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    Heartbreaking loss

    Sorry about this off topic post, but I have something to say coming from my chest. It is come to my attention that one of my friends I attended high school with has passed away last week during a vacation in Cuba with her boyfriend in her attempt to rescue him from the Caribbean coast. A lifeguard eventually saved him but her body was recovered a few days later. As a longtime transit photographer and observer (as well as an occasional artist), I knew her personally as a friend, teammate and mentor because over the years, she had me in the same art class and I barely hang out with her or anyone this much often which I have never regret to do so ever again. Please keep their respective families in your prayer in this time of need. If anyone wants to help and mention anything here as well, please donate by clicking this link below. Details to follow soon: http://gofundme.com/roftowers Thank you.
  2. Hi there, Can anyone of you, including @Shemar add the following candidate photos to meet its criteria? I've learned my mess of taking bad pictures in the past so i have improved a bit. TTC #8510-#8617 TTC #8620-#8716