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  1. My 160 after reaching Kootenay Loop, instead of displaying NIS, it displayed 183 Coq Ctrl Ctr once
  2. Spotted a MK3 doing the section between burquitlam and lafarge
  3. M-Line trains between burquitlam and lafarge are 4 car trains
  4. Yea they've been doing some testing recently. Saw one leaving inlet two days ago
  5. 6 car Mark I spotted as test train at inlet stn. Any ideas to what they're testing?
  6. As of 5pm, Stadium-Chinatown Stn has closed
  7. 013-014,117-118 spotted as test train at lincoln stn
  8. C40LFRs have been on it this year, but this was back in june
  9. 8073 and 8048 at Moody center for the WCE shuttles which were canceled
  10. Tcomm down for anyone? Can't seem to access it
  11. R7409 seen parked on WB hastings just past fell ave Edit: at 12:30pm
  12. It wasn't going too fast so i'd probably a 4 car consist
  13. I only saw the last car as i wasn't paying attention and only realized there was a mark 1 when i heard the unmistakeable sound of a mark 1 accelerating
  14. Just saw mark 1 train leaving burquitlam stn for lafarge lake stn
  15. don't the tracks seem kinda new to do much maintenance on it?
  16. Could they extend service hours on the 14? Those who want to travel on hastings either has to walk to kootenay loop or renfrew after 7
  17. Just saw 3 artics going WB on barnet hwy. Not sure of fleet numbers. Could it be PCT sending help for canada day crowds?
  18. it was down for most the day yesterday, came back on sometime at night and went back down
  19. Appears 14035 and 14036 are doing POCO routes
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