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  1. 8159 is now on 95 York Mills
  2. Mexico and U.S....
  3. Its on the 169 Huntingwood! P.S my name used to be LFS8500 lol
  4. oh that's the only day I can see them so yea
  5. Anyone think 8159 should be running on the 20th???? I need to get my hands on that
  6. TTC OBI ORION 07.501 NG #8159 new paint scheme =EDITED= Yea I'm sorry man if I make any more mistakes just tell me
  7. What do you think?
  8. From Brad Ross Twitter:
  9. Nice doode! You mind making another version in a Large scale? that would be sick! Here are some new Creations I made, Eldorado E-Z Rider 35 feet models
  10. Toronto Transit Commission: New: 108 2016 Nova Bus LFS 40ft (8510-8617) still on order.... Retired: 1999 NFI D40LFs (7300-7350) 7343 was last unit in service Pending for 2017: 97 2017 Novabus LFS 40ft (8620-8716) Durham Region Transit: New: 6 2016 Nova Bus LFS 40ft (8560-8565) following previous order.... Retired: 2003 OBI Orion 05.501 8050 (Sold to Sarnia Transit later in the year) Pending for 2017: unknown York Region Transit/Viva: New: 14 2016 Nova Bus LFS 40ft (1601-1614) Retired: none Pending for 2017: 2017 Novabus LFS 40ft (1701-?) and 2017 Novabus LFS Artic BRT (1770-?) according to wiki and probably the retirement of all the remaining 2003 OBI Orion 05.501
  11. I didnt get sh"t......jk I got sum gift cards and bare money. Now im rich asf I have an inquiry...if you order the fishbowls now do you still get it in September? I was tryna get 1
  12. I drink Siracha sauce.
  13. Winnipeg Transit 1994 NFI D40HF #692. (Request made by @bus is coming 1965)
  14. Why did you unfollow me ?

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      Want to fan tomorrow the yrt orion v

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      WAT? NO I have school XD

      And Tomorrows gonna be a bless day anyway sorry tho

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      H4 5600

      just dont go to school its the last day no big deal