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  1. C-Tran 2008 Gillig BRT HEV 40' seen laying over at Fisher's Landing TC on a spring afternoon.
  2. They now have 3802 in service now. However, the first one, 3801, was put into service on March 4, 2019 and not in April as many local news articles stated.
  3. May I ask for a source of the fleet numbering before I edit the Wiki? Thanks
  4. Not really.. Cherriots in Salem rebranded after 20 years, pierce transit in Tacoma rebranded after 17 years as well
  5. Heard from a driver a few are road worthy now and possibly as early as next week EDIT: They are in service now, well 3 at least. Two on route 2 and one on route 20
  6. What is the big deal about roof mounted AC? So far it seems to me that the only difference is some agencies prefer one over the other.
  7. Those were a custom spec by VTA. Gillig offers that spec for other systems, but definitely isn’t replacing the standard Low Floor design.
  8. Im not sure what year and specs the gilligs you drove were, but I hear many great things about Gillig Low Floors from our drivers and from other drivers at many other systems. Yes, the older Low Floors may have been a bit bouncy but as a rider they ride SMOOTH and more like a high floor rather than other low floors with their stiff suspensions. Post 2010 LF’s have different suspensions which are so much nicer than other brands of buses. Don’t know why Gillig always gets thrown to the bottom.........
  9. According to rumors from Gillig at the 2017 APTA, plan is they are going to show a prototype articulated model at the 2020 APTA. Some reason they waited is apparently there used to be too much competition and Gillig was going thru their move to the new Livermore facility. I see why they are going for this now, not only are larger systems moving to Gillig buses, but those larger systems also usually operate artics and have to get either New Flyer or Nova which of course reduces fleet commonality. This would be major for Gillig too because they would be the only bus manufacturer to offer all 30, 35, 40, and 60 foot models.
  10. The 8000’s and 8100’s are the same width. 102 inches
  11. C-Tran will be buying 2 extra Xcelsior Artics for use on 164 Fisher's Landing Express. Hopefully they are smart and get these as XD60's. http://www.columbian.com/news/2017/nov/24/c-tran-to-run-longer-buses-on-key-route/
  12. Wasn't it 100 buses, or did they opt for 30 more?
  13. I heard that CENTRO 1762 stopped by Cherriots last week for a short demo...
  14. Whoops, noticed I made a mistake and said they were XDE60 and that made it on the main pages... My apologies
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