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  1. Um I thought the 2017-26 fleet plan I read on Steve Munro's blog calls for the retirement of the #1500-#1689 series beginning next year to 2021. Could @Xtrazsteve clarify and explain this? This could change at anytime. Hi Matthew. Welcome to the board and thanks for sharing your post.
  2. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    AFAIK, #7693 was in service yesterday on rt. 116 (AM).
  3. Own any bus

    As with the older members of this board, I go with the GMC New Look or a Flyer D901.
  4. Add #8847, #8875, #8887, #8901, #8907, #8926, #8928 for the arrivals. Do you need to make your assumptions? Give Birchmount some extra time training then they'll receive the #92xx buses going forward.
  5. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Today's meeting can be a lazy one: http://ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2017/November_13/Reports/15_Post_Implementation_Review_of_2015_Service.pdf Looks like TTC is cutting some service on a bulk of routes such as late evening service on the 5, 73B and 169. For the 169, could they even revive the 10 VAN HORNE during the late evening periods? On the other hand, 35A (soon to be 35B to PV) and 119 will introduce service outside of rush hours while the 167 introduce Sunday service (excluding late evenings) In the express side, 188 KIPLING SOUTH ROCKET can barely get 5000 riders and fell below 78% of its express projections.
  6. Photography Equipment

    Months later, I felt I decided to sell the same camera I own since I have no use for it. I just bought a Canon PowerShot SD4500 IS for the same price as the last camera ($10) on Kijiji last week.
  7. Current TTC Wraps

    HSBC Bank - FULL#1279 | 39B FINCH EAST #4012 | 504 KING (spotted Tuesday)
  8. TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    Unless Wilson is able to give up the remaining #81xxs to Birchmount, then they can give some #83xx to either Birchmount or New Eglinton. I rode #8705 on the 198 and the brakes are smooth. Queensway should give away the #809x buses to Birchmount just to improve efficiency.
  9. Cue the trumpets for the #89xx. #8902 had just arrived.
  10. GO Transit

    Looks like someone did not edit the wiki. BiLevel #2415 was repainted into the new livery. Photo was taken at Union last year.
  11. 16 actually. #1275 (new paint) and #1279 (old paint) were rebuilt.
  12. On TV, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004) If you have cable TV, mobile device, PC, gaming console, Netflix, please post what are you watching currently on any device?
  13. What are you eating right now?

    PC Loads of Jalapeno Popper rippled chips. (so hot and spicy making my taste buds burn)