting 4 articulated nova buses. Only picture I've seen so far is of 1936 in Quebec.
  13. Toronto Transit Commission 4178 on display at Hillcrest during a media event for the unveiling of this beautiful paint job done by City fund.
  14. What has happened to the buses getting the orange dots on the front doors? Were only specific divisions supposed to get them or are they just still rolling them out very slowly. I personally haven't seen any yet on the newer buses.
  15. Got to have a look at our beloved 7575 today at Hillcrest, it's still being decommissioned and is sitting next to 2444. Not much has been done to it, not sure when it will finally see the scrapper. 1665 & 1683 were also there in various states.
  16. The artist painted CLRV will be on display this Wednesday at Hillcrest. I saw it this morning doing brake tests at Harvey and is completed now. Information on when it will run is provided in this article. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/09/23/ttc-marks-the-end-of-a-streetcar-era-with-a-splash-of-colour.html?fbclid=IwAR12tJuHgcCQ6zA8eqHVtVu9gda7CeDJj3PC_H-mySHIzJkjMHOPyzefWFQ
  17. More than likely a charter bus, perhaps owned by TOK? I wouldn't see why the airport would need to own a 60 foot bus for their shuttles to Union.
  18. Awesome, you found one of the instructors I know. Great catch.
  19. TTC: Caught this yesterday, forgot to post. I spotted a not in service T1 on Line 1 passing Dundas station going northbound towards finch. Didn't look like the work train, not sure if it went to Davisville as I was on the train right behind and didn't see it again.
  20. Toronto Transit Commission 4204 out on it's final run during the ALRV retirement on September 2nd, 2019.
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