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  1. Canadian National Exhibition TTC Sightings for August 24th, 2019 3185, 8131, 8391, 9059, 9061 on Exhibition Express / 29D Dufferin Unknown 31/32/33xx on 511 Bathurst
  2. Canadian National Exhibition Sightings from Thursday August 22nd: 3252, 9074 on the 29D Dufferin
  3. I've created one of my first paper bus templates, the Grande West Vicinity in Oakville transit specs. I will continue to update it if needed. In addition, I have a MiWay 2019 Nova Bus LFS HEV that will be entering service this fall.
  4. I believe 1801-1816 have Insight, and 1817-1826 have Gemini.
  5. GO Transit buses was just added to Transsee so it may be a bit easier to make these reportings.
  6. A lot of people were going to Toronto from Malton for Caribana so they usually send artics on that route on those days since its a direct connection to the subway. Also 1773 is on it at the moment.
  7. MiWay 1065, 1053, & 1070 were on (and still on today) the 11 Westwood yesterday for potential Caribana crowding.
  8. Translink Enviro 500 Double Decker that was unveiled last week. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0HPgLaBsX8/
  9. # 1901 entered service on route 99 Yonge. Also looks like # 204 is on the 90 today, even though its a weekend.
  10. TTC Nova Bus LFS in the airport livery. Saint Jean sur Richelieu Nova Bus LFS Suburban
  11. Any reason why 8409 keeps appearing on 900, of all buses? Shortage?
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