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  1. Route 22 1600 series 4th Gen LFS Niagara Falls Transit
  2. That's depressing, I saw one in November and I wasn't able to get a good shot/video of it. So I skipped it. If I would've known I would have chased it down. This got me genuinely by surprise!
  3. what's your guys opinion on the Tier 4 Locomotives? I personally like them.
  4. Here's a few Pictures I have. Another nice Picture.
  5. Im being haunted by 1601... Help me... My closest Terminal. (Either then the Square) at the Old Target/Walmart
  6. Hey, guy's I decided to be a bit more active! Here's a few pics of the St. Catharines Transit. Mainly at the Pen Center Also, I love how the D40i #90 is with Niagara Region Transit Logo's, reason? Or did it go to Niagara Region Transit still in St Catharines Transit colors, I'm unsure,
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