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  1. As someone that just went through the process of hiring and been on the job for a few months, I recommend dressing up. Impressions are made the second you walk in the room and if you put effort into dressing to impress it gives the impression that this is important to you right off the bat. Dress casual and it may not hurt you, but it won't help you. A tie, shirt, dress pants and shoes send the messege you want... Mature, responsible and that you have your shit together without you having to say a word. My two cents.. Best of luck either way. Nevermind.... Thought you w
  2. Yes. At Malvern and loving it. I have done spare board, vacation board and picked a crew. I wanted to try it all and so I would know first hand what it was like. I prefer spare board. As the work is better times and routes and I like the variety. For me doing a crew for 6 weeks drove me crazy. Same people, route, turns and times wasn't a good mix for me.
  3. Yes. You just scan the police check and email it to HR. When you go for documentation you will give them the original.
  4. Well since training it has been a bit hectic, but passed training and have been working for three months. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask while.
  5. Hey guys! Great first week. First 4 days were all classroom spent at the Hillcrest Complex . Completed air brake theory , intor to 7 air brake test practical tests and wrote the air brake test. Friday was our first day of driving. My partner and I did well and really enjoyed it. Lots to learn, study and remember , but this is a great job is the best first week at a job I have ever had. I'm most impressed by the people. Every person I have met that instructor, supervisor and driver have a smile on their face and legit happy. How many people can say that after working for a complany for 20+
  6. Congratulations @Bus girl When did you attend the information sesision? (interested to see how long the entire process took for you)
  7. Just double checked and I got my call for documentation on FRIDAY July 15. Best of luck
  8. That is good to know. I just assumed all the training was at Hillcrest. Makes sense that it would be at your division though.
  9. No. The training takes place a the Hillcrest Complex , 1138 Bathurst St. This is the same place that the documentation session takes place. https://www.google.ca/?ion=1&espv=2#q=1138 bathurst
  10. I start my training this Monday August 22 and it completes on Sept 23. As for how long until you get the call for documention. I woud think it will depend on how many orientation classes they run at the same time. If they only have one class at a time, I would assume you would be in the next class. Which would start the week Sept 25. They need to give you 2 weeks notice of when your start date will be and will call to schedule the documentation session 1-2 weeks prior to that. So anyone starting the next class should expect a call for documentation in the next week and then a call a week
  11. I haven't started my training yet, but it sounds like you don't have the uniform until the end. As for dry cleaning, I would imagine they would all be machine washable at home. The dry cleaning tickets are for police uniforms only as far as I know. Every employer I have had has done that. This was in a different field mind you. It sounds like they don't do that at the TTC and that is all the better.
  12. ANOTHER QUESTION... Does the TTC hold back 2 weeks pay when you start? For example: Each you get paid it is for the pay period that STARTED 4 weeks and ENDED 2 weeks ago.
  13. That would be great. Is that on the Hillcrest lot or the parking lot just passed the entrance?
  14. Thanks very much! I will update for sure. Question: My training is at the Hillcrest Complex on Bathurst . Is there parking for employees there or close?
  15. TTC human resources told me I would be at Malvern They called it "Division 8 Malvern" and gave me the printed map I have highlighted below. Maybe they need to update the info they are passing along to newbies like myself.?
  16. That is exactly what I have been looking for . Very helpful to give an idea of the route. The only thing better wold be turn by turn directions lol...something that only comes with experience. Thanks @Kelvin3157 If that's what I have to do then consider it done. Just assumed some of the more experienced would have suggestions where that could be avoided.
  17. Once I confirmed that all of my references had been contacted, over a week and a half passed without a any contact from the TTC human resources. I then emailed them the following: Good Afternoon S*******, As you may remember, I was interviewed by you for an operator position on (MONTH AND DATE) and remain very interested in the position with the TTC. I was out of the country on vacation for the past week, but have been informed that all three of my employment references have been contacted. I'm a bit concerned that my vacation would have prevented me from being contact
  18. I'm sure you were fine. Did you find they were asking you followup questions? I ask because when I had my interview they asked a question, I answered and they then reworded the question in a way that showed they wanted more and and told me what they were looking for. I added more information and they smiled and moved on . Make sure you touch base with your references now and ask that they let you know once contacted bly the third party company that reviews all work references on behalf of the TTC.
  19. I found this link . Seem pretty detailed , provided it us up to date it will be helpful. http://transit.toronto.on.ca/bus/8305.shtml
  20. Great to know. I appreciate it How do I get to know the routes? I imagine there being so many and the expectation is that I will need get to them, turn by turn from day one. Any advice?
  21. I believe it is 2 years before you can apply for a position outside of the role of operator, but transfers are allowed after probation is completed.
  22. Well that would be fantastic for me if worked out like that! I enjoy nights and that would work well with my family life. Thanks...now I'm even more excited!
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