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  1. From the first time I applied to hired was about one year.
  2. I feel all the Ixpress routes need 15 mins service all day as it will give people the confidence needed in the service. With that the ridership will grow. If the public knows a bus will be there every 15 mins they will use the service. It will also help the crippled 201. It gets hammered by traffic lights on Fisher Hallmen. You can be on time for half the route and still pull into Forest Glenn 15 mins down and everyone misses the connection. They need to put in bus priority lights as they have done in Cambridge.
  3. liv·er·y1 ˈliv(ə)rē/ noun noun: livery; plural noun: liveries 1. special uniform worn by a servant or official. a special design and color scheme used on the vehicles, aircraft, or products of a particular company. 2. NORTH AMERICAN short for livery stable.
  4. 204 is not going to change the 1 is going on the other side of the pod behind the 204 Lackner the 22 will be sharing the platform with the 4 and the 4 will be moving back and forth across the platform at different times of the day so you will need to watch for it, everything else is the same, Expect shifts in platforms all this week as they pave though it may get a bit confusing this next week
  5. http://www.grt.ca/en/aboutus/resources/GRT-Business-Plan-2017-21-Interim-Report.pdf here is a new link
  6. Maybe try going into 150 Fredrick St personally and asking to see what she is looking for. I had no problem with the paperwork myself when i did it 3 years ago, so I'm not quite sure. The ladies up there for the most part are really helpful I have found when ever I have had questions.
  7. 1. Telephone interview 2. Video test where you have to answer questions on different scenarios 3. Supervisor interview with a manager or HR 4. Drive test with Bruce or Cathy 5. Physical done by 3rd party clinic 6. Three weeks Licence upgrade done by Tricounty (if needed) 7. Four week training in class and in bus in and out of service with Bruce and Cathy in bus is with a number of seasoned operators 8. You must pass a written and driving test with 100% then the real test begins you are part time for about a year doing some temp full time and some on call
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