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  1. Problem is our politicians are so useless and legitimately clueless as to what to do. They've offered 0 solutions, because they've not lived a day in the life of a typical rider and have been coddled for practically their whole lives. If you listen to what they say, they repeat the same talking points: "we must work with other levels of government", "this is a mental health problem", etc. I mean obviously it doesnt take a PHd to figure those points out, what people want to know is WHAT STEPS are being taken to address the underlying issues. We dont need studies, consultations, and all this other garbage politicians keep peddling because they have no idea what to do. Let's not even talk about Rick Leary who finally decided to come out of his closet and talk to media about these issues after 1+ year of these insane incidents. Did his wife (if he has one) nag him enough to come out and make a statement because he's too stupid to figure that out himself?
  2. Rick Leary is way past his expiry date and he's easily one of the worst (if not the worst) GM/CEO the TTC has ever had. Completely inept and useless joke of a "leader" who's incapable of managing absolute jack while degrading service on every single level while he's been at his post. Unfortunately i'm starting to think that as long as John Tory is mayor, Leary wont go anywhere since Tory is a clown himself who's likely very satisfied with Leary's lack of pressing for additional funds. The two are clowns who deserve each other, but the city as a whole deserve neither of these bums.
  3. Let's just call a spade a spade, there's basically 0 enforcement anywhere in the system these days so im sure the TTC is bleeding tons of cash, much more then they are letting on (that includes lost fares from the youth). But they and the city seem content with raising fares and cutting service which i'm sure is going to do wonders to ridership based on the ideology of the clown leadership over at the TTC and City of Toronto.
  4. Again, Transport Canada's recall/the whole point of the "recall" is so Nova Bus vehicles arent operated with the blue bullet lights period, I cant help you if you dont understand how to interpret it: Issue: Certain buses were equipped with front auxiliary lamps of a non-standard colour, such as blue lights next to the front destination sign. Canadian regulations provide requirements for the colours of vehicle lighting. Safety Risk: Auxiliary lamps of non-standard colour could distract or confuse other drivers and increase the risk of a crash. Corrective Actions: Nova Bus will notify owners by mail and provide you with directions for removing or replacing the non-standard colour auxiliary lamps with white ones.
  5. Is there something that you dont understand about Transport Canada's recall? Why would the TTC add them if they are delivered without them and if Transport Canada essentially explicitly mandated for blue lights not to be installed on Novas?
  6. And how long has John Tory been mayor for, 8 years? And now this is the first time the budget MAY barely outstrip inflation? To the point that it still doesnt even come close to balancing things and doesnt address the last 7 consecutive years of below inflation property tax hikes. No need for crow eating, the man doesnt know how to address the city's massive operational and structural decifits and the problem has been only getting worse thanks to his own doing.
  7. 5-6 buses laying over should be enough to trigger TTC management to address the problem, let alone 9, 10, 11+ buses. And the fact that this has been occurring for over 2 years now is enough to let anyone know that management is inept and cant do their jobs and cant manage resources properly.
  8. Well considering John Tory is an idiot and his only source of funding for the city is begging the provincial and federal governments for money, instead of increasing property taxes above the rate of inflation for once, it's looking pretty likely we'll see even more cuts then what we're already seeing.
  9. The city nor the TTC could give a flying rats **** what buses run on the 192, as long as they get the job done. I dont know where some people come up with this garbage.
  10. The TTC has to be the city department that uses resources in the most inefficient manner that i've ever seen in my life. They beg for money over and over again, but yet cant manage virtually anything properly. But this is just part of Rick Leary's idiotic management style so it's not surprising. And yes having anything short of around ~4-5 buses sitting and doing absolute jack squat for at least 15 mins at Long Branch has been common place ever since 2020 since streetcars were suspended. I wouldnt be surprised if there were 10 buses laying over. It was already basically a thing last year with the Bloor-Danforth line off-peak in the evenings. Heck i've seen it mid-day on the Yonge line as well, so i dont think it's an exaggeration at this point especially with John Tory's idiotic budget which should expose everything clearly soon enough.
  11. To be honest, the TTC could use that extra money at this point. I'd rather them scrap the cute kids free ride program and use that money towards wither upping safety on the system, or you know getting some more fare inspectors which are virtually non existent these days. I'm curious to see some recent numbers from the TTC as to what the fare evasion rate these days is, i'm sure it's spiked up.
