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  1. YRT: Got two waves, one from the operator of 1772 on VIVA Blue (Holiday Bus), and another from operator of 712 on the 99 Yonge.
  2. TTC 1706 being towed eastbound on Highway 401 Disabled 8867 with a police car behind it
  3. This is interesting. DRT has a new Holiday bus similar to YRT/VIVA's. The bus is # 6113, a new 2019 Nova Bus LFS that has yet to enter service.
  4. DRT # 7103 (Pulse) on the 910 Campus Connect. Edit: Apparently this unit also did a trip on both 402 & 412 the other day. 2nd Edit: 7100 and 8607 were also on 915 today
  5. Looks like VIVA # 1770 and interestingly, Arboc # 1879 may be this year's holiday buses along with a Region-owned snow plow as per the November newsletter.
  6. Smart Centres Place photos from last Sunday. Noticed that BT ZUM vehicles entered the terminal but according to YRT, they're only using it for layovers. ZUM buses are still using the Rapidway as the main terminus.
  7. DRT Pulse 2019 Nova Bus LFS
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