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  1. jesterwhl

    Metrobus Transit

    UPDATE ON FLEET!!!!! So it's nearing on 2 years since I posted on here and there's been a few changes on the fleet as of April 2018. So metrobus retired their 1998 nova Lfs and replaced them with 3 different buses. They're smaller than the normal buses they got them from grand west transportation in aldergrove B.C here's pictures of the new buses. Also Metrobus celebrated their 60 year anniversary recently as well and wrapped 1832 in a 60 year anniversary colors. As well here's a ride along on board 9844 98 nova 5 months before it's retirement. I'll post the link to it.
  2. jesterwhl

    Metrobus Transit

    Hey did you see any buses after? Get any photos?
  3. jesterwhl

    Metrobus Transit

    Ah okay, well they will still be Running. But on a Sunday schedule instead of a regular weekday schedule meaning the buses will be very slow that day. Once every hour for most routes. Here's the holiday schedule list on their service for all holidays.
  4. jesterwhl

    Metrobus Transit

    Depending on where you are in the city. Service on sunday is very slow. Theres One bus every hour until 8:30pm. And Routes 2,3&10 Have only 2 buses on each Route Running on sunday. Only thing you'll prob get are all the new Novas that's all I usually see on sunday.
  5. jesterwhl

    Metrobus Transit

    Heres 9131 On Regatta Day Wednesday August 6 2014 Route 2 Regatta Shuttle
  6. jesterwhl

    Metrobus Transit

    Just Made this account today! but I'm from St.John's Newfoundland! Jordan no longer makes Metrobus videos. And works in radio.He stopped making videos back in 2012/13 I do believe. I post metrobus videos on YouTube too. I Can give you an update about the fleet too. The 92' classics were Retired as of January 2016. So now the fleet Just consists of Nova LFS'S They added 2016 Novas This Year 1626-1630 Those Replaced The 1992 Mci Classics.And Also Metrobus is buying 3 new buses I believe in 2017 that are going to have cameras on board for driver safety that may end up Retiring the 1998 Nova LFS but I'm not sure .Ive been on youtube since May 2008. Below Is 9236 From Sunday November 30th 2015. And Heres The Updated Metrobus Fleet Below: 1998 Nova LFS (9844-9846) 3 Buses 2001 Nova LFS (0147-0152) 6 Buses 2007 Nova LFS (0753-0756) 4 Buses 2008 Nova LFS (0857-0861) 5 Buses 2009 Nova LFS (0962-0965) 4 Buses 2010 Nova LFS 1066 1 Bus 2012 Nova LFS (1201-1209) *Replaced 1987 Mci Classics 8714-8722 2013 Nova LFS (1310-1314) *Replaced 1989 Mci Classics 8923-8926 2014 Nova LFS (1415-1419) *Replaced 1990 Mci Classics 9027-9030 2015 Nova LFS (1520-1525) *Replaced 1991 Mci Classics 9131-9133 2016 Nova LFS (1626-1630) *Replaced 1992 Mci Classics 9234-9238