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  1. Sorry, two XHE60's. Thought one thing but typed another! http://www.smilepolitely.com/splog/mtd_awarded_1.45m_fta_grant_to_add_hydrogen_fuel_cell_electric_buses/
  2. Big news for MTD...they've received FTA funding to acquire five articulated electric fuel cell buses. The first of their kind, it looks like MTD will be getting XHE60's! https://www.transit.dot.gov/funding/grants/fiscal-year-2017-low-or-no-emission-low-no-bus-program-projects
  3. D40LF's 0313-0315, 0321, 0326-0327, 0329, 0331, 0333-0335, 0344 have been retired. Eleven buses were supposed to go to Connect Transit, but with only four going to scrap, I'm assuming that Connect got all twelve of these.
  4. C-UMTD now only has 14 D40LF's in service, as all 2017 XDE40's have entered service. That retires 12 D40LF's, which must have all gone to Connect Transit as MTD only has four buses going for scrap. Those retired buses are the 0313-0315, 0321, 0326-0327, 0329, 0331, 0333-0335, and 0344.
  5. I'd be interesting in contributing to the various rail sections of the wiki, along with the C-UMTD section, if not other Midwestern transit systems!
  6. Some changes should be made to the C-UMTD roster. First, with the arrival of 2017 XDE40's 1713-1730, 17 buses have been retired. They are ElDorado's 0556-0557 and 11 New Flyer D40LF's, 11 of which have been sold to Connect Transit and for which I lack numbers. Buses 0316, 0332, 0336 & 0337 are being salvaged for parts and will then be scrapped. Secondly, there are some corrections to be made to the preserved roster. Bus 515 was renumbered back to its original 4515 number when it entered the preserved fleet, and bus 3703 (not 4328) is the preserved Metro. Hope this helps!
  7. Update on comings and goings... Most of the 2017 XDE40's, 1713-1730, are in service at this point. Eldorado's 0556-0557 are RETIRED. Bound for Rock Island. 11 2003 New Flyer D40LF's have been sold to Connect Transit in Bloomington-Normal. Do not have numbers yet. 2003 New Flyer's 0316, 0332, 0336 & 0337 are being retired, salvaged for parts, and scrapped. Four XDE40's will be coming in 2018 to replace four more 2003 D40LF's. No idea on their number, though I'd imagine they'd be the 1831-1834, following the 16xx and 17xx series. Also, can someone please update the Preserved Rost
  8. XDE40 1713 entered service today, marking the first time that one of the 2017's has ran in revenue service. Once I learn which 2003 D40LF's are being retired, I will let you all know!
  9. The 18 XDE40's are retiring 16 2003 D40LF's, and both 2005 ElDorado E-Z Rider II's, and will enter service in July.
  10. MTD has started to take delivery of the 18 XDE40's, 1713-1730, slated for delivery in 2017.
  11. http://bit.ly/2dPz2tJ Looks like 18 more XDE40's for MTD in May 2017, which will replace 18 D40LF's. Will update when I can about delivery and retirements...
  12. C-UMTD has taken delivery of 12 New Flyer XDE40's, numbered 1601-1612. 1603-1604 were put into service today, and at the same time D40LF's 1318, 1328 and 1343 were retired. If somebody could update the wiki with this information that would be great. Hope to be able to further contribute with information about the C-UMTD as well as railroad rosters on the forums and elsewhere!
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