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  1. whats with these arctic transfers to PTC?
  2. Saw what looked like a mechanic driving s529 along hastings WB
  3. if its WB, wouldn't it be headed back towards BTC?
  4. isn't that in Pitt Meadows? Whats an Orion doing in Pitt Meadows?
  5. anyone know the status of 15002? Last seen Feb 3 2017 according to the retirement export page
  6. well that was fast wasn't it
  7. Sorry, what does B/O stand for again?
  8. anybody know the status of P8093?
  9. possibly explains why H14034 has been operating out of PCT?
  10. It ran the 152 trips then believe was replaced by 14016 for the N9 trips Would have been interesting to see an Orion running N9 xD
  11. P9203 currently running a 152 Lougheed Stn
  12. 6:25pm and its still down
  13. Yep same