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  1. Anyone know the best place to get some last rides on these Orions? Or maybe just the best place to get pictures.
  2. Did you know? Transsee uses the exact same data as the real-time map. So whatever is seen on Transsee can also be seen on the real-time map, and vice-versa. So stating that it's only back on Transsee is incorrect.
  3. Been popping up on the real-time map for several days now...
  4. Could you or anyone else that knows give a list of non-express routes that interline with the express routes (300-304)? @Viva5113 @vivablue5215
  5. What you said above is confirmed?
  6. Will there ever be a charter for a YRT Orion V the year the are scheduled to retire?
  7. When are the Yrt Orion Vs expected to retire? Will they continue to operate for at least 4 years?
  8. I apologize if this has been brought up before but how do you organize coach by operator name? Sometimes there will be something written on the coach, for example Atlanta coach, but near the bottom front it will say for example "operated by Trius Tours ltd". So then should I organize it by Trius tour #5*** or Atlanta Coach #5***