  12. Next thing we know, Transport Canada will start restricting bike racks from being installed on buses because drivers cant see them and will be deemed a risk as a result. Honestly this is so idiotic, there are far more important things for TC to be looking at (but arent), but instead the bureaucrats there have nothing better to do apparently. For starters how about they go fix some long outstanding regulations in aviation industry which they are deficient in addressing.
  13. Not going to bother with a picture, but 8010 on the 900 tonight.
  14. If this is indeed true, i'm in full support of not having the TTC operating this line when the initial agreement expires and Metrolinx can go hand it over to whomever. This ass-backwards organization cant get one damn thing right when it comes to operations can they? Let me guess, are they going to stop and proceed in front of special trackwork on the above ground section as well? Or maybe 2 LRV trains wont be able to pass each other at the same time around special trackwork either. Wish I could get my hands on the SOP handbook to see what other idiocy is in there.
  15. Dont worry, it's not happening anytime soon. The city has no funding for it, and as long as John Tory is mayor nothing will change on that front. The Waterfront East LRT is ahead of it in priority, so it's supposed to get built first. So as long as you dont see construction on the Waterfront line, you'll never have to worry about the Eglinton East line.
  16. What it means is that you dont tap on at a GO station when you board the train and you board "free". Technically you have to tap on at whatever mode of TTC transit you used to get to said GO station, but you dont necessarily have to. If a fare inspector came on the GO Train, all you'd have to do is tell them that the subway is down and they should let you off. Neither GO or the TTC does a good job at explaining this.
  17. The city likes to whine that they dont have money to do X and Y, meanwhile they are out begging Queen's Park and Ottawa for cash on a daily basis. While it's true they have limited ways of generating additional funds, one thing they can do to actually help fund things such as additional special constables would be to re-institute fares for children. Doing something like that would easily help pays for additional resources that would help as a deterrence mechanism. Of course it wouldnt solve the underlying issues causing these problems, but it's better than the absolute squat the city is doing about the safety problems now. However our fearless leader John Tory will just sit on his hands like he always does and do nothing. On a side note, yes Dec 8th was an absolute s*** show across the TTC. Line 2 service was suspended from Keele to Jane, Line 3 was completely down, Line 1 was screwed up from St.Clair to Eglinton, the 504 was screwed up from Spadina to Exhibition Loop, the 501 was screwed up from Strachan to McCaul, and the list goes on. So basically, no one could get home in any kind of efficient manner.
  18. I know TTC management is absolutely stupid and brainless, but if they're actually going ahead with this even WITH all the negative feedback they've received then there's no other words that can be used to describe their ineptitude.
  19. Yes, in the next millennia. It's been in the planning since God knows when and it's the city's never ending list of approved by unfunded projects. Sadly, no not really since the TTC likes to screw with streetcar operations.
  20. Well let's just ask the bus drivers on the 501, they've got plenty of time to layover and do as they please because management doesnt give a damn what they do. They can layover for 20+ mins if they want since they can travel in packs all throughout the day and game the already very generous scheduled recovery times. Some routes have recovery times where drivers are literally in paradise, others make very little sense as to why the run time is limited so it eats into the recovery time. That's TTC line management for you, absolutely clueless.
  21. That was part of the intent, but of course the TTC cant use a system that has live information on where each vehicle is properly. Which makes it even more baffling how route management has somehow got even worse from the TRUMP unit days.
  22. Route management doesnt exist system wide. I can provide a whole list of routes whose service has been perpetually screwed for years, and frankly it's a joke. Just for fun here's a few: -7 Bathurst (despite literally running right by transit control) -50 Burnhamthorpe -52 Lawrence West -63 Ossington -80 Queensway -501 Queen (The TTC will never get this route managed properly) -927 Highway 27 Express Supervisors are getting paid handsomely for not being able to manage anything, and transit control is pretty damn inept. Pretty standard stuff from this horridly run organization. Funny thing is they're always begging for more money, but they cant manage the resources they already have.
  23. The TTC's NFI order includes 363 additional options which could be exercised in the next 4 years, in addition to the 202 firm orders: 134 Xcelsior forty-foot hybrid-electric buses, 68 Xcelsior sixty-foot hybrid-electric buses. The two four-year contracts include options for up to an additional 263 forty-foot hybrid-electric buses and 100 sixty-foot buses, respectively.
  24. Something may be up with 608, serious smoke/soot damage of some sort all over the front of the unit. Was parked outside of Willowbrook during the PM rush.
  25. Denzil Minnen-Wong thought it was an absolutely fantastic idea though, which coming from him means absolutely nothing since he's one of the worst city councilors in this city's history. At least he's finally getting out of city politics so there's one less idiot to generate an idea like this.
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