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  1. Toronto Transit Commission 2017 Nova Bus LFS 8622 at Victoria Park station on 67 Pharmacy on its first day of service.
  2. Welcome! I think there are some NYC Private bus line models laying around somewhere, but MTA bus models are pretty much all over the thread right now, Orion 07.501 NG, 07.501 OG, NovaBus LFS, XN40, XD40/60 etc. Check them out!
  3. Is 8162 really retired now? I remember riding it pretty recently on 916 Rossland back in April. R.I.P 8162
  4. TTC 2017 Nova Bus LFS, if you can tell already these are different from the others since they sport the new paint job.
  5. these are not mine but were made earlier in the thread.
  6. "YRT 2014 New Flyer XD40 Xcelsior 1428 @ Richmond Hill centre on 760 Vaughan Mills/Canada's Wonderland during the May - June season"
  7. Saturday April 29, 2017 Toronto Transit Commission: 132 Milner Westbound to Scarborough Centre - 1262 ( 2007 Orion 07.501 NG HEV) 190 SC Rocket Westbound to Don Mills stn - 7607 (2004 Orion 07.501) Line 4 Sheppard Westbound to Sheppard-Yonge stn - 5471 (2011 Bombardier T3508 "Toronto Rocket") 97C Yonge Northbound to Bishop avenue - 8389 (2012 Orion 07.501 3G EPA10) York Region Transit/VIVA: 760 Vaughan Mills/Canada's Wonderland Northbound to Richmond Hill centre - 1428 (2014 New Flyer XD40 Xcelsior) [Was switched to 1428 from 506 (2005 Van Hool A330 ex VIVA)] VIVA Purple Westbound to Promenade Terminal - 5120 (2005 Van Hool A330) Was originally gonna take 411 (2004 New Flyer D40LF on 88 Bathurst southbound) Instead VIVA Purple Westbound to York U Keele Campus - 5107 (2005 Van Hool A330) Toronto Transit Commission: 60 Steeles West Eastbound to Finch station - 8434 (2015 Nova Bus LFS) 39B Finch East Eastbound to Old Finch/Morningview - 1272 (2007 Orion 07.501 NG HEV) [REPAINT]
  8. "Toronto Transit Commission 2010 Orion VII 07.501 NG #8160 seen at Main street Station operating on 135 Gerrard, this is the latest bus to be repainted into the new livery."
  9. 1272 repainted bypassed me.
  10. I would be able to, but next time go to this thread if you want requests for models. They have TONS already. https://cptdb.ca/topic/12-paperbus-thread/?page=279
  11. Ima have to go with "OCAD". "OCADU" probably wouldn't sound as good as York U. Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life...OR...always feel that you need to sneeze but you are unable to for the rest of your life?
  12. Durham Region Transit Pulse 2013 XD40
  13. Saturday February 4th, 2017 Toronto Transit Commission: - 133 Neilson to Ellesmere on 2006 Orion VII 07.501 HEV #1148 - 38A Highland Creek from Ellesmere to U of T on 2009 Orion VII NG 07.501 HEV and stopped at Ellesmere/Military Trail. (Forgot the Number ) Durham Region Transit: - 900 Pulse on 2013 NFI XD40 #8609 from Ellesmere/Military Trail (on Detour due to closure of bus loop) to Whites Road/Kingston. [RECORDED RIDE] - 120 Whites from Kingston to Pickering GO Station on 2007 NFI D40LF #8433. [RECORDED RIDE] - After getting off, caught a glimpse of #8523, the only other bus there, on the same route heading back north, then Walked around Pickering GO/Pickering Parkway Terminal and took sum artsy shots of the facility and some Via/GO trains along the nice Pedestrian Walkway between both stations. - After a bit, headed back to Pickering GO and boarded #8523, the 2012 NFI XD40 I saw earlier, now on 112 Brock road. (Cummins ISL9/B400R) [RECORDED RIDE] - Stopped at Kingston with a nice driver and picked up an individual route map, then boarded #8604, a 2013 NFI XD40 on 900 Pulse and went back to the same stop I got on #8609. During that ride back west, I managed to spot a 2015 Novabus LFS on 916 Rossland at Liverpool/Kingston. Toronto Transit Commission: - 198 Rocket to Kennedy station from Ellesmere/Military Trail right after getting off #8604, on 2003 Orion VII 07.501 #7494. [RECORDED RIDE] and took sum pics of it laying over at the station. - Got on the Scarborough RT 1985 UTDC ICTS #3015 to Scarborough Centre. - Tried to buy a Presto card at STC but was 25$ so automatic NOPE - Boarded a 2006 Orion VII 07.501 on 133 Neilson back to where I started. (Forgot the Number ) DRT PULSE Diversion
  14. I have no clue why, but I actually would LOVE to be a Wiki editor. I could perhaps edit some Forgotten DRT information and add pics I took, If not that's perfectly fine
  15. TTC 136 Military Trail to old Kingston/ to Oakmeadow and Highcastle via U of T Scarborough [Malvern division] TTC 19 Brimorton to Orton Park road from Lawrence East station [Birchmount division] TTC 197 Yonge express to Steeles avenue from Davisville station [Wilson division] TTC 58 Black Creek to Humber Blvd N from Lawrence West station [Mount Dennis division]