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  1. Here are the photos. Sorry, these are old scans. I took these in 2004 at DuponTrolley in Quebec. I had noted it to be 30 feet, however if someone knows differently I am not going to argue
  2. Stevep

    St. Albert Sightings

    It was just outside Red Deer back then, near Highway 11 west of Highway 2. Numbers on it are "03" so I suspect it was 803 too.
  3. Stevep

    Calgary Transit

    Winnipeg has two XE40 buses in service, and I had heard there are to be two more. These have the on-street charging capability, and there is a charging station at the airport. Chicago also has two, but they are straight battery power. With the on-street charging, range is pretty much unlimited. I had chance to ride this (and get a quick drive ) in Winnipeg in January. Here are a couple of pics at the Winnipeg Airport under the charger.
  4. Stevep

    MCI Classic Charter September 14th, 2014

    Is the end point still Whitehorn? Just thinking about getting back to my car if its not!
  5. Stevep

    MCI Classic Charter September 14th, 2014

    No worry, I will zip down myself, may stay down there late into the day. May also have someone with me. I am confirming my attendance too BTW!!!
  6. Stevep

    MCI Classic Charter September 14th, 2014

    I'm hoping to go. Should know for sure by Monday!
  7. Stevep

    Strathcona Sightings

    Matt, are they of the Prevost Transit that ran for Diamond Bus Lines? In 1966, an ex-Diamond Prevost was sold to the fledgling Red Deer Transit. Would love to see the pictures!
  8. Stevep

    Red Deer

    1108 has now arrived.
  9. Stevep

    Red Deer

    Not yet.
  10. Stevep

    Red Deer

    1106 and 1107 delivered Feb. 25. 1108 still somewhere between Quebec and here. I have no idea why those pics loaded upside-down!
  11. Stevep

    2013 GM Fishbowl Tracking thread

    That would be cool if there is a final farewell run.... hopefully there will enough notice that those of us from out of town can get there!
  12. Stevep

    Calgary Transit

    I have a 1998 one you can have. A little rough along the top edge, but it's yours if you like. PM mailing info if you want it.
  13. Stevep

    Red Deer

    Two more NOVA LFS have arrived. 1104 and 1105.
  14. Stevep

    Regina Transit

    It went to Regina around August 2009. The same guy that brought 6000 here also took 200 to Regina. It was in Edmonton before Regina, and had been for several years, in fact I had the pleasure of a short drive in it there. The guy that had it wound up with one of the old Vancouver Brill trolleys. Pic attached of both buses at the owner's place.
  15. Stevep

    Sound Transit

    I can't see them having paid to send it to BRC if it was beyond repair. NFI could have done their "in depth forensics" on site or have it hauled to their own facility. BRC has done some incredible work - we had sent a bus there that the entire front end was destroyed and they fixed it.