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  1. Besides all of those important points, the "air conditioning" also functions "to specifications", meaning the interior of the car feels like your bathroom after a long hot shower with the door closed and the fan turned off.
  2. I'll be waiting for an R9 UBC / Downtown via Broadway and Burrard, to replace the 44.
  3. Unless someone can tell me a good reason why it has to be this way, I think booking out anything but artics on the 96 at this point is just complete carelessness towards the customer experience in Surrey. It's time SoF got a fair deal on vehicle allocation, not to mention service hours.
  4. TBH, I think the "South Granville Station" should be renamed "Fairview Station" to avoid ambiguity (for the same reason as Mount Pleasant Station) and "Fairview-VGH Station" to "Oak St-VGH" or something along those lines. People are accustomed to being dropped off at Heather by the 99; they should know that the new station stops right at Oak St and is the appropriate place to transfer to the 17.
  5. Are they implementing stopping procedure changes at all (i.e. 502 doing express service) in the September sheet?
  6. Two things I have managed to glean about the September changes without having Nname's database skills: -The N10 and N15 will not yet be changed as per the SFATP consultation. No night-long airport service yet. -The 246 will be split (renamed) into the 246 and the 249, the latter running between "the top of the hill" and Lonsdale Quay.
  7. I have a feeling they'll be back once RapidBus happens. They're going to need some artics that aren't green...
  8. The Orions are the ugliest vehicles whatsoever in Metro Vancouver. Usually the problems come with too much effort resulting in unprofessional, inconsistent paint schemes. Standardizing with charcoal is not a bad idea, even with the new blue roof fairings.
  9. Build a wire turnaround for the 8 via Terminal, Quebec, National, Main. Add layover time EB National, making it the northern terminus. Extend 8 and wires to Marine Stn (except for a few short turns like the 3 now). Terminate all 3's at Marine and Main, and keep them running to Waterfront. Give 3's layover time NB Seymour NS Cordova, by moving 50 stop to WB Cordova NS Seymour (displacing taxi zone to EB Cordova NS Seymour) and making all 44's layover WB Cordova FS Seymour. Give 3's no layover time there after 9pm when buses are running Howe/Seymour.
  10. Great news for Surrey. The 319 and the 502 have deserved some love for a long time. I just wish they would extend the 96 to White Rock...
  11. Ask them to extend that 80 to Metrotown and have it replace the 146. That would make it a lot more useful to everyone involved. Either that, or just extend the 26 or 29 to the River District and don't create the 80 at all.
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