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  1. Another one bites it. https://www.cp24.com/news/several-pedestrians-struck-across-the-city-during-traffic-rush-home-1.3755822 Can anyone what unit number it occurred?
  2. Forgot to post this on Sunday but turns out one stop needs to be re-evaulated after one woman died when she got off the 53 bus and struck afterwards. RIP to her http://toronto.citynews.ca/2018/01/11/friends-family-angry-took-womans-death-ttc-assess-bus-stops-safety/
  3. New Eglinton is also full too with almost ~325 buses on the property consisting of the LFS and the remaining VIIs. So Concord is off the table? Malvern seems to be expanding temporarily with almost 300 buses since McNicoll is under construction.
  4. Don't forget routes 102 and 169, they were once Malvern routes long ago. Are there any other routes outside the confirmed ones moving? Hmmm.... I 100% agree with you on this one. St. Clair Ave. E and Markham Rd would need a Blue Night service. Warden Avenue south of Sheppard hasn't had one since 1998 but could be reinstated as the 368 WARDEN NIGHT bus if they could reroute the 324 to Victoria Park north of Sheppard. You also forget the lack of night service on Leslie, Bayview, Old Mill, Martin Grove and Weston as well.
  5. IIRC, I believe the 190 SCARBOROUGH CENTRE ROCKET is being swapped for the 57 MIDLAND between Malvern and New Eglinton since both routes use 10~ buses during rush hours.
  6. Per @leylandvictory2, it would appear Mount Dennis is picking up 7 BATHURST and 29 DUFFERIN from Wilson. Can anyone confirm or deny the rumors? And the January 2018 service changes is out: https://stevemunro.ca/2017/12/27/ttc-service-changes-effective-january-7-2018/ 14 GLENCAIRN will get additional running time due to LRT construction. Several Service Relief buses from multiple garages during rush hours is used on the 32 EGLINTON WEST is being restructured. 711 WILSON, 716 BIRCHMOUNT, 719 MOUNT DENNIS and 720 COMSTOCK (EGLINTON) replaces the 773 MOUNT DENNIS RELIEF buses, which eliminates service outside of rush hours. 75 SHERBOURNE trips now begin and end at Sherbourne Stn. Whenever Pioneer Village and Finch West Stns. are closed, various routes (e.g. 36 FINCH WEST) skip the station.
  7. It may safe to say that #8106, #8110, #8120, #8129 are tracking at Hillcrest presumably being rebuilt at the moment but have yet to enter service.
  8. Rode it this morning. It was behind #8785 on the same route.
  9. Pizza, Chicken Wings, meatball Pasta, some apple juice and maybe Chocolate chip ice cream.
  10. https://www.newflyer.com/2018/01/mci-cease-distributing-daimlers-setra-coaches/
  11. Hey fellas, Does anyone have the destination sign codes from 1997 onwards and today? All I found is the ones from 1996 from Rollsign Gallery: http://www.rollsigngallery.com/esigns/e009-Toronto19960616.html Anyone working at the division is appreciated to help. None of the destination sign codes could be found anywhere including CPTDB Wiki. Thanks.
  12. Did they also replace the original lamps with the LED ones during rebuild? I think they may have used the Orion VII parts in the process.
  13. AFAIK, I think #8789, #8822, #8824, #8829, #8837, #8873, #8906, #8916, #8948 should be on property by now despite not having its trackers on yet. Can anyone spot them?
  14. Too late. #1660 is now out on the 511 BATHURST BUS (Wilson run)
  15. BUS MAINTENANCE Couldn't they reach the age of 18 when they have to since it had stainless steel frames? SERVICE PLANNING Where did you get that such information @Brichmount19? Are there any others @blue or @leylandvictory2? Nobody mentioned the 10 VAN HORNE or 57 MIDLAND moving at all.
  16. Apart from the events yesterday, today I found out that Iran is making a political change once more. Please keep their people in your prayers as the unrest continues.
  17. MiWay Spottings for Dec. 29, 2017 #0522 | 3 BLOOR #0628 | 7 AIRPORT #1126 | 8 CAWTHRA #0319, #0512 | 9 RATHBURN-THOMAS #0631 | 11 WESTWOOD #0529, #1032 | 19 HURONTARIO #0320, #0332, #0725 | 20 RATHBURN #1738 | 21 EXPLORER #0555, #0843 | 28 CONFEDERATION #0511 | 35 EGLINTON #0532, #0556 | 66 McLAUGHIN #0533, #0567, #0809 | 68 WINDSOR HILL / 91 HILLCREST #1015 | 107 MALTON EXPRESS #1725 | 109 MEADOWVALE EXPRESS #1213, #1303, #1702 | 110 UNIVERSITY EXPRESS
  18. I was wondering wasn't the Brimorton Drive service to be proposed under the 1992 Service Plan as the 168 BRIMORTON? I wonder what happened to it ever since. If they were to implement the BRIMORTON service, they should serve it as a branch of the 57 MIDLAND via Dorcot, Brimley, Brimorton to Orton Park. My 2.5 cents.
  19. Transit in Israel תחבורה בישראל - Skhburh Bishrl العبور في إسرائيل - Aleubur fi 'Iisrayiyl If anyone is interested in the world of transit in the State of Israel, here's my take: The Israeli Ministry of Transportation wants to name the LRT station in Jerusalem's Western Wall after Donald Trump. Don't get me started on it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/12/27/israels-transport-minister-wants-to-name-a-new-jerusalem-train-station-after-trump/?utm_term=.592123d4e278
  20. With New Eglinton getting full and full to 400+ buses due to the retirement of the VIIs, is there any other division to store the extra LFS buses since Danforth Garage is used for something else?
  21. At least the screens have not yet installed Cyrillic or Greek alphabets. Add Yahoo for starters.
  22. So much for the freedom of speech. The LightSpell art at Pioneer Village Stn. may be censored over the fears of hate speech (not limited to racism, Islamophobia, Antisemitism, xenophobia, etc...) https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/ttc-turns-the-lights-out-on-subway-word-art-installation/article37427145/
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