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  1. The only vehicle fire around that time. HamOnt Fire Dept @HFD_Incidents·Aug 17 NEW | F19029979 | VEHICLE FIRE | Loc: HAM @ UPPER WENTWORTH ST/KINGFISHER DR | Units: E2 | 08/17/19 15:26 Plus a few minutes latter. HamOnt Fire Dept @HFD_Incidents·Aug 17 UPDATE | F19029979 | Units: E2, L4
  2. Ladder 20 is back after being out for months.
  3. Also Ladder 20 has been running for months with a ladder that has no apparatus markings. There is no apparatus marking, L20 nor a spare number anywhere on it. I have never been able to get close enough to see it's 300 number.
  4. The 3rd urban pumper is going to Station 9.
  5. Here are some pictures of new apparatus for Hamilton Fire for 2019. Besides these, P 25, P 26 & P 27 are being replaced this year. E 1 & E 6 are also new for this year. Do not know where present E 1 is going. These would be the new shorter Engines for the inner city. All full time pumpers will be engines. Two new Ladders are in. One is going to L 4 and other to ???. Tower 19 will be replaced with a 30 m (105 ft) ladder. Apparently they are all in. Next year P 16, P 21 & P 26 will be replaced. All pictures are from HFD Twitter.
  6. Canadian bus company NFI acquires British double decker bus company for $546M Company formerly known as New Flyer Industries buys Alexander Dennis in 'transformational' deal The Canadian Press · Posted: May 28, 2019 9:13 AM ET | Last Updated: May 28 Bus manufacturer NFI Group Inc. has acquired Alexander Dennis Ltd., a British maker of buses, for 320 million pounds or roughly $546 million. Winnipeg-based NFI called the deal is a transformational acquisition. The company formerly known as New Flyer Industries says the deal complements its product offerings, diversifies its business and creates a platform for international growth. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/new-flyer-alexander-dennis-1.5152410
  7. HSR tests its second electric bus An electric bus from Proterra is in Hamilton for testing this week, the second model of three that the city will look at as it studies the feasibility of electric buses. HSR began testing electric buses at the beginning of December 2018. The electric bus is not in service, but is shadowing existing buses on a proposed itinerary that provides for different route geography, including three different escarpment crossings, long and short-range route options, different spans of operation to test battery drain, as well as reaching as many different areas of the city that residents may benefit from a less intrusive vehicle. A traditional HSR bus rolls up Hunter Street behind city hall past its innovative cousin. - Barry Gray,The Hamilton Spectator https://www.thespec.com/news-story/9302909-video-hsr-tests-its-second-electric-bus/?utm_source=facebook&source=the hamilton spectator&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=800pm&utm_campaign_id=transit&utm_content=video-hsr-tests-its-second-electric-bus
  8. Have all of the new, New Flyer XN60 buses been delivered? I was by the Upper James yard the other day and it looked like close to a dozen arcs sitting at the top of the hill.
  9. Hamilton Fire Department is hiring Fire Fighter for 2019 Application process opens Thursday, August 9, 2018 Application process closes Wednesday, August 29, 2018 https://www.hamilton.ca/jobs-city/current-opportunities/full-time-firefighter-recruitment
  10. As in people not all vehicles age the same. Even high milers. All city departments will keep vehicles way past their life expectancy so they can get rid of maintenance pigs earlier. Police, fire, EMS, public works, they all do it. Fire in the past few years kept a heavy rescue almost 35 years and sold off a heavy rescue after 12 years because it spent more time in the shop then road where as the older rig never came to the shop except for routine maintenance. HSR is no different. They will have detailed records and know what to keep and what to get rid of in a hurry. And they will not be emotional about. Also as time goes by, they will be lots of part in stock from left over new and salvaged parts to keep them on the road. So it is not unusual that the HSR has picked a few vehicles that if needed can go way past their life expectancy and not have many problems with them.
  11. Back in the past, 3 car, as in today, where senior officers. A District Chief east & on the mountain and the Platoon Chief (Assistant Deputy Chief in the past) in the west. All other cars did all most all of the medical calls with a few exceptions. Pump 3 and Pump 10 did medical calls in their areas. Call volumes for medical calls where much lower than today.
  12. Sometime they will run out of spare ladder trucks and they will replace a ladder truck that is going in for maintenance or a break down with a pump. So it now L10 becomes P10. No they would not put an extra vehicle into a station. An extra pump/engine or ladder would add about $3.5 million to the budget. That would be a long process through council and require hiring of 22 more people. Station 10 at one time had a pump and a truck until the late 90's. Here is a list of stations (Old HFD) that had more vehicles in it in the past: (Today) St 1 - Pump 1, Pump 2, Truck 101, Rescue 1, Car 203, Foam 1 (E1, L1, R1, PC1) (St 2 - E2, DC3, C73) St 3 - Pump 3, Pump 19 (23:00 to 07:00 hrs daily) (E3) St 4/12 - Pump 4, Car 204, Tanker 4 (R4, L4) (Hazmat 2 and Hazmat 4 are not staffed) (St 5 - E5) St 6 - Car 206, Pump 6, Snorkel 106 (E6) St 7 - Pump 7, Truck 7 (E7) St 8 - Pump 8. Car 208, Tanker 8 (E8, DC2) St 9 - Car 209, Pump 9, Tanker 9, Rescue 9, Truck 109 (E9, L9) St 10 - Pump 10, Truck 10 (L10) St 11- Car 211, Pump 11, Truck 111 (E11) St 12 - Car 212, Truck 112, Tanker 12, Rescue 12, EU12 (Station 12 closed in the mid 90's and was merged with St 4 in it's new location. Present 12 was assigned to former Stoney Creek Station 1 on amalgamation)
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