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  1. I recently learned from a STTR driver that 0701-0704 units are actually 2008 units. STTR 9802 & 9803 are retired. STTR new units are 1801-1802 they have a B6.7 and a BAE HDS 200 Hybridrive RTL 1999 Units are all retired. RTL 2000 units have only 8 remaining. 2-0002,2-0004,2-0005,2-0007,2-0011,2-0013,2-0014&15. RTL 2-0222 is retired and scrapped.
  2. its now accesible only 2012,2014,2016s run on this route the van hools dont run too. its hybrids on the 90 and LFSA on the 45.
  3. I hope to see more back ...I mean it looks like the RTL thinks that they got not any older busses under 2008 . never there except AM-PM really weird
  4. is it 9-919 you're talking about? 9-913 on Line 55 today AM , 9-913 on Line 16 and 199 PM , C2-0002 -> Garage ,defectueux. C2-0003 on 78 if I remember correctly (PM) P9-920 on line 185 P9-923 on ?? C9-922 on ??? ... oh wait I understand what you said now ..and is it P9-817 or another one your talking about?
  5. SMS is there any other 1st gen being repaired that wil come back in service as P9-817 did? P.S P9-925 on the 55 last week and my friend saw 9-817
  6. yeah with your opus card in Saint-Hubert its still someone who give the bus to you maybe it would of helped!
  7. C2-0010, C20012 on the 55 C2-0009 on the 123 I stayed all morning for the 55 and only 2003s and 2 2000 do you know if 9-817 is rolling in PM?
  8. wow! love this kind of drivers! only met 1 doh working for Saint-Hubert great friend of mine C2-0009 on the 55 7 minutes late
  9. no way there is an actual RTL driver who likes busses! nice! P.S I saw 9-913 on the 13 last week tooked it they repainted the number in the front too
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