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  1. They didn't call me either
  2. Documentation date doesn't really make a difference. One of our friends on this forum had documentation with me on Nov 30 and is in the 2nd week of training already. His/her medical was Oct 12. Mine was Oct 14. I am waiting for Start date date as well. Call to u seems overdue. Thur evenings.... Don't miss that call tomorrow ... And do share your.start date and mode.
  3. Correct. Nobody calls you to say that medical was okay. No news surely implies that everything went well.
  4. Congratulations!! They'll call in the next couple of days (usually evenings) and tell you that you will get a detailed email by Friday.
  5. HR usually calls on Thursdays and Fridays to notify new hires of training dates. Lets see who all get called today.
  6. Congratulations buddy!! No news for me yet.
  7. Just so that everyone knows, there are about 90-100 people who are done with their documentation already, waiting for training dates. Now we have another 2 sessions lined up - Dec 14 and 16. This would make a big pool of about 125 people ready to start training in the new year.
  8. NICE!! Congratulations to you too DreamOperator!! Will see you soon.
  9. Finally!! Documentation scheduled for 30 Nov.
  10. Nice!! Lets hope we get a call for documentation soon.
  11. Congratulations to you too DreamOperator!! Yes its very likely we may start together.
  12. Hello Friends … Here are the key dates in my application process - Information Session – Jul 26 Interview – Sep 21 Signed Confirmation Letter sent to HR by email – Oct 12 Medical – Oct 14 Police Clearance sent to HR by email – Oct 26 Waiting for Documentation!! Anyone else in the same boat?
  13. No blood work. Hearing, vision, urine analysis. Don't even think about the physical....its nothing.
  14. I agree - a concern in medical would have been communicated to u long back. You are good...just hold tight ..good news is on its way.
  15. And u submitted police clearance in Aug as well?