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  1. *I also forgot to mention 0601-0605 & 0606-0610 have the Twin Vision Amber LED destination signs. *1830-1845 , 1846-1847, 1848-1849 have the Allison B400R transmission along with the Twin Vision Silver Smart Series. They also have American Seating 6468.
  2. I haven't been on here in awhile but here are a few updates going on with CAT: Retired Vehicles *0406 has been returned to Coach Crafters. *All 3000s have been retired except 3005, 3007, and 3027. Those 3 units along with ALL 0600s have been rehabbed by Coach Crafters USA. *1002T-1006T, 1110T-1115T, 1118T, 1122T-1123T (Paratransit Fleet) have been retired. New Bus Orders *Gillig 35' Advantages #1830-1849 (1846-1847 are 29' Gillig Trolley replicas branded for the DOT Express Shuttle) have been delivered and in active service. *Funds were reprogrammed to order 6 All-Electric Gilligs (three 35' & three 40') as opposed to the 8 that were supposed to be piggybacked off of Charlotte Area Transit System's order. *Paratransit: 28 new paratransit cutaways numbered 1801-1828. Built on a GMC 4500 chassis with a 6.0L Gas Engine and the bodies are Glaval Titan II bodies. Routes: *The 8 Liberty Shuttle has been merged with the DOT Express shuttle only making the 5D.
  3. I forgot the reason as to why MDT didn't go with Karsan.
  4. Eldorado's are more commonly used for shuttle services like college campuses and hospital grounds. I agree. I guess this is why MARTA went with Grande West for the Vicinity. It's funny that they demo'd the MiDi but ultimately went with GWT without demoing their product. Just goes to show how much transit authoritys are willing to save.
  5. My home TA (Chatham Area Transit), will be receiving 1 Gillig early to show off for the annual Georgia Transit Association 2017 conference that will be held in Savannah, GA December 6th-8th. We are also on a state paratransit vehicle contract to purchase 26 paratransit vehicles. I'd assume once the contract has been awarded to a builder, they should be arriving some time later this year. Source: This link is the correct video.
  6. New Bus Orders *CAT is currently on a state bus contract for the purchase of 26 new paratransit vehicles. The name of this contract is unknown at this time. *CAT is also on a state bus contract for the purchase of 3 all-electric 35ft. buses. *CAT will be receiving a brand new Gillig sometime in December of this year to "show off" for the Georgia Transit Association's 2017 conference December 6th-8th at the Hyatt Regency in Savannah, GA. *In May 2018, the other Gilligs will hit the assembly line and 30 days later, they will arrive to CAT in increments of 5. Source: CAT's April 2017 Board Meeting
  7. It's been awhile, so I'm here to update you all on CAT's fleet. Routes: *3 West Chatham runs Monday-Sunday, not just Monday-Saturday. *75 Prowler has been discontinued due to low ridership. Fleet: *0601-0605: Units 0601 and 0604 have been rehabilitated by Coach Crafters. Units 0602-0603 and unit 0605 are undergoing rehabilitation at this time. *0606-0610: All units in this block have been rehabilitated by Coach Crafters. 3001-3031: Units 3007, and 3027 have been rehabilitated by Coach Crafters. Unit 3005 is undergoing rehabilitation. *Units 3001-3031 were delivered new with Twin Vision Amber LED destination signs (back in '02-'03). *Units 1601-1602 are 29' Gillig Advantage Trolley Replicas. Some interesting notes on the refurbished units: 1. ALL refurbished units have new paint, similar to the 2011 hybrids. 2. Units 3007 & 0604 have EMP Electric Cooling Fans.Every other unit THUS FAR has came back with their hydraulic cooling fan. 3. ALL refurbished units have Luminator's Horzion Amber LED destination signs.
  8. But can they last 12 years without a major overhaul needing to be down? No EV has turned 12 years old. Foothill Transit has the oldest, IIRC turning 9 this year.
  9. All those problems seems like how your TA spec'd them. Seats/seat height, windows, etc can be adjusted by Gillig. If the transit authority asks for a "Base" bus, you'll get a "Base" bus.
  10. Might as well buy new buses for that amount of money.
  11. Hey all ?, I read on YouTube that units 803-835 will also be refurbished like 801 & 802. Is there any truth to this?
  12. Good afternoon! Here are the changes to the CAT roster: *Units 0604, 0607, and 0610 have been rehabbed by Coach Crafters and returned to active service. *Units 0601, 0606, and 0608-0609 are currently being rehabbed by Coach Crafters. *Unit 3007 has been rehabbed by Coach Crafters and returned to active service. *Unit 0911 has been returned to service. *Unit 3030 is currently out of service due to a faulty transmission. **Chatham Area Transit approved back in November the purchase of 3, 40' diesel buses, one cutaway, and three all-electric buses as indicated by this link: http://savannahnow.com/news/2016-11-15/chatham-area-transit-votes-add-electric-buses
  13. There's also New Flyer's demo #1595, an XE40, running around. It was spotted yesterday on the 120 and is expected to make its way to all three bus yards.
  14. How are the new(er) Gillig HEVs working out for The Bus?
  15. Great for CARTA! Any other bus orders for them have been announced?
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