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  1. its like you two are the only ones playing. 2000 YRT V ex GO. Suburban Classic OR Articulated Classic?
  2. Mini TTC Trip - Wednesday June 7th, 2017 17XX on 131 Nugget EB to Morningside/Mclevin 7405 on 116 Morningside WB to Kennedy station (first VII rebuild) [RECORDED RIDE] waited for any 86XXs to show up, 8620 had eventually, but went out of service. T1 Subway car 5030 on Line 2 WB to Pape station 8621 on 185 Don Mills rocket to Don Mills station (repaint) [RECORDED RIDE] 7625 on 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket to Scarborough Centre
  3. Well I haven't since I don't use the Subway as much as I use to.
  4. I thought it was...
  5. Useless Notes: This bus was 7455. I had recorded this ride. I also recorded this ride. During this ride, we switched between cars to get to the front car at each station following. I yet again, recorded this ride. I had taken an Eastbound train to Kennedy, 43B Kennedy on 7490 to STC.
  6. The guys at the Paper Bus connection site have some instructions step by step on how to fold the bellows. Hope this helps! http://www.paperbuses.com/usa/bendable/
  7. I was able to catch a ride on a DRT 2009 D40LF 8462, my absolutely favourite buses at the moment, while the bus was laying over at the GO station I got some pics, but the driver came back and noticed I was and questioned me, I told him I was a transit fan and he said it was ok AS LONG AS THE DRIVER WASN"T ONBOARD and therefore, I wasn't able to get a video of the bus. (I know, this looks like a "Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts" type post.)
  8. Saturday June 3rd 2017, East - West trip Toronto Transit Commission 1077 on 133 Neilson Southbound to Ellesmere road. (2006 Orion VII HEV 07.501) 17XX on 95B York Mills Eastbound to U of T Scarborough campus (2009 Orion 07.501 VII NG) Forgot the XXXX Durham Region Transit Commission 8614 on 900 Pulse Eastbound to Altona road (2013 New Flyer XD40) [RECORDED RIDE] Ran for 8429 on 110B West Pickering to Pickering Parkway Terminal (2006 New Flyer D40LF) [RECORDED RIDE] Got pics of 8429 while it laid over for another trip on the 110B Was originally gonna catch 8978 (2010 Eldorado E-Z Rider) on 193B, didn't. Instead went to Pickering GO, and caught 8462 (2009 New Flyer D40LF) on 112 Brock road laying over witch its doors closed and no driver. While I waited I got pics of 8462 and some F59PHs, then rode to Kingston road. 8610 on 900 Pulse Westbound to U of T Scarborough (2013 New Flyer XD40) [RECORDED RIDE] Toronto Transit Commission 1270 on 95 York Mills Westbound to York Mills station (2007 Orion 07.501 VII NG HEV) 7958 on 165 Weston road North to Wilson station (2006 Orion 07.501 VII) 7682 on Line 1 Shuttle bus Northbound to Sheppard West station (2005 Orion 07.501 VII) S50EGR [RECORDED RIDE] 8518 on 106 York University Northbound to York University (2016 Nova Bus LFS 40102) [RECORDED RIDE] took pics and videos of the buses in the terminal including a retired Blue Bird Q bus. 85XX on 106 York University Southbound to Sheppard West station (2016 Nova Bus LFS 40102) [RECORDD RIDE] 8200 on 104 Faywood Southbound to Wilson station (2010 Orion 07.501 VII NG) 7512 on Line 1 subway shuttle Southbound to Lawrence West station (2004 Orion VII 07.501) S50EGR 1801 (Wrapped) on 109 Ranee Southbound to Eglinton West station (2009 Orion VII NG HEV 07.501) 1383 on 32 Eglinton West Eastbound to Eglinton station (2008 Orion VII NG HEV 07.501) 7649 on 54B Lawrence East Eastbound to Lawrence East RT station. upon arriving at Lawrence East station I missed a train that then stopped a few meters away from the station and stood there for a while, turned out there was a fire investigation and everyone on the next Southbound train got off at Lawrence East station and Line 3 was shut down. (please see TTC Delays and Disruptions thread) 7692 on Line 3 Shuttle bus Northbound to Scarborough Centre. done.
  9. No, but I missed an Eastbound SRT right after getting off the 54, and I saw that very train stop a few meters away from the station and stood there for a while, eventually I was told there was a fire situation. If anything, must of been part of the track that caught fire. Yeah, there were some, one was even blocking the bus platform almost.
  10. Line 3 had suspended service at around 7:30 - ish due to a fire investigation near Lawrence East station and required emergency track repairs, the whole line was closed during this time, shuttle buses immediately began running. =I witnessed the whole thing at the station trying to catch an eastbound SRT at Lawrence East=
  11. TTC 2014 NovaBus LFS articulated on 196B York University Rocket, rode from Sheppard West to Sheppard Yonge then to York U. Artics aren't usually deployed on 196 on weekends, must be to handle visitors going to the future York University station for Doors Open Toronto, which I was one of.
  12. Toronto Transit Commission 2017 Nova Bus LFS 8622 at Victoria Park station on 67 Pharmacy on its first day of service.
  13. Welcome! I think there are some NYC Private bus line models laying around somewhere, but MTA bus models are pretty much all over the thread right now, Orion 07.501 NG, 07.501 OG, NovaBus LFS, XN40, XD40/60 etc. Check them out!
  14. Is 8162 really retired now? I remember riding it pretty recently on 916 Rossland back in April. R.I.P 8162
  15. TTC 2017 Nova Bus LFS, if you can tell already these are different from the others since they sport the new paint job.