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  1. That said, I would rather see a Nova show up on my 10 in the morning, than a Nova show up on an afternoon 49 bookout because they ran out of XDE60'S...the 20 is a different story though, as it justifiably (almost) never sees any E40LFR bookouts, and has a much greater need for artics than the 10.
  2. I had an idea for a "snake" B-Line...silly, but hear me out! It would be a combination of the Metrotown-49th Stn B-Line you're proposing, and a 22nd Stn-Marine Stn B-Line along Marine. It would take the new Marine Way and stop at Kerr, Boundary, and Market Crossing before 22nd St Stn. It would interline with the 49th Ave section by running down Cambie, stopping at 57th as a precursor to the future station there. Then in the River District, the 100 could be rerouted along Kent (although this would require 1 intersection to be changed slightly), so that seniors and others living there can still get somewhere without walking uphill. That, along with a planning process for rethinking all the SE Vancouver / South Burnaby bus routes. I feel like the ridership along these two corridors is much more overloaded right now than the 430/130 ridership...but correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. 99s were rerouted three different ways tonight: First via Oak, 16th, Burrard (stupidly out of the way). Second via Hemlock, 10th, Fir. Above, 10th turned out to be too narrow for 2 99's to fit side by side, so the WB 99's were again rerouted via Fir, 12th, Hemlock. All in all very confusing for passengers. Can't be helped I guess!
  4. In the feedback I sent I asked them to specifically work on this, in order to make some kind of merger of the C93 and C98 possible. This would relieve the 410E somewhat, and make both of the shuttle routes more useful. It just seems like a no brainer if they're going to be extending the C98 as far as Blundell anyway.
  5. Not sure what's up there, because that bus is facing the wrong way in a one-way bus loop. Besides the fact that the wires don't let you turn into the loop that way, looks kinda dangerous!
  6. *aesthetic reasons. Ascetic = "Characterized by severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons." (Oxford English Dictionary) Ascetics would probably disdain the relative luxury of roof fairings. ;D That said, I support roof fairings, even on straight diesels like the XD40.
  7. Hahaha, glad you enjoy them
  8. I was riding the skytrain at about the same time today, and our train got stuck for ~5 minutes EB just before Metrotown station, waiting for heaven knows what. Wonder if it was related to this train.
  9. Does anyone know why they allowed this wheel to be so shiny?
  10. I guess it's partly because some of those routes are now serviced partly by conventional buses, and likewise some "non-C" routes also seem to have operated this way for a long time, i.e. the 116. But on the whole, I think the designations were actually helpful, at least for people who want to know to some degree of likelihood how accessible their bus is going to be (stairs/unwieldy lift ramp vs. low floor). On the other hand, in terms of reading system maps, schedules, etc., I do think the straight numbered system is a bit less confusing. It would be cool if someone made an app of some sort for the future, which used TComm to spit out data on which models of buses service each route what percentage of the time (within certain ranges, i.e. the last year, last 3 months, etc), along with hyperlinks to pages describing the accessibility features, even seating plans, of each model of bus. Sort of like laypersons' versions of our wiki pages. That way people can easily get a sense of their likely experience on buses on particular routes.
  11. During this pm rush, BTC has 13 XDE60'S in service simultaneously: 15014, 15016, 15017, 15018 16203, 16206, 16207, 16211, 16212, 16217, 16219, 16221, 16223
  12. My favourite thing I have learned so far about the new bus, after reading this article, is that it is going to be batter-powered. Perhaps it will be zero emissions, but if it did emit anything, it would smell like cake!
  13. Um, because those are pictures of the drivers' console of the BYD test bus? edit: That said, cmbc2008, you really don't need to "welcome us to Vancouver transit centre" anymore. We're quite familiar with it. But thank you for posting pictures!
  14. Thank you for the pics cmbc2008!