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  1. Hi Bud...I joined MtDennis just over a year back. It's a newer Division. Some people say that our routes are tougher than those of other divisions. But once one gets going, everything is simple. My advice-Drive slow. I personally hated driving slower than other buses. During training I had my mirror kiss a leaning pole on Keele St. Even though there no damage, not even a scratch, but it's still considered a collision at TTC. If I had another one, I would have been out. That's when I realized the importance of slow driving. Give your 100% in training. Remember (if you have only a G license)
  2. I just completed probation. Doing bus. From my training batch 5 out of 8 passed training. A recent batch 1 out of 8 passed. They make sure you are what it takes for someone to take a TTC bus on the road. If you don't leave your existing job, you will not give your 100%
  3. After completing 6 months. Congratulations WestEnder!!! Mode? Division?
  4. How many days after interview are the references checked??
  5. My friend attended the info session on Jul 26. Received email on Aug 8....inviting for interview on Sep 26
  6. 5 days. I drove the first time on Day 6.
  7. You'll start driving from Day 5. I can't stress enough.... please listen to your instructors and give 100%. Forget your family and friends for these 5weeks of training. You will surely suceed.
  8. Finally I got the Training Call Here is the completed time-line- Information Session – Jul 26 Interview – Sep 21 Signed Confirmation Letter sent to HR by email – Oct 12 Medical – Oct 14 Police Clearance sent to HR by email – Oct 26 Documentation - Nov 30 Training - Feb 27 Bus Mount Dennis (I am in the West end...so this is the closest Division) Can someone give insight on what to look forward to?
  9. Thanks for the reassurance. Right... I'm sure they won't mind the email. I guess I should wait another Thursday (may be 2). At the time of Documentation we were told we'd start Jan end- Feb. It's just stressful waiting.
  10. Gosh! I am truly concerned now. Had Medical 14 Oct and Documentation 30 Nov. I seem to be one who's been forgotten. Is there anyone else waiting this long? Is it time to me to send email to HR?
  11. THANK YOU!! I've been waiting forever!!
  12. Read the last 60 pages of this thread. I clearly remember someone mentioning about sleap apnea. You may want to write to that person directly to find out about his medical.
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