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  1. I'm assuming they don't use them since the run box on the new flyers feature the alphabet, numbers and has one extra slot. So if a driver were to change the run box it would take a long time and it's simply not worth it when they have other stuff to do when starting their run.
  2. No need to update where they are, they have been rolled out system wide. The full ride guides are being rolled out at stations as well.
  3. Artist simply put them there.
  4. Here’s the 2020 ride guide cover, you should start seeing them on the Malvern buses starting this week.
  5. Here is a video Lex Reid & I produced for the CLRV before it’s retired.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned here yet, some buses at Malvern are slowly getting new documentation pouches located behind the drivers seat.
  7. Something is wrong with the rails (or debris on the rails) which is causing the streetcars on the 501 to get their brake systems damaged like shown above. They can't fix the problem currently since they have to pin point where exactly this is happening, which can be anywhere along the 501 and 501L.
  8. 1818 and 1548 are both retired and decommissioned.
  9. @GTAtransitfan1-Toronto @Matthew TTC 4120 It still has LED headlights, only night running lights. All of the Orions that have these new LED headlights are only for the night running lights, the day running lights were never changed. The driver was probably on the day running light mode. 1st photo is the day running light and the 2nd one is the night running light. Drivers are required to use the night running lights at all times.
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