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  1. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    The 8000’s and 8100’s are the same width. 102 inches
  2. CTran - Vancouver, Washington

    C-Tran will be buying 2 extra Xcelsior Artics for use on 164 Fisher's Landing Express. Hopefully they are smart and get these as XD60's. http://www.columbian.com/news/2017/nov/24/c-tran-to-run-longer-buses-on-key-route/
  3. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Wasn't it 100 buses, or did they opt for 30 more?
  4. Worst public vehicle ever!

    Cutaways and other 3rd party buses (ElDorado, Champion, Arboc, etc)
  5. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    I heard that CENTRO 1762 stopped by Cherriots last week for a short demo...
  6. Worst public vehicle ever!

    Can't stand any shuttle bus. I also dispise Crown Ikarus, Xcelsior, Nova LS, El Dorado
  7. Feature Photo Submissions

    Whoops, noticed I made a mistake and said they were XDE60 and that made it on the main pages... My apologies
  8. Feature Photo Submissions

  9. Feature Photo Submissions

    Lane Transit District 774, a 2003 New Flyer D60LF is the last remaining D60LF at LTD. These were the first articulated buses purchased for local service. Lane Transit District 16204, a 2016 New Flyer XDE60. These 5 buses are the newest in the LTD fleet and have amenities such as USB Charging ports, they have rear windows, and they wear a new paint scheme.
  10. Modifying a page title

    Thank you
  11. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    There are teal XDE40’s and XDE35’s, along with the Orion’s.
  12. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I agree, although in my opinion it really depends on the paint scheme, like Sound Transit paint looks good on a BRT.
  13. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    29 footer Gilligs have more up and down motion outside the wheelbase
  14. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Ohhh! Looks NICE!! So glad they’re getting these instead of XDE40’s. I like how they got the standard front and framed windows. I also like how they upgraded to plug doors TriMet has 29’ Gillig BRT’s that are used on the hilliest and most challenging routes and have no issues
  15. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I don’t think the BRT would pose any scraping problems. Xcelsiors hang too low and as far as I’ve heard haven’t scraped YET.