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  1. All of the Arrow Road drivers are trained for the new VISION systems according to 2 different drivers.
  2. Transit_Hub

    transit authorities with paper buses

    Cardboard model list for the GTA, please send your findings here. TTC: -Toronto Rocket Cab car -GM Classic (Grab while you can possible replacement very soon) -CLRV Streetcar -Flexity Outlook LRV (The older ones have the Bombardier logo) York Region Transit: -D40LF and VIVA A330 (discontinued as of June 2018) -Viva AG330 (Released for VIVA 10 and no way to get it now) -Novabus LFS 2016 Roadeo edition (Only given out during the YRT roadeo in 2016) -Novabus LFS 1701 -VIVA Novabus LFSA (Released in 2018) Miway: -Orion VII EPA10 (Miway Local and Express mix) Brampton Transit: -Züm 40ft Xcelsior -Züm 60ft Xcelsior -Brampton Novabus LFS GO Transit: -Enviro 500 Go-anywhere -Bilevel cab car Metrolinx: -Flexity Freedom LRV (Crosstown) -Alstom Citadis Sprit (Finch West, Hurontario and Hamilton LRTs) GRT & ION: -Novabus LFS -40ft Xcelsior -40ft ION Xcelsior -ION Flexity Freedom LRV Milton Transit: -New 2018 Novabus LFS London Transit Commission: -Orion V Canada —————- Translink: -Skytrain -Novabus -Seabus Calgary Transit: -Bus - LRT train
  3. Thanks @leylandvictory2 and @TechnicaProductionsWill add.
  4. Here is a formal list of features: Exterior: - Rear Exterior camera like YRT. - Exterior camera on left side at rear. - Exterior camera on right side at rear. - Turn signals on the mirrors (This makes a total of 4 side exterior cameras on the bus compared to 2 on the last order) Interior: - Black bar on roof above the stairs on rear side of the bus for a second next stop display. - Rear fleet number - 33 new 4ONE Gemini seats - USB Ports at the rear end of the bus, on the poles where the stop request buttons usually are, also more under the seats reportedly. - VISION system in the drivers cabin - New stop next screen at the front, will display STOP REQUESTED. ——————————
  5. Agreed... much smarter to do the 9200-9999 series.
  6. Sorry for the bad quality rear shots, took them from my phone, Took the front shots with my T6I.
  7. The 3100s also have a fleet number at the back of the bus (interior) and 2 USB ports at the back of the bus. Also there is some new black bar on the interior roof above the stair area, I don’t know what it is. Credit to @Leakiwen (an Arrow Road driver) on instagram. If you wish to see please check his photos out on his page.
  8. 3103 and 3104 have been delivered to Arrow! They have side cameras at the rear. Had to use my phone camera as the driver didn’t allow me to get off then exit through the car lot (understandable). Photo will be uploaded once home.
  9. Thought so, thanks again I'll share my findings once i'm back.
  10. Thanks for the info, I'll go and check it out as I have a long lens. Are you able to confirm which area it is on this map? The green or red arrow? http://prntscr.com/jmow9n
  11. Transit_Hub

    Spadina Subway Extension

    My experience on the TYSSE VIP Preview ride, enjoy!
  12. Transit_Hub

    Today's Sightings

    TTC Vision Units: Out this morning (Tracking on) 1218: 171 Mount Dennis 1247: 71 Runnymede
  13. Transit_Hub

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Didn’t know Noah was here, galdy credited!
  14. Transit_Hub

    Current TTC Wraps

    #1808 is fully wrapped for dolphin dingo.