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  1. Transit_Hub

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Yeah, was also thinking that.
  2. Transit_Hub

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    1770 is also wrapped.
  3. Transit_Hub

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    2252 is on display at CUTA this year, anyone know what that weird blue destination sign is?
  4. Transit_Hub

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    There isn't any express route that goes via Senlac to my knowledge, when did you see this?
  5. Some photos along with a ride video and start up of 3411. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LZ7Vo1iUY
  6. Transit_Hub

    Streetcar News

    Update on 4471, 4478 and 4486 from the Leslie Barns Employees. 4471 and 4478 should be sent out sometime next week to the US to get fixed up after the flooding. 4486 has duct tape covering the hole it got on it's roof, they are currently awaiting the new part to replace it. Information may not be 100% accurate so we will see.
  7. Transit_Hub

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 3200 training run on the 36 Finch West.
  8. Transit_Hub

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    He doesn’t work for the TTC.
  9. Transit_Hub

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Noticed the new ticket option on 2 of the new Presto fare machines at Union station today during work, of course not ready yet so your unable to purchase any ticket fares from it. The rest of the machines there have it marked as future fare option.
  10. Transit_Hub

    Today's Sightings

    TTC Bombardier T1 spotted deadheading on Line 1 today at Union station around 12pm. It went north towards Vaughan then after at least 20 minutes came back down deadheading towards Finch station.
  11. Transit_Hub

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    It has on Twitter I noticed, here is one article from CityNews.
  12. Transit_Hub

    Barrie Transit

    How many 2018 Arbocs were ordered?
  13. Transit_Hub

    Sarnia Transit

    Okay I just left it as presumably built in 2017 on the wiki page, thanks.
  14. Transit_Hub

    Sarnia Transit

    So can anyone confirm if the Promasters were built in 2017?
  15. Transit_Hub

    Durham Region Transit

    Alright, thanks again!