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  1. Yeah they contacted my references 2 days after the interview. My interview date was April 30th. You're still waiting? Oh man, better luck next time. I may have taken your last spot as after the interview I was told that if my references checked out I would be the last one hired from the April 30th interview pool.
  2. I think that if your references haven't been contacted within 2 weeks then the next step is for them to email you that you didn't pass the interview process. I still believe no news is good news and leaves hope that I may be wrong but from hearing and reading other people's experience from not passing the interview that may be the case.
  3. No more reliefs at Eglinton. Has been changed to Wilson and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
  4. How were you able to apply October 2016 and then again in April 2017 unless you created multiple accounts which isn't allowed. That could also be another reason why and possibly disqualify or have your application skipped. ** If you previously applied for this position within the last 12 months, you need not reapply as all applications will be considered. Thank you ** ** All information (including your resume) on your TalentNest Account, must match all of the information on your Driver’s License (i.e. legal name and address) ** PLEASE NOTE: Candidates creating multiple accounts or profiles with submissions of multiple applications to this Job Opportunity is not permitted. For information on how to delete or merge multiple accounts into one account, please contact https://support.talentnest.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.
  5. Not trying to be a hard @$$ but you need to be able to answer these questions on your own as the job requires you to be able to effectively write an occurrence report if something were to happen. These are actually very simple questions, maybe you're reading too much into them? Exactly as they ask, write down what you observe, hear, and summarize into a proper structure.
  6. Just because you applied it doesn't mean you will get an email. Thousands apply and never get contacted at all. Everyone has a different timeline. I didn't get contacted for over 1 year and 2 months. My classmate applied for 8 years. Another classmate over 3 years. Another classmate 7 months. Good luck.
  7. 100% They do. It's actually a requirement before you can even write the aptitude test. Then they look at it again during the interview process.
  8. Congrats! Man, time flies. I feel like I just replied to you not too long ago about the hiring process.
  9. Happy to say that today I passed the Day 27/27 of the Y/U Subway Operator training program! Thank you to everyone on this forum who has given tips and information on the whole hiring process. My next challenge is 9 months of probation!
  10. I would say the written tests are less difficult than the practical tests. The information is hard because I have no background in train mechanics. However, like I said, if you study and do your homework everyday I am sure you will be fine. Don't sweat it too much if you know you're willing to put in the work to study.
  11. I'm on Day 23/27 of Subway training so I can speak only about Subway. Training is Monday - Friday from 7A - 3P with a couple days where you may start at 6A - 2P. Depending on the size of your class, after a couple weeks half the class may be switched to evening training which is from 3P - 11P just to have more one on one time with the instructor. You are tested overall on train operation, signals, door disablements, train disablements, emergency alarms, etc etc etc etc. There's too many to list. It's the hardest training program out of all 3 modes but don't be afraid. Work hard at it, do your homework, and study everyday. In regards to your second question, you will be placed on spare board after you complete training and will be doing whatever shifts are left over.
  12. Yes a lot of in-class material but as day 10 approaches it starts becoming more on the line material. I would say it is difficult but the program is taught at college level. The level of difficulty is because you are learning something completely new so everything may seem overwhelming.
  13. Nice!!!!! I'm loving Subway training thus far on the Y/U line and you will soon realize why many people love getting into Subway.
  14. Yeah you are going to have to. I'm going into day 12 of Subway training tomorrow and business attire is an everyday thing that you are even marked on. Showing up on time and proper dress code will be part of your Daily Progress Report. Good luck and have fun!
  15. Just as other's have said, the Subway training is pretty intense and it has only been day #2. The instructors have been great along with the transfers from other modes who are going into Subway. Definitely need to sacrifice a lot of leisurely activities to study, do the homework, and then study again.
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