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  1. Now in service Pump 21 (301006) - 2021 KME Panther MFD (1050/840) (GSO#11286)
  2. Now in service - Pump 16 (301005) - 2021 KME Panther MFD (1050/840) (GSO#11285) Ex Pump 16 now - Pump 48 (310728) - 2000 Pierce Saber pumper (1050/600/12A/12B) (SN#10846-02) (Ex-Pump 16, Pump 17, ex-Pump 15) Delivered and going in service soon (After crew training) Pump 21 (301006) - 2021 KME Panther MFD (1050/840) (GSO#11286) Pump 28 - 2021 KME Panther MFD (1050/840) (P28 will go to TK17) Tanker 28 - 2021 KME Panther MFD Pump 27 - 2021 KME Panther MFD (1050/840) (Delivery date August 2021) Hamilton Fire is replacing ALL Scott air packs with MSA this y
  3. There should be no problem in getting electric buses other than council! There is already a fund (I think $1.5 Billion) for electric buses. It's not to buy electric buses out right but to pay the difference between gas/diesel bus you would have bought vs the extra cost of electric buses. There are other cities that have already applied and are being delivered. I hate this issue of operating cost. No matter what you buy, BRT or LRT, you will have an operating cost. We already know some of the largest cost are are cheaper with LRT like replacement cost are every 40 to 50 years vs buses eve
  4. Masks are to be worn until the health department says not to wear them! The first shot does not bring you near 100% protection depending on the maker of the vaccine. The second shot only brings you to 98%. You can still be a carrier or worst get it and be asymptomatic and carry it for weeks without knowing it is infecting a lot of people. When vaccinated, if you get Covid, the vaccine will lessen the chance of being seriously sick, ending up in the hospital, on a ventilator or dying. Everyone still needs to wear them!
  5. New Pumps P16 & P21 have been delivered and are at the Training Academy not lettered yet. They are replacing 2 - 2000 Pierce Saber pumpers that are the last pumps Stoney Creek purchased before amalgamation. P28 now to become TK17. TK 17 to spare. One of the new pickup trucks is going to be outfitted to be a fueling truck. Not sure if it is to become a permanent unit or the tank is a easily on/off of the pickup. This would be assigned to maintenance. The pickup's are out for striping and apparently there are problems with the wrapping of the vehicles. All 38 mm or 1
  6. Ladder 90 (320216) - 2000 Pierce Dash (1050/300/30F/75' rear-mount) (SN#10860) (Ex-Ladder 24) has had it's plates and markings removed and is awaiting desposal.
  7. From 2021 HSR Budget For 2021 the following enhancements are scheduled to be implemented September 2021: Service enhancements on Route 44 Rymal and Route 20 A-Line Routing changes and improved connectivity on the Stoney Creek mountain 13 additional buses 35 new staff Approximately 46,000 additional service hours A fare increase of $0.05 as of September 2021 Director of Transit, Debbie Dalle Vedove, also provided Committee with information related to the major trends and issues HSR is facing in 2021 and beyond. Highlights of the trends and issu
  8. Hamilton fire started about 5 or 6 years ago to install Federal Q type sirens. They now come on all new apparatus. They do sound like an old type of siren.
  9. The platform will stay in service somewhere until it is retired or replaced by another platform. It requires special/extra training so it would not work as spare or training vehicle.
  10. New L20 has now been in service for over a month. Ladder 20 - (300997) 2020 KME Predator Severe Service LFD (1050/400/103' Aerial Cat rear-mount) A6 is now running an ex Squad. Air 6 - (300662) 2001 Ford F-550 / SVI (250/200/30F) (Ex-Squad 28) Ex A6 (300628) 1996 KME Renegade MFD (GSO#2551) (Ex-Rescue 90, 25, 16, 2, 11, 1) May be assigned to Support 23 or revert to Rescue 90.
  11. Hamilton police investigating crash involving HSR bus Fallon Hewitt By Fallon Hewitt Spectator Reporter Tue., June 16, 2020 Hamilton police say they are investigating a collision between a pickup truck and a city bus that happened early Tuesday morning. Hamilton police say they are investigating a collision between a pickup truck and a city bus that happened early Tuesday morning. Const. Jerome Stewart with the Hamilton Police Service said officers were called to the scene of a crash involving a black truck and a HSR bus at the inte
  12. I can't see the 300 number on your picture but it may have had extra equipment put on it and became E41.
  13. It will most likely go to replace the oldest or highest millage Engine in the fleet. That Engine will go to become a spare Engine. They need more full size spare Engines with a similar layout. Engine 5 – 2011 Engine 3 – 2006 Engine 17 – 2006 Engine 4 – 2008 Engine 7 – 2008 Engine 11 – 2008 Engine 21 – 2008 Engine 24 – 2008 Engine 1 – 2014 Engine 2 – 2014 Engine 8 – 2017 Engine 12 – 2017 Engine 23 – 2017 Spares Engine 45 – 2006 – part of the original 3 Engine purchased. Engine 41 – 2003 –
  14. Waterdown’s growth, ‘increased risk profile’ spark need for second fire station New Waterdown station to come with 15 firefighters and two trucks 04 February 2020 - 06:28 AM by Saira Peesker Special to the Flamborough Review Hamilton city council has approved $8 million to build a second Waterdown fire station and purchase two new fire trucks. It is also looking at hiring five more firefighters for the town's existing station. The money for the station and trucks was allocated in the city's 2020 capital budget, which was finalized late last year. Now, as the city wor
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