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  1. Nname, do you have more details about the Vancouver and B-Line service increases in April? I can't find where you posted them and still can't get the schedule lookup thing working for myself. Thanks!
  2. The Compass Project

    Finally! Not only will it be awesome to have credit card/phone functionality, but this change should also explain the apparent crappiness of the readers' card detection--it's not getting stuck for no reason, it's getting stuck in order to avoid charging you twice on two different forms of payment.
  3. The problem with that is people would try to sneak on the 503 and overcrowd it just to get to Langley, and not take the new B-Line at all.
  4. The Surrey-Langley corridor will still need local service, and it's true that it's better to have multiple buses doing this to back each other up. The 503 could fit this purpose very well. And the regional connector role has switched to the 66fx, for better or worse. Better to make more connections line up with the 66fx, or to extend that route (such as by merging it with the 555, and providing some trips to/from Surrey Central rather than Lougheed).
  5. Aren't there service increases to the 43, 95, N17, etc? I don't think nname posted everything.
  6. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    It would have been necessary to use the emergency door open switch manually at every stop, on top of the door handle, in order to do that.
  7. The east station house opening will really help though...looks like it's finally almost done!
  8. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Are they removing them on all 40-foot buses? If so, that would seem to imply: 1) tap-off on buses isn't coming back (good imo) 2) all-door boarding on 40 foot buses isn't in the works (sad imo)
  9. Further evidence that it would be very easy to route the 119 via Bonsor WB, and the 110/144 via Bonsor EB (or vice versa), obviating the need for either of them to use the Imperial/Central routing. Just need to find a single WB on-street stop somewhere.
  10. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    That explains it, thanks. Seems like every other 10 is a Nova nowadays.
  11. Right now I'm thinking it might be smartest to leave the B-Line numbering system as is, and eat into the 8x's if, God willing, more than 9 B-lines start operating simultaneously. In that case, hopefully the 84 would be obsolete, and you could start to rebrand those numbers starting with an 89 B-Line or something.
  12. Ah I see. Makes sense then. Perhaps they could do a one way loop via Cambie, Broadway, Ash, 6th. Serving the 15 partially with shuttles would make sense. Maybe once the Arbutus extension is built, they could get rid of the 84 and extend the 50 to VCC-Clark with local service to serve the cut portion.
  13. The 15/50 split makes no sense to me either (nor does the useless Chinatown/Gastown portion with a break in the middle), but I guess there are historical reasons for this, kind of. It just seems like a "secret" for new users of the system that it really functions as one route, and I don't get why such secrets have to exist at all. I also don't think splitting the 129 at Holdom makes much sense. It would make more sense to split it on Hastings somewhere if it's really necessary, or to run both portions to Kootenay like someone suggested. 5/6 isn't so bad just because everyone has been used to it for such a long time. Still, there are people that get confused about how it takes a break at the Cambie terminus but not at Davie/Denman. Really an unavoidable problem, as recovery time has to happen somewhere.
  14. 1991/1992/1995 Translink D40 Spottings

    You speak for everyone.
  15. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    I don't think drivers expect people to ever try to look at that screen anyway. It's not there for customers. It can be rotated fully away from the farebox, and even if people see it there's no explanation of what the numbers mean. That said, it would be nice if there were some kind of display that shows the leave time of the bus from a terminus, which the driver could turn on/off at will (so they don't have to explain to everyone how many minutes are left before leaving Joyce Stn, for example).