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  1. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Good to see the problem acknowledged by Desmond. Obviously, it's easier for him to say, since he wasn't around when the Canada Line decisions were being made. But it sounds like Translink's hands were tied back before the Olympics, given skepticism about future ridership on the part of the municipalities and the public to a certain extent. This skepticism, obviously, was completely, absolutely, 600% misguided.
  2. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    That would also probably be fine, especially if CoV gets its act together with the downtown streetcar from Main St Station to Granville Island. Along with the Millenium Line, that would cover the GNW Campus, Olympic Village, and False Creek South. Running the 4 to VCC-Clark and getting rid of the 84 would be fine, but would require a lot of trolley overhead work. It would also remove another Kits-Downtown connection, which might hurt if the 44 is also removed. I agree that NE sector trolleys wouldn't be hurt, since that area should be reworked soon anyways with new overhead on Renfrew north of Hastings. The 15 never turns around at Olympic Village at present--there's no way for it to do so. For as long as I've lived here (at least 4 years), every single trip has been interlined. That's why I recommend merging the numbers, unless the situation changes. Agree that there are multiple ways to add service on the 33, and to QEP Station, W 33rd, etc. The only thing I would recommend is not creating any "stub" lines just between the west side and the Canada Line. Continuous lines make for a better "grid" network and connections to/from the Expo Line. Regarding the 99/95 partitioning, I have several reasons for splitting them at Waterfront/Burrard rather than Arbutus Station: -First, the same reasons behind the decision to split the 22 in half (into the 2 and the 22)--congestion on Burrard, and incidents in the DTES, were creating inexplicable delays on the respective other halves of the line and resulting in inconsistent service on both halves of the route. If the 95 were extended to Arbutus Station, it would take on both of these problems and likely suffer a lot in terms of reliability. Sending the 99 downtown instead shares the issues across both routes--if the 99 is late people can attribute it to issues on Burrard, and if the 95 is late people can attribute it to issues on Hastings, but not to both. Of course, it would actually be awesome to completely merge the 95 and the 99 into one giant route. Through service across downtown is a good thing, but reliability is more important, and downtown is also the most natural place to transfer. -As mentioned before, it would be good to have an alternative high-capacity service out of downtown, and all the way to UBC, starting at Waterfront. This would capture customers from North Van, WCE, and regular downtown dwellers that might otherwise use the Canada Line. The number of people wanting to go between UBC and Downtown, without hitting (m)any of the places in between, shouldn't be underestimated. -Ending the 95 at Arbutus Stn just isn't good design, geometrically. People will rarely ever ride it just to get on a Millenium Line train heading east, nor will they ride all the way to Arbutus just to get on a B-Line heading back downtown. Rather, people will choose to ride across the Burrard St bridge because, presumably, they are going somewhere west of that bridge--otherwise, they will take the more reliable Canada Line. And the proportion of people going west of the Burrard Bridge, but not west of Arbutus, will be extremely small. In other words, MOST of the customers on a 95 Arbutus Station will just be transferring to the 99 there (or another WB bus), so why waste time on unloading and reloading in a place where it isn't convenient to most passengers to do so? The only reason I can think of, would be to isolate the UBC-Shuttle 99 to make it absolutely reliable. But that doesn't seem so important given the low traffic volumes and relative lack of issues on Broadway west of Arbutus. Anyway thank you for your comments on my post! It's fun to talk these things through. Look forward to more discussion
