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  1. @UltimateNovabus YOUTUBE Please stay off this page, I don’t want any of mine or @Lex R.‘s copied. No problem! I’m happy you enjoyed!
  2. It's closed now, sorry for the confusion.
  3. Fixed, be advised that he date has been changed to the 24th of February and the 19th will be the last day to pay.
  4. Come one Come all! Our beloved Orion 07.501 7400-7800 series buses are at the end of their lives. To commemorate them for the last time Me (Maxim Polyakov) and Lex Reid will be hosting a retirement charter on Saturday February 24th, 2018, From 11:00AM till 3:00PM. The cost of the charter will be $45.00 CAD per person. For more details please click the link below, Registration and payments are now open. Thanks, and we hope to see you there. Feel free to post down below if you have any questions regarding the charter, thank you. Event Details (View first) Registration Forum DATE CHANGED TO FEBRUARY 24TH 2018 REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED 2018. (6FEB18)
  5. MiWay

    Agreed, I dislike the small space in the rear door area. It sucks most on the VIVA LFSA and LFX's since everyone is pushing each other on exit. It's a real big pain in the ass for rush hour commutes.
  6. YRT Retirements

    I'm aware, never supported the fact that they retired. Learnt my lesson from last time, thanks for the information though.
  7. YRT Retirements

    It's been reported since October, I haven't seen any tracking for quite a while. (October)
  8. Thanks for tagging me @MiWay0310. Do you have any socials, just wondering lol. @Swadian i'd recommend using hashtags or "Tags" in your posts to grab more attention to your posts. Good luck
  9. Spadina Subway Extension

    Finally uploaded, here's my video of the first northbound train to VMC pulling into Sheppard West at 8am.
  10. MiWay

    Can't wait to see the Artics out
  11. Spadina Subway Extension

    Just love the sound of the rails at Downsview Park station going northbound
  12. MiWay

    No problem!
  13. MiWay

    Here's my ride video from the first day the LFS's went into service, on 1738. Route: 19A Hurontario going north.
  14. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Could happen during the next board change.