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  1. Paperbus Thread

    *sigh... with all the hype of these buses... ...Miway 2017 Nova Bus LFS & YRT 2005 Van Hool AG300 (ex VIVA), YRTs first Conventional Artics, both set to hit the streets at some point in the coming months. As always, left the original credits where credit is due.
  2. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Yes, they are numbered in the 2XX digits for whatever reason. I think 521-540 would of been just fine.... Idk why they didn't go with that.
  3. Today's Special Sightings

    I see your new here. These could go into the "Today's Sightings" page as those sightings posted are pretty common. This thread is more for rare Sightings or uncommon occurrences that are out of the ordinary. Also to keep this thread from being clattered with regular sightings.
  4. Today's Special Sightings

    Durham Region Transit D40LF # 8453? going eastbound on Highway 401 near Yorkdale Shopping Centre
  5. Feature Photo Submissions

    It's all good. shot wasn't that great anyway.
  6. Today's Special Sightings

    Oh its happened before, take a look at Caribana earlier this year....
  7. Feature Photo Submissions

    York Region Transit 2003 Orion V # 309 laying over at the Finch GO Bus terminal next to D40LF # 923 in anticipation for a PM run on the 303 Bur Oak Express. This series was recently retired by the YRT completely earlier in the month, closing the book of High Floor transit in the Greater Toronto Area. Taken August 2017
  8. Paperbus Thread

    There aren't any on this site, I'm not sure if there are any public ones. Actually, there is, made back in 2012 NOT by me, but by a respectable creator on this thread for @buizel10 2012 New Flyer XN40 Blank. go nuts with it. ...and remember to leave the original credits: )
  9. Paperbus Thread

    Best if you put the CNG tank on a separate page, the scale seems smaller when the tank is on the same page....for me at least. Unless that's what you want, then you can disregard this response entirely. regardless, cool model.
  10. Durham Region Transit

    Strange, considering theres also a Metrolinx event happening that day also, in Ajax at the Community Centre, from 6:30 - 9 PM
  11. Durham Region Transit

    How long is it from?
  12. Paperbus Thread

    No problem. Hope you enjoy it
  13. Paperbus Thread

    Spokane Transit Authority 2017 New Flyer XD60 # 1762 (for @atsf transit) enjoy!
  14. Paperbus Thread

    No. Not that I know of...
  15. Paperbus Thread

    By the way, I'm ALMOST done.... and nice Gillig models you have there.