  3. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I've been thinking about how bus service in Vancouver's west side is going to work after the Millenium Line to Arbutus is complete. 1. One thing we know for sure is that the 99 will run between Arbutus Station and UBC once the line is complete. But we also know that the Canada Line, which is already overcrowded, will receive even more ridership once the M-Line is extended. So, why not extend the 99 into downtown across the Burrard Bridge to Waterfront Station? This would accomplish several things at once: -Replace the 44, whose weekday-only, no evenings service gets stuck in W 4th traffic anyways. So the service hours might end up relatively even despite the extension of the 99. -Relieve Canada Line congestion by providing another high-capacity route out of downtown, and a direct, all-day route to UBC from the Seabus. -Relieve overcrowding and pass-ups on the 14 and 4 by taking the masses going all the way between UBC and Downtown, especially on weekends and Friday nights. I envision this revised 99 stopping at the current 99 stops between Arbutus and UBC, as well as the current 44 stops on Burrard downtown. It would also provide new coverage by stopping at Burrard and Broadway before/after Burrard and 4th. 2. The 84 should switch to local service, and perhaps also service the stops in False Creek South and at Granville Island. While we're at it, merge the 15/50 into a single route number, and remove the useless section of the 50 east of Waterfront Stn (Water St is going to go vehicle-light soon anyways as per CoV). 3. The western half of the 14 should merge with the 9, and no longer go downtown from UBC. Use the saved service hours to extend service into the late evenings between Kootenay Loop and Downtown. The 16 and the 10 can easily handle the passenger volume going over the Granville St bridge from the "South Granville Station" area, especially if the 99 to Waterfront is already providing another option. But if that turns out not to be the case, the 14 can run between South Granville Station and Kootenay Loop (turning around at VSB), which would preserve more thru-service on the Granville Mall. 4. Not really connected to M-Line stuff, but when the new Canada Line station at 33rd and Cambie opens, make a "New 34" route that doubles frequency on 33rd east of QEP, and adds new service to the station and along 33rd west of QEP to Dunbar Loop. Passengers can transfer there to the 91 B-Line; this would also relieve overcrowding on the 25 to delay the need for artics on that route, and relieve overcrowding on the busiest section of the 33. Some trips on the 34 could go to UBC during peak if the passenger volumes are high enough. Fun to think about!
  4. 2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    Ah, I see. So these 52 will arrive ~August 2018, and we're still waiting to see if the options for future deliveries will be diesel or hybrid.
  5. 2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    63 new A/C hybrids is going to feel SO nice. But can anybody clarify--are there still diesel units included in this order, or were they all converted to hybrids?
  6. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Also note 095 and 096 3-DOOR BOARDING pilots, apparently coming in Q4 of this year!
  7. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I saw this bus (or another XD40) at Dunbar Loop just before 11:20pm that day. The number of people transferring to it from the 41 (from UBC) probably filled up all its seats in one go. The last 49 trip from UBC (rather than Dunbar Loop) on weekdays is at 9:16pm.
  8. Cool. I was expecting it to be a 10X number, but this also fits with the "Metrotown/South Slope" grouping. 116 119 C5 --> 115 C7 --> 117 C6 --> Just merge this into a new River District route, lol. Otherwise call it the 118. I should also mention that the B-Line on 41st can't come soon enough. Weekday evenings are brutally packed. Here's hoping for January.
  9. West Vancouver Blue Bus

    Looks fantastic. Way more accessible, less delays, more seats. All our shuttles should be like this.
  10. Sorry. Not my intention. I don't expect every driver to do something like that, I was more just looking at the design and thought it statistically likely that some will do that, given the opportunity to avoid interaction with passengers. It's a criticism of the design, not any particular bus driver(s).
  11. New bus stops at Metrotown! Lol, as expected the 49 hanging out in the unloading only spot, blocking all the other buses dropping off.
  12. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    49 is half D60LFs today, half 12XXX. At least it's all artics.
  13. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    That's great to hear, actually. I was wondering how RTC was going to cover the 49 service increases with the current batch of artics from VTC--worried they'd end up putting D40LF's on it like they had before last September. It should really be an all-artic service, even if it isn't all air conditioned. I guess BTC has probably had a small excess of buses these past few months now that the 162xx have arrived. Probably won't need any more even after transferring out these D60LF's.
  14. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    This would be really cool, actually. I wish they were repainting the current Novas in Charcoal when they do refurbishments. Hell, I even wish they would repaint the D60's in Charcoal!
  15. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    I like deckers. I like sandwiches. Double decker sandwiches....