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  1. 43 Kennedy

    Paperbus Thread

    Durham Region Transit 2004 Nova LFS 83XX Series (retired)
  2. 43 Kennedy

    Today's Sightings

    90 Leslie had always been getting artics, it moved to BRT Division at the beginning of the month. Sightings from Yesterday: July 25th, 2018 TTC 3104, 3140 VISION buses on the 120 Calvington 7858 on the 21B Brimley Car-Ar Coach 2803, 2807, 2808 on the Billy Bishop Airport Shuttle
  3. 43 Kennedy

    Paperbus Thread

    York Region Transit 2005 ElDorado EZ Rider II (541-570, 619-623 Series)
  4. 43 Kennedy

    Today's Special Sightings

    Not sure if this is as special, but Brampton Transit 0422 is on the 115 Airport Express today.
  5. 43 Kennedy

    Paperbus Thread

    I was able to get done the blue, black, and silver scheme you requested on a Standard 40' Gillig Low Floor. I could try to get the other requests done if you like as well. enjoy. let me know of any issues...
  6. 43 Kennedy

    Paperbus Thread

    Actually, there is, made back in 2012 NOT by me, but by another respectable creator on this thread @buizel10 2012 New Flyer XN40 Blank. go nuts with it. ...and remember to leave the original credits: )