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  1. It’s currently getting its trump components out. EDIT: It’s getting VISION installed, Source was wrong before.
  2. EDIT: Its actually here for VISION installation, not decommissioning, got a better source.
  3. Pretty sure they still do, I know some information about it but rather not mention it just in case it is wrong.
  4. Yep have seen the photos of it driving around doing testing. In regards to them actually being on TTC property, nope.
  5. Why would they? It's a waste of money to equip a sign that they don't have in stock anymore on a streetcar that will be sent to the scrapper afterward anyways.
  6. Not particularly rare and or special, they go up there quite a bit. Better to post this in today’s sightings.
  7. It’s not being decommissioned from what I know, probably was out for training like @7749 mentioned. These buses are often taken to Malvern for repairs and transferred around. If a Obico bus is at Malvern it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being decommissioned.